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  1. M

    Gorgeous and sexy model Dean Simon

    Who has more?
  2. M

    Sexy Spaniard Alberto Urbaneja

    This guy is killer sexy. Anyone got anything good on him?
  3. F


    Hey, I was scrolling down some threads here on LPSG and found these two incredible pics. Does anyone know where they come from? Thanks ;)
  4. tlotz

    Speedos: On Hairy Bears and Bulls

    Summer is coming to an end. Post pics here celebrating the men rebelling against the svelte and smooth mafia in their speedos and swim briefs. The confidence to make bare as much as (legally) possible in public is very sexy.
  5. T

    Photo Kline Barfield (model)

    Hot model, Kline Barfield.
  6. ifuckinglovemen

    Photos & Videos Hot Men in JJ Malibu

    Just wanna do a thread of all the hot men in JJ Malibu underwear / swimwear.
  7. C

    Photo Sexy San Diego realtor Lawrence Brown Instagram @lawrence.sandiego

    Very sexy stud. Would love if anyone had nudes.
  8. C

    Photo Sexy insta PA stud Eric Flores @eric.flow

    This guy is super hot, loves wearing sexy swim briefs. Would love to see nudes if anyone has any.
  9. speedotraveler

    Would anyone be interested in bulge / speedo / underwear content?

    I have been getting many compliments on my bulge and I'm a huge fun of swimwear and underwear. Would anyone be interested in seeing some more? :)
  10. M

    Manuel Di Bernardo

    OOF just discovered this gorgeous Italian guy. Anyone got anything more???
  11. M

    Brazilian Yuri Soares

    Recently discovered this sexy guy. Anyone have anything more?
  12. M

    __jadic insta/Tiktok Italian Gymnast DemiGod

    Idk if I’m loving those white socks, his feet in it, the tattoos on his Horse thighs, or that he is rocking Versace speedos and socks, while teasing us smoking
  13. J

    Can someone identify him?

    https://twitter.com/davidbzrra_/status/1664449717697142784 Brazilian tweet with a bunch of replies but apparently everyone already knows who this is and refuses to say. Can someone help me out here?
  14. M

    Model Mark Dalton?

    Not the guy from the 1990s/early 2000s, but this hot model recently shot for Eroticco. I can't find much on him but think he's based in London. Anyone know/have anything more on him?
  15. M

    Alberto Pellegrini - Italian soccer/football player BULGING

    Recently stumbled on this guy - WOW. Anyone have anything more???
  16. Marco Tony

    Steve Grand - Sexy American Muscles

    Theres already a Steve Grand thread. But that thread is 70% discussion and 30% content. So i decided to make a thread about him that mostly focus on the pictures and the videos. The other thread is always asking the same questions. Like '' did he ever shown his cock and ass? '' Theres also the...
  17. Jody_w

    Renato LJ

    This Brazilian guy has such a beautiful face and body. Comes across like a nice guy...just living a lovely life with his boyfriend and dog in Sydney, Australia. renato__lj on Instagram. Anyone got any more?
  18. ifuckinglovemen

    Photo help me ID this model pls

    I need to know
  19. S

    Photo Help ID This Guy ?

    Hey! Can anyone identify this hunk of a daddy ?
  20. U

    @robsonalmeidaarq / @robsonalmeida14

    Alguém tem nudes dele? Ele tem instagram (@robsonalmeidaarq) e twitter (@robsonalmeida14), mas agora eles são privados. Ele tinha fotos de sunga / cueca no twitter mas pelo visto apagou todas. Ele sempre posta foto meia bomba com a mala marcando.
  21. A

    Photos & Videos Vladimir Rudenko

    Does anyone have anything on this Australian Diver? Hes pretty hot and has the following socials: Instagram: https://instagram.com/vladi.rudenko?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Tiktok: TikTok Snapchat: vladirudenko
  22. M

    Absolute beach insanity - who IS this???

    Have seen this guy in a few threads - this is insanity. Anyone know anything more about him?
  23. X

    Can anyone ID this Circuit Star male model?

    Can anyone ID him? Circuit Star male model
  24. I

    Help id this obscure picture

    Please help id where this is from, who is he, or what event that might be?? i realize the chance that someone might know where this is from is very small, but I'm desperate and so i just leave it here.
  25. B

    Transparent Speedos

    Transparent speedos are the hottest
  26. Marco86

    Photos & Videos Beach Studs

    A thread for the studs you'd be thrilled to see, and especially sit next to, at the beach or pool!
  27. fireice42

    African Beach, Red Speedos

    Tofo is in Mozambique, the country that runs down half of the east coast of Africa below the equator. Because of its long white beaches and coral, it attracts a hardy breed of tourists who are able to cope with its third world conditions. A web search will show you why so many South Africans...
  28. D


  29. D


  30. M

    @leo_buona instagram

    Anyone knows Leo Buona? L. B. (@leo_buona) • Instagram photos and videos