1. explosionerection

    The perfect bodies of LPSG

    Who's got it all? Big hard dick, big soft dick, big balls and a fit body? Post either of yourself or tag other members of LPSG
  2. N

    Photo Rate them softies

    Alright boys. No shame. Just an honest forum to show off that softy and get a sense of what other think of it. Mod Note: pic removed at member’s request.
  3. S


    Anyone have anything from this cutie? He posts on Instagram and Twitter, but also has a boosty.
  4. GP_NSFW

    Photos & Videos Show us how you grow from soft to hard.

    Show us how you grow from soft to hard.
  5. D

    Str8 married guys comparing softies

    Straight guys showing off soft
  6. apsus

    Show me ur head

    Hey guys would love to see ur heads. Cut, uncut, hard and soft all welcome. Just a head :D
  7. explosionerection

    Thickest soft dick on LPSG

    Who's got the thickest soft dick on LPSG? No average. Just the very thickest. Can be long or short as long as it's really fat. Gooo!
  8. M

    Light/Soft cuckolding moments in television/film

    Big fan of the idea and topic of cuckolding, but recently discovered how satisfying "light"-cuckolding that is featured in mainstream media. Pretty much anything that involves a guy that sees/watches/witnesses his woman being overly affectionate to another gentleman. A nice example of this is...
  9. C

    Show off your soft and hard cut cock

    Show off your soft and hard circumcised cock here.
  10. Loungin'


  11. F

    Any other small soft uncut fans?

    London lad here. Love to meet other fit lads that love small soft uncut cock. Like hard too, but huge soft and uncut fetish
  12. explosionerection

    Big softies with lowhangers

    If you got a big soft dick with low hanging big balls please bless us all with pictures. No semis, completely soft.
  13. L

    finding out you’re big

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I found out quite late that I was hung. The first sexual encounters I had were with virgin girls mostly and so I was never 100% sure it was true when they told me I was hung. I did lots of sports growing up and I do remember my teammates calling my dick chubby...
  14. J

    Where can I find side/slow/soft porn (with full nudity in the end)?

    Where can I find side/slow/soft porn (with full nudity in the end)? Shirtlifts, underwear reveals, dressing room, seducing are super hot! Most porn vids go from talking to fucking in milliseconds though. I want to see luring, bulges, seducing, happy trails and undressing! Fucking is optional.
  15. explosionerection

    How big is your soft (flaccid) penis?

    How big is your soft / flaccid penis? We all know it can vary a lot in size depending on outer circumstances such as temperature, exercising, stress, loose/tight fitting clothes. So answer what size it is MOST of the time (in normal room temperature without significant outer impacts). Please be...
  16. T

    Who is this man?

  17. D


    Here’s mine , show yours ;)
  18. S

    Cum on your feet?

    Straight guys, would you let another guy cum on your feet? My straight and married best friend and I have jacked off together for many years. He likes when I watch and having the power to make me horny. He’s not gay at all but I’ve asked him a few times if he’d do something for my own pleasure...
  19. Untitled


    Honestly I get teased over it. I hope here is different.
  20. Untitled


  21. Big soft and floppy from the front

    Big soft and floppy from the front

  22. Big and soft

    Big and soft

    6.5" soft if you're wondering
  23. Thick softie

    Thick softie

    They don't make boxers to handle this thing unfortunately
  24. My massive softie

    My massive softie

  25. Soft girth = 6 inches

    Soft girth = 6 inches

  26. Soft length = 7 inches

    Soft length = 7 inches

  27. S

    Pics on my phone

    Here is where I’ll periodically post pictures I’ve saved on mg phone from twitter, tumblr (remember the good times?), instagram, etc. Mostly, you’ll see pics of masculine men either boned up or soft. Of course, you’ll see a lot of dick…balls…butts…fur…skin..I’m fairly vanilla, so if you are...
  28. Moniqa

    Soft penis prosthetic

    Hello people! I found this video and now im curious about it, people said it is a prosthetic but where I could find such a big soft prosthetics? and how this man did it to look so real? no special underwear for it or anything. I have huge soft dick fetish and even if it is fake Im just so into...
  29. D

    Str8 Soft Compare on Skype

    Str8 guys who want to compare softies on Skype . Add me live:.cid.c54f2ade12869d0a
  30. B

    Share Your Shower View!

    My semi in the shower POV. How does your view compare?