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  1. Marco86

    Photos & Videos Beach Studs

    A thread for the studs you'd be thrilled to see, and especially sit next to, at the beach or pool!
  2. fireice42

    African Beach, Red Speedos

    Tofo is in Mozambique, the country that runs down half of the east coast of Africa below the equator. Because of its long white beaches and coral, it attracts a hardy breed of tourists who are able to cope with its third world conditions. A web search will show you why so many South Africans...
  3. Some of my favourite swimwear

    Some of my favourite swimwear

    Hi, here’s a selection of shots of me posing in some of my favourite skimpy swimwear. Apologies for the poor image quality but they’re screen grabs from videos. I’d love to hear your thoughts and which are your favourites.
  4. Underwear and athletic wear

    Underwear and athletic wear

    Here are some initial pictures of me. If they're we’ll received I’ll be happy to post more.
  5. M

    @leo_buona instagram

    Anyone knows Leo Buona? L. B. (@leo_buona) • Instagram photos and videos
  6. V

    Photos & Videos Diver mexico speedo

  7. J


    This thread is going to showcase men of all ethnicities,Nationalities it doesn’t matter just know it’s Men.Dick,Muscle,Ass,Penis,Cock,DRAWZ,Everything Man!!!
  8. Brithron

    Auckland, NZ.. Speedo, beach, voyeur… up for a good time?

    Looking for someone to hang out with at an Auckland beach… if your into a bit of voyeur and getting into some speedos and being a bit risky … drop me a line
  9. G

    Underwear Fun London

    Looking for guys who are into speedos/underwear for some fun. Mainly into guys playing with my bulge and sucking me off through different underwear and speedos, can cum multiple times and keep going. East London preferred
  10. C

    Irish Twitter/ Social Media Personalities/ Celebrities/ Sportsmen

    Anyone have sexy pictures of Irish Twitter/ Social Media Personalities/ Celebrities/ Sportsmen?
  11. B

    What is Key West, FL like?

    Boyfriend and I will be going to Key West soon. We are not staying at one of the gay resorts, but was wondering what it's like? Might go to one of the pool parties at Island House. Do guys wear speedos on the beach there?
  12. B


  13. S

    athlete underwear, lycra and speedos for sale

    Hey Hey, I am a semi professional athlete that trains full-time and is based in Australia. I spend most of my days in lycra, speedos etc. I have lots of smelly gear to sell to anyone that is interested. Trying to sell my gear to fund my trip to race in world championships.. I train and study...
  14. M

    Photo Absolute beach insanity - who IS this???

    Pretty sure this guy's been (ahem) up here before, but can't find it. Who is he? Is he real?
  15. M

    Photo Huge cock through speedo ID please?

  16. I

    Aman Dabas

  17. C


    Anyone have anything xxx on this hot daddy??
  18. P

    Christian Millette - Dals France

    Hello everybody, Who knows Christian Millette watched in DALS France and SYTYCD Canada? Have you got sexy pictures of him? I love his eyes and all his body. ----- On peut aussi parler français si vous voulez ;)
  19. CoffeeFiend85

    Wearing A Speedo On The Beach In Aruba… Is It Ok?

    I’ll be visiting Aruba from Arizona in December. I’ll be staying at Eagle Beach. I’m just wondering if it’s common for guys to wear speedos in Aruba or the Caribbean in general? I don’t mean some way out color swim brief, that accentuates my dick and bulge, but like a dark one in plain black or...
  20. frank5120

    Speedo Recs

    Hi LPSG. I’m looking to purchase some speedos or other tight fitting swimwear for a vacation coming up and would love some recommendations. a little about me, I’ve never worn speedos because I’ve always been self conscious of my body and my package being a little below average. Would love some...
  21. kcdave

    Massage With A Happy Ending!

    I'm an Guy that used to travel some for work. When out of town and I find myself with some free time I enjoy a massage. Earlier this year in Chicago I found a good one in boys town Booked a guy off masseurfinder , but when I arrived Met the masseur a guy about my age, but with long hair. He had...
  22. good_guy

    Serious Speedo Question About Size - Not What You Were Thinking

    Hey guys, Serious speedo question here - Would you by your speedo at your size or a size smaller or a size bigger if you like to show off? I just heard from a friend (fit and slim guy) he goes 2 sizes up (!) When choosing his speedo because it gives much more of a loose feeling, makes his...
  23. riqui22

    Maxim Azerlian

    Gorgeous Russian model living in Bangkok. IG: @maximzero13
  24. D

    London (west) Underwear

    Mid 40s guy, 6 1, 90kg, attractive hairy dad bod, keen to share underwear/Speedos try-on session with other men. Not after sex, rather the intimacy which comes from being naked around another man. Looking for men who can host.
  25. FR_ST_90

    Photo Hot Muscle Model, Heelp!

    Hello everyone! I ask for your help: Any of you know the name of this model? It is gorgeous and extremely hot! It appears to have been model for "Speedo" swimsuit. Please help me! :sob:
  26. Beefcakearchives

    Spanish Waterpolo Stud

    Anyone remember Spanish Olympic waterpolo player? He was one of my favorites. Those pecs... you could almost tiddy-fuck him!
  27. S

    Alexis Erbsheuser

    Anyone got anything on this French stud in Brazil? Pics taken from his Instagram are very revealing but I’m hoping someone has nudes..
  28. F

    Rate My Bulge In Speedo

    Hey guys! Could you please rate my bulge/speedo? I appreciate an honest opinion
  29. Wino 'n Roses

    Speedo Gay Dancing At Pool

    This vid has made it's rounds on facebook of a drunk gay dancing in a speedo by the pool. Anyone know him or have dick pics? Video: Another vid of him dancing in clothes:
  30. good_guy

    Photo New Swimwear - You Choose - I Buy!

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new swimwear for the summer :cool: Planning to go on vacation to places with a lot of water sources - nature, spas, beaches, water parks, pools etc. I am looking for a new swimwear (could be more than one pair) that would meet the following requirements: -...