Photo Can't stop jerking off - SouthAsianBull

    Hey lpsg buds,this is my 10th post. Working for entire week tirelessly and as weekend approaches, i can't wait to get in my comfort zone ( aka locked in my room),get naked and stroking my cock , showering love myself. As I have been posting here from many months ,ik y'all love seeing me naked...
  2. P

    Best BBC solo onlyfans?

    Hey, lets jump right to it.. I'm looking to sub to some big black cock onlyfans, don't want any with PPV... just one payment, lengthy videos.. preferably solo creators...
  3. G

    Help Id this guy

    He's just so hot
  4. J

    Full uncensored video from twitter?

    Hi everyone. So I found this video and it’s so hot because the guy has a big ass dick and has a cute face, but the problem is that it’s censored during the cumshot. Anyone know where I can find this video without the stupid ass emoji censoring it? Thank you very much! Here’s the video for...
  5. N

    Video Who is this good lookin

    I couldn't find any tags on the video to find more videos on him.
  6. T

    Please help me ID this guy, or his cam username

    Full video in the sample image: HAIRY ATHLETIC MUSCLE - video 124 - em inglês
  7. wankgameplays

    Video Help ID this verbal dude?

    I know he had an xtube account and there's at least 1 other video of him jacking it in his car on his work lunch break. Anyone know what his username was or have more of his videos?
  8. C

    Photo anyone have the full video?

    hey i was wondering if anyone could help me out in finding the full video of this korean cam video? here are some pictures and relevant (albeit private) thisvid links. thanks! link 1 link 2
  9. 7angelm, muscle artist, swimmer, selfies,

    I just want to know your fantasies.

    This is probably very strange, but I love it when men write me messages (and sometimes stories) about how they would seduce me and fuck me.
  10. JayFantasi

    Does anyone recognize this hottie from a solo video? (Pics Included)

    Hey everyone! So, it appears I was way off with one of my recent "identify this guy" posts. Not only did I describe the scene wrong, but I also misremembered the dude in the video... but this time, I come with actual visual aid. I found the video in question and have taken some screenshots of...
  11. O

    Zaidmich / Zsuitandtie

    Super slender guy in tight suit and tie.. he used to be popular but somehow most of his videos are wiped.. does anyone else remembers him? (And have his vids)
  12. PussyStretcherDeluxe

    Howdy! Im a hung lad with a huge fat cock

    hey y’all! Im new here and have already found an extremely warm and welcoming community. Thanks that is so awesome!! I’ve been blessed with a huge thick hung cock, and although I’m straight, I'm finally showing the world what’s been bulging in my pants lol :p feels amazing to get validation and...
  13. R

    Softcore studios featuring straight / one-off performers

    I only ever watch content that is solo, handjobs or softcore modelling. I have a thing for straight / next-door guys, who have that “innocent” quality, as if you’ve just walked in on them in the lockers. When they must get off, they treat it as a job and don’t make a secret out of it. And if...
  14. 1

    Id this hottie

    Do you know who this is?
  15. T

    the_beardedones OF?

    Does anybody subscribe to his OF or know if it’s worth it? Didn’t see a thread on him and sorry if I missed it - but, judging by his X profile, seems like his content could get stale pretty quickly so wanna check before being burned again. Thanks! X (Twitter): the_beardedones OF: beardedones
  16. L

    Guys Giving Middle Finger

    Into videos and pics of guys giving the middle finger, all male whether solo or group. The guys could be gay, bi, straight, pan, dominant, silent, verbal, smiling, whatever. To start this off: And this classic DailyDose69 compilation: Dailydose69
  17. S

    Can anyone ID this daddy

    Can anyone ID this hot daddy?
  18. P

    Any Dropbox, Google drive for BBC solo vids

    Hey, wondered if anyone has any google drives etc or knows any, with BBC solo vids... Cumshots, toys etc
  19. A

    Help ID think junk

    Anyone help me ID this hunk?
  20. zincheolkim87

    Help me id this hot guy on chaturbate

  21. Isaiahguy

    Who is this sexy big dick hunk

    Who is this sexy dude I want to see more of him?
  22. Jujues08

    Video Blow-up dolls, strokers or sleeves

    i find videos of guys fucking a fleshlight or blowup dolls incredibly hot. What are your favorite videos or content creators? Also can someone help me ID the video with the transparent blow up doll?
  23. H

    Looking for a video

    I’m looking for the video that this screenshot comes from. Looks like an amateur/webcam jerk off. Revere image search isn’t helping.
  24. M

    Hunk Jerking Off in Washroom

    Looking for multiple videos/clips of this hunk, i remember it being all over but can't find them anymore. Please share!
  25. M

    Video Help ID this hot stud

    Anyone know his ID? OF page or social media of him?
  26. M

    Daniel Maudlin

    names he’s gone by: Daniel Maudlin / Maudjr / Danny Maudlin / jockswitch / lordmaudlinbitch / batormania / Dan47478770 dude is a gooner and pops up everyonce in a while by a different name each time. He used to have the hottest fucking content and I can't find any of it anymore :( Twitter link...
  27. M

    Can anyone help identify hot beefcake?

    Title. dudes fucking sexy but it doesn’t look professional so maybe there’s just a video out there?
  28. T


    Yo can yall email me pics/vids ( of you or ones you found online):, or send them on here but would prefer email
  29. Y

    Photo Korean hangsome boy

    He is a Korean footballer,a hangsome boy, but i can't see it,need guy help!! thank:) he name is Jeon Hyo-Seok