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  1. A

    Wrinkly/Scaly Foreskin Texture helpp

    PLEASEEE don't judge. I kinda wanted to avoid this but honestly i'm desperate to get this resolved. I tried a different site but there were no responses. So, the upper part of my shlong has like this weird texture. It doesn't feel weird, it just looks weird I guess. It's wrinkly like it has...
  2. N

    Tickling On My Urethra Tip

    no judgement please. I received oral twice this week. Both from the same partner, unsure of their sexual history -- assuming I'm not his only partner (asking very soon) I have not ejaculated (low libido as of recent) for five days. After each time, I feel a tickling sensation that I could also...
  3. Thom Hewson

    Rectal Chlamydia Experience?

    Hi Wondering if anyone has had experience with rectal chlamydia ? If you go for STD testing this is a localized infection found in a separate culture not detected from a urine sample. Similarly separate sample from throat for infection from oral sex . I am perplexed. Just had a reoccurrence...
  4. JayPR

    How Was Gay Sex Before Hiv?

    Since I was born, AIDS existed. When I started having sex in the late 90s and early 2000s, HIV and AIDS shaped how I saw sex and how my sex life has been, from not having sex in order to avoid it, choosing very careful who my sex partners were, to avoiding any sex practices that were considered...
  5. JayPR

    Do You Use Condoms When Having Casual Sex?

    I want to know if straight guys use condoms when having casual sex or sex in general. My question comes because in my experience, almost all of the straight guys I know don't like it and most of them don't use them. Maybe they use condoms if it's a random hook up. Another thing, most of the...
  6. F

    Uti.... std..... :(

    So there is a first time for everything... in the last 24 hours are so, it had begun to hurt when I pee. A stinging, uncomfortable feeling when I urinate. I'm circumcised and it hurts on the underside, usually where you get a prince Albert. That little gland where the semen comes out from...
  7. S

    How often do you check for std? do you have herpes?

    Hi. I'm really worried that I can't sleep. I think I might have herpes. :sob: My anus is a bit itchy but it could be hemorrhoids. I've never been penetrated, so if I've got herpes, life really sucks for me. I just read on the internet that herpes has no cure. I'm f*cked!! What am I gonna do?