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  1. greatbazooka

    Let’s find this guy

    I am drooooooling. He had twitter but deleted it recently and can’t remember his name. Anyone??
  2. B

    Does anyone know who this guy is/ his current porn name?

    There was a gay porn star on tumblr back before they banned porn, his username was " thebraziliancountryboy ". I remember looking around after the porn ban on tumblr and finding him on another website still shooting gay porn, but i can't remember where and i can't find it now. Does anyone know...
  3. L

    Photos & Videos Anyone Know Who This Big Cock Hot Asian Guy Is?

    Does anyone know his other videos or channel or something about him?
  4. A

    Anyone knows who this beefy bear is?

    No clue who he is, a comment said that is name is christian and that he was on the cover of starrfucker some time ago
  5. M

    Photo Trying to find a content creator

    Hi yall, i am here trying to find this man if any one of you people knows his name please do let me know because i would love to watch his other videos
  6. I

    First person pov

    Does anyone have any good first person pov vids, where the guy is pretending to fuck you while dirty talking? Some examples
  7. N

    Photos & Videos Does anyone have this full video?

  8. pepero200

    Can you help me id this handsome asian with big dick?

    I saw this photo on twitter. I wanna know if he has more videos out there. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  9. TmTrainer

    Need help finding a fleshlight review

    I am down BAD for this video but I can't find it anywhere. I've posted about it before but for real, I reallllly want to find it. It's an average-thin white guy, solo, reviewing a fleshlight. No face in view, just him humping it. There were two different versions, in one of them he gets out a...
  10. B

    Photos & Videos ID this guy in xHamster video?

    Have seen this video circulating around twitter and whatnot for ages, heard there was supposed to be a longer version somewhere, wondering if anyone happened to have it or knows who the guy is?
  11. B

    Video Can anyone ID the guy in this sailor vid?

    Found this super old video on xHamster and found it plenty hot, someone commented that there used to be a longer version on tumblr back in the days, was just wondering if anyone had it or knew who the guy is.
  12. T

    Photos & Videos Torohul twitter

    Hii guys. This man is a Guatemalan man and I personally think he’s super hot. Does anybody have content of his onlyfans?
  13. B

    Photos & Videos Straight Pornstars Solo

    Starting a thread to post solos of straight male pornstars :imp:
  14. Q

    Nikleemarsh MuscleBull

    https://www.tumbex.com/byorba13.tumblr/post/620312308833484800/fiendish8-max14me-this-fine-bull-is /hm/ - Handsome men » Thread #2182738 This guy used to have great only fans content but its completely dropped off the internet after his college team told him to stop making content for the...
  15. B

    ID this sexy guy fucking sex doll!

    Please help me ID him! He’s so hot and I wish I had this full video of him fucking his sex doll.
  16. D

    Can someone ID this dude?

  17. T

    Cum eating

    Hey, im 22 yo from Sweden and Im a cum eater. I love it. let me know if your one too! gay st8 bi anything. if your around my age it would be so cool to share videos and such. Let me know why you eat it why you like it and your thought in general. I always think of cum. I dont suck alot of cocks...
  18. A

    ID big dick shower hunk

    Can someone help ID any of the people in these videos? Many thanks!
  19. M

    Photo Who is this man?

    I don't know his sexuality. I thought best to post this here. He did a solo show (then). Are there more videos of him?
  20. L

    Need help IDing muscle vintage guy

    Would anyone by chance know the guy in these videos? https://mymusclevideo.com/2512/antonio-21year-old-muscle/ https://mymusclevideo.com/49992/perfect-body/ https://mymusclevideo.com/49994/perfect-body-2/ I've seen his name's Antonio, but it's hard scouring the internet for him when I only...
  21. J


    Help me, this is my love <3 (I've just found this but for me he's perfect guy). Thanks
  22. A

    ID this asian guy

    Anyone know him or have more vids of him?
  23. 4

    Help finding a Video

    It's a longshot, I know, but I remember this video from a long, long time ago of a guy jerking off in the back of a pickup truck while someone else is driving it. I wanna say he had on purple short or underwear and they might have been on a highway or a fairly busy road. It was pretty amateur...
  24. D

    Help me find this man.

  25. C

    Does my cock resemble any pornstars?

    I'm curious which pornstar my cock most resembles. Any ideas?
  26. M

    Video Daddy Sitting In The Bathtub

    Please help me ID him. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: I just saw the video of this hot daddy sitting in the bathtub on Twitter and was wondering if anyone knew who he is? Thanks a lot. I'd love to see more. Daddy Sitting In The Bathtub :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
  27. irishkofi

    Links Livemuscleshow videos not loading/downloading

    I've been unable to watch or download any videos from https://www.livemuscleshow.com for the last few months. Ever since the site got redesigned. When I try to watch videos I purchased I get this error message: When I try to download them I get the error message "Failed - Forbidden". I've...
  28. irishkofi

    Massive Bodybuilder Porn

  29. Faplord2022

    Video Who is this big dick straight latino?

    I know he had a profile on pornhub before the wipe.