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  1. S

    Cum on your feet?

    Straight guys, would you let another guy cum on your feet? My straight and married best friend and I have jacked off together for many years. He likes when I watch and having the power to make me horny. He’s not gay at all but I’ve asked him a few times if he’d do something for my own pleasure...
  2. S

    Pics on my phone

    Here is where I’ll periodically post pictures I’ve saved on mg phone from twitter, tumblr (remember the good times?), instagram, etc. Mostly, you’ll see pics of masculine men either boned up or soft. Of course, you’ll see a lot of dick…balls…butts…fur…skin..I’m fairly vanilla, so if you are...
  3. Moniqa

    Soft penis prosthetic

    Hello people! I found this video and now im curious about it, people said it is a prosthetic but where I could find such a big soft prosthetics? and how this man did it to look so real? no special underwear for it or anything. I have huge soft dick fetish and even if it is fake Im just so into...
  4. D

    Str8 Soft Compare on Skype

    Str8 guys who want to compare softies on Skype . Add me live:.cid.c54f2ade12869d0a
  5. B

    Share Your Shower View!

    My semi in the shower POV. How does your view compare?
  6. M

    Soft Uncut precum

    This thread is for the love of soft uncut dicks with precum/cum. Feel free to add any videos or pictures of leaky cocks!
  7. S

    19M Introduction/First Post!

    Hi all, I created my account a few months ago but didn’t really know how to use or navigate LPSG, I kinda got the hang of it now and I figured I’d start posting and interacting with the community. A little bit about me, I’m 19 years old, 5’10 from Pennsylvania, at home I try to practice...
  8. D

    Flaccid / Soft / Low Hangers On Of?

    Anyone know of OnlyFans profiles that show soft and hard? Love to see some low hangers and a flaccid soft cock ;)
  9. Jamesishuge

    Let's Have Some Fun My Dick Is Thick So Go Check Out My Penis Pics!

    I posted a new slo-mo video if you're looking for something to check out. Nothing special just 4 AM drunken exhibitionism :-) XXX JIH https://cdn-videos.lpsg.com/data/videos/o/6802/6802621-1617439259-2b5473416b811526a813e152c696f2a6.mp4
  10. johnnyunitas

    Big Bulge Gifs

    There don't seem to be a lot of purely GIF related threads on here (or maybe I just don't know how to look). I like GIFs of big soft dicks and big soft bulges. Here's some to get it started:
  11. P

    Soft Dicks Measured?

    Love seeing soft cocks, never know what you will get when it gets hard! Post yours, and enjoy!
  12. Y

    Photos & Videos @killsadist ?

    ☆CZIAHN♡ (@killsadist) • Instagram photos and videos https://twitter.com/killsadist https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDJj8TdjZBPfgMjoOdI9SWA ☆KILLSADIST☆
  13. D

    Show Me Your Soft And Hard Pics !

    I wanna see it all
  14. A

    Photos & Videos @cole_ccw (tw)

    anything on this lil angel from twitter? ♥
  15. J


    hi everyone, first posts tonight... built up the courage to show my bits n bobs to the world! Ha! Say hello
  16. J

    Small Soft Cock - Melbourne Australia

    32 from Melb Australia Tall and not too bad looking I've got a small soft uncut cock and looking for someone else in the same boat. Would be great to get naked with someone who is the same and not feel so self concious lol
  17. M

    Soft Penis In Underwear

    Upload photos of a soft penis peeking from the underwear, be it yours or from the Internet. I'll kick things off with this yummy picture of Jakub Stefano's little friend.
  18. Stiffone83

    Post A Pic Of Your Cock Soft After Done Pumping Just For Fun :-)

    Just post a pic of your cock soft after your down pumping just for fun I will start :-)
  19. D

    My softi ..

  20. R

    Nice long piss

    Need to do a new one 1305082
  21. ja8855

    How big do u think i'm?

    Just as the title says, check my pics and vids and tell me what do u think my size is soft and hard
  22. K

    Showing off flaccid size in the sauna?

    I love to show off my cock to all the lovely people in our european, unisex, naked saunas. I always get looks from gay men / older women and I have seen some guys get hard and one 8/10 milf started flirting and asking about my size. Problem is that my flaccid size is very variable, some days I...
  23. E

    Straight porn with male actor(s) starting soft

    Fairly self explanatory. I love scenes that begin with a flaccid/ semi flaccid actor that is shown becoming erect by way of some action or actions by the actress (handjob, blowjob, footjob, etc.) The actor doesn't need to be a major "grower", but the more striking the difference the better...
  24. S

    Play with your foreskin

    Show off your foreskin, hard cock or soft!
  25. S

    Expansion question for growers and showers

    As an extreme grower, one of the things that I really enjoy is the feeling of expansion within my cock as I grow to a full erection. There are times where I can feel the blood begin pulsing through and it is such a ongoing rush as it continues until I reach a full (and what will be a raging...
  26. J

    Sunday uncut & soft snaps...

    Just enjoying a few scotches and thought I'd take a few lazy pics...
  27. 1

    The sos scale for pictures!

    I thought it might be a good idea that if you post a picture of your penis, to include a scale of stiffness. Let's call it the SOS scale (brilliant, I know ;)). You post a picture of your junior, willy or however you want to call it and let us know where to place it on the SOS scale! Cause...