1. S

    Germany: Female judge for cockfighting

    Hallo, wir, 2m, suche eine Schiedsrichterin für einen Cockfight in Norddeutschland. Das Ganze soll real stattfinden und wir haben schon Ideen, wie es ablaufen soll. Du kannst aber gern auch eigene Ideen einbringen. Hast Du Interesse und Lust, dann melde Dich - wir freuen uns auf Antworten.
  2. Rusguy_96

    The O'Briens' new challenge

    Chapter 1. An unexpected problem My name is James O'Brien and this is a story that happened to me very recently. My wife Hannah and I are an ordinary married couple living in a respectable suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. I was able to properly manage the inheritance and now in my almost 40 I'm...
  3. 1

    Skype: Size, Stamina, Humiliation, Contests

    I’m a smaller guy who enjoys size comparison and stamina contests. Humiliation and trash talk is great, too. If you’re interested, my Skype is: live:.cid.22df3d3153b97997
  4. F

    Men’s Stamina Trainer (fleshjack Etc.)

    Does anyone have any recommendations for good stamina trainers like fleshjacks etc. that help with the practicing of lasting longer. I’m hoping to find a good enough one that can be shipped to the UK easily? Thanks.
  5. E

    Routine E For Stamina

    I’ve posted this question before without much help. Does anyone have a routine they have used to help with premature ejaculation?? I can cum in a few pumps when having sex.. I usually take Kratom or other drugs during sex to make it enjoyable for my girl but I’m tired of having to rely on...
  6. E

    Lasting longer

    I’ve been pumping about 3-4 months now and am very happy with my progress so far !! My gf even notices my dick is bigger when we have sex which is awesome!!( I haven’t told her I’ve been pumping)....anyways I still don’t last as long as I want! Like I have to be on Kratom or pain killers for sex...