1. 22cyclist22

    Multi faceted fondness for spandex / lycra, advice-stories etc…

    It’s always a bit tricky for me to balance my liking for how people (mostly guys) look in spandex with the fact that I grew up wearing it a lot for sports. I still wear it because I love how tights and compression shorts make me feel – like I could jump across any gap, run any distance, or fit...
  2. B

    Who is this from Eyeofthecyclone?

  3. S

    Who's that guy?

    Anybody know who that is?
  4. CrazyCatMan33

    Photo Simon Ehammer

    We need a new thread for this Hot Swiss decathlete. He's got the total package. Pun intended. He's got great charisma, with a baby face on the body of a buff man. Those thick thighs alone are worth the price of admission.
  5. muscle_spandex

    Kevin Blake in lycra

    Been a long time fan of his but can't seem to find more pics of him especially during his muscleingear days. Gonna dump a few here to start things off and hope to see more cheers!
  6. Were_wolf98


    @santorey_88mx IS SUPER SEXY... His nudes must be out there! someone please share :')
  7. shdomfan

    Superhero domination fetish

    Anyone into superhero domination and know of any good scenes or fetish sites with good content? The first thing that comes to mind is the classic scene from Superman Returns where Lex and his thugs dominate Superman as he crawls through rocky puddles to escape, getting his suit completely wet...
  8. Lovelycra03

    Lovelycra03. All Is In The Name..........

    Hello from a new member: Lovelycra03. From France. ! Je suis amateur de lycra bien sur, mais surtout à la recherche d'autres amateurs de sexe en lycra pour partager ces plaisirs..... N'hésitez pas à venir m'aborder .... Tel pour SMS sur demande si personne sérieuse et lycraphile.
  9. A

    Id Him Please

    It’s a long shot but anyone an idea who he is ?
  10. bulgebigger

    Best Pouch Leggings

    Looking for a pair of gym tights/leggings with the roomiest pouch available. Something like these from AC: Sexy Men’s Underwear MASSIVE Network Net Legging | Andrew Christian Anybody have any suggestions/reviews?
  11. 6

    London Hung Jock - Hello!

    Hey, New member here from London. I'm 26, bi, masc, non-scene, sporty (gym, cycling, swimming - big lycra fan). Just posted my first album - check out my pics! Looking for other local fit hung guys, guys who like to worship hung, or guys who are into lycra/cyclists.
  12. S

    Spandy Andy

    Anything on this cute dork?
  13. S

    Spandy Andy

    Anything on this cute dork?
  14. J21x6cm

    Lycra, Spandex

    So etwas kann doch mal passieren2425991
  15. A

    Help Id This Guy

    idk who he is but he has a nice body. Anyone know who he is??
  16. 1

    Growingmusclebro's Onlyfans

    This guy, called @BroGrowing or GrowingMuscleBro has been posting for a long while on Tumblr and on Twitter. To me he seems like an obvious strap-on case and we all are in on the fantasy. However, he does have an OnlyFans and I would like to know what he posts there. Here are some links...
  17. pinnacle88

    Track and field athletes

    I mean... with what they wear there's little to the imagination, you can see who's hung and loves to show off!
  18. Jackster

    Any other cosplayers?

    Just wondering if anyone else on here Cosplays. Here is a picture of a rather rushed/thrown together Nightwing I've just completed. :)