1. Z

    Dexter from Sting picture

    Does anyone have any resources for Dexter from Stingpicture (the spanking site)? Or does anyone know of other aliases for this Dexter? Has he ever participated in performances with other studios?
  2. AjEdged

    The Judge's Creative Sentence - After a crime spree, Kevin finds himself in a unique predicament

    The Capture Kevin eyed the package on the porch from across the street. The fit 22-year-old pulled his face mask down over his face. He got such a rush out of pulling off different heists & stealing. It was exciting and fun. He was good at it. Since his teenage years, he has gone uncaught...
  3. fireice42

    Spanked by the professor: A Prank Gone Too Far

    Professor McCreton was known as the toughest and strictest professor on campus. Students dreaded going to his classes and many of them would try to find ways to get out of attending. But for two college pranksters, Dennis and Bryant, disrupting the strict routine of professor McCreton was their...
  4. M

    The Marvelous Cock of Brock, the Football Jock

    This is the story of Brock, a handsome football jock and his marvelous cock. It is set in the fictional town of Riverview. This is the first chapter of a much longer story by Mrs. Pollington. Chapter 1: The Drive Brock's heart was beating fast. It was getting dark in Riverview. He was seated...
  5. M

    Male Onlyfans creator for Butt lovers

    Hi, I would like some sugestions for good onlyfans creators who really show ass, or that have ass fetish like rimming, spanking etc..straight bi or gay men, not just bait from IG and selling videos at high prices..sometimes the guys starts their OF contents showing their backsides in solo videos...
  6. SkyLarkin

    Adam's Troubles - gay erotic story

    Adam Rowan remembered one of his least memorable moments from high school, when he was caught "spying" on a neighbor. He was 19 years old, a senior in high school and was working out, getting a good pump in and was sweating like a beast; Adam shed his baseball uniform from afterschool...
  7. urfavdeviant

    Gay Spanking & Fingering

    I've been dying to watch porn where a guy spanks another guy and proceeds to finger him, something like punishment roleplay. I haven't found such videos anywhere! If you know of any such videos, please drop them down below!
  8. M

    Id White Butt Guy Spanking

    Does anyone even know who that guy is ? I saw this vid on almost every porn site but there was never a name or anything...
  9. P

    Chase Himmel

    Does anyone know what happened to Chase Himmel? He did some gay porn in the 2000s, and was on several videos for Spanking Central.
  10. fireice42

    The Hotel Room

    The room is stale, airless, but we don’t open the window. Mr. Brown doesn’t want people in the street below to hear us. He has something special planned. He closes and then locks the door. His privacy is valuable to him. We are at The Three Fishers Hotel. It is easy to get the room. Nobody asks...
  11. fireice42

    When Santa Came To Call

    Aaron took a half-step backward away from his nineteen-year-old cousin. The poor sap must be tripping. He’d warned him not to take so many drugs. Harry stood, eye rims reds, pupils glazed, a pitiful sight. Aaron tried to humour him. “Okay, so Santa came into the room just as you were unwrapping...
  12. fireice42

    The political intern

    There are many ways to get ahead in politics, but I bet you didn’t realise one of them was to take a few bare-bottom spankings. It happened to me one summer in the 1980s when I was an Intern for, well actually I don’t want to tell you his real name. If I did, you’d know who he was right away...
  13. fireice42

    Paying The Rent

    Rik hid behind the curtain and gazed into the garden below. His neighbour Ste lifted his shirt over his head; he was about to lay in the sun. Rik’s cock stiffened at the sight. What a body, a six-pack to die for. Not a spare gram of fat anywhere. Ste was now nearly naked; only a tiny pair of...
  14. fireice42

    Remembering The Spanking Vicar

    It happened forty years ago. Forty years; I can scarcely believe it. Almost to the day too. It could never happen today. The world is an entirely different place. Even as I start to write this down I wonder if it really happened. Was it just a dream? I wasn’t quite twenty-one years old and I was...
  15. D

    The Naked Truth.

    Hi there, New to this site. Average 50 y/o gay man, Caucasian. Submissive/obedient. North London based. Seeking a dominant man (preferably around my age or older) who can accommodate. I have past experiences from when I was younger, where I find it a huge release to be able to speak openly...
  16. N

    Spanking Roleplay

    Gay male, mid 30s love all things spanking. Mainly a spanking sub, so if you like to play dad/sir/teacher on Skype and get me to drop my trousers and bend over I can self spank for you with a variety of implements. Skype: jamie_alex124abc
  17. Arturis1

    Photos & Videos Ymse (young Men Stripped & Embarrassed)

    Hey guys, I couldnt see a thread dedicated to discussing and trading YMSE content so I thought id start one. If anyone's up for trading send me a message :)
  18. G

    Butts Getting Spanked Or Slapped

    Kudos to the wonderful person who made the Bubble Butts thread, but I am so shocked that theres no thread with a collection of pics and videos of guys getting spanked or having their booties smacked or smacking their own asses.
  19. Messyfacial

    Video Reluctantyoungmen

    Anyone else find this fascinating? Straight jocks getting spanked by some rich old queen?? I saw a bunch more videos starring this beefy straight guy, Anthony. He's in need of money, and somewhere out there you can find videos of him getting rimmed and sucked off. He has more videos and 1:30...
  20. Chatham

    Married Uber Driver Story

    True story. About 3/4 years ago I got an Uber home from Soho, London from a gay bar. I was very drunk and horny. Decided to hit on the driver. When we got back to mine I wanted to dominate him. I was in one of those drunk moods and on a few other substances lol. From what I remember I asked if...
  21. PrinceChavv

    Links Id This Video

    Does anyone know where I can find the full version of this video I found on Twitter? Appreciate it! LINK: Screencap vv
  22. fireice42

    Hot Fantasy Story - Spanking

    Your exotic story about spanking.Which male celebrity in your story you want to spank or a celebrity who spank you.You can choose to include pictures in your story if you want.
  23. 1

    Anyone Like To Be Spanked And Then Used By A Verbal Dad ?

    I love to get a curious young cocksucker on their knees and show them the ropes . I'm a good looking white dad in Orange County California . I love to be a coach , teacher , mentor , and disciplinary for those who need a firm hand , as well as a nice big lollypop to reward you with after your...
  24. fireice42

    Ted Dibiase Jr.

    ted dibiase jr.
  25. cronowerk

    Son for daddy here

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hey and introduce myself. I'm 21 years old, athletic, and gay. I'd really love to chat with any dads who are interested in fantasizing with me about having dad/son sex. I've also been super curious about sucking daddy's cock and love the idea of a daddymaking...
  26. N

    Self spanker / feet fetish

    35 year old guy loves to self spank for other men. You can be top or fellow self spanker. Love to roleplay, can dress in scgsch uniform. Also have huge foot fetish and will cum for your feet. I have several strict spanking implements. Skype me
  27. R

    Cock worship story

    All, I am writing a story about cock worship. 2 chapters posted so far, more to come! Joe, the Exhibitionist Ch. 01 - Exhibitionist & Voyeur -