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  1. misia

    Photo Need help ID this str8 guy into urethral sounding, used to be on reddit

    As the title says, I used to follow him on reddit, and saved a number of his photos posted there (he never showed full face, you can just make out a portion of his upper face in pic #2). He was active around Sept to Dec 2019, afterwards he apparently deleted his account which I regret not...
  2. A

    Help me find this man ( muscle tattoo sounding cock )

    I found many videos of him on internet, but still didn't know who is he, help me !!!
  3. P

    Trans Sounding and Urethral Play

    I love this topic! Wondering what else people are seeing out there… Here are a couple of my favorites:
  4. B

    Bi Looking For Jerk Off Buddies To Bond With, Read Description :)

    Looking for bate buddies into various things, you can be solo or couple (bonus points haha), bromance would be nice too. 22 beefy hairy dude looking for guys around my age (21+). I'm mainly into armpits a lot, hairy or smooth idc, but love armpit play. Other kinks include: Nipple play...
  5. L


    ive been considering sounding but i need a little more knowledge about it, can anyone help? what's the sensation of a sound deep in your slit? is it painful? what does it feel like when you touch the prostate with it? is it worth trying out? im also trying to dilate my slit so i guess this...
  6. hardsounder

    Has Anyone Else Tried Estim? It's Sometimes Called Electro Sex ..

    1625212139679113967911396790I have been playing with estim for about 6 years now . I find it to be a way to have a hands free orgasm.