1. P

    5 years later, I finally sucked his dick!

    So because of things and people’s privacy I’m going to be vague. I met him at a party, he saw me and came to introduce himself and invite me to his event the following night. I’m kinda a noticeable guy, 6’2 built, dress modern hippy hip hop Mix , and am considered handsome blk guy by folks...

    Photos & Videos Jahill aka Jah_Remy

  3. P

    WILLIE WATKINS ( williebarely / barelyalive)

    WILLIE WATKINS ( williebarely / barelyalive) is an American dude from Cali, part of barelyalive music group, anyone has something from him?
  4. ogre

    ID this dom twink?

    Anyone recognizes this guy? Straight teen jock wants you to suck his toes -
  5. A


    If sexuality is determined by what attracts us, why are there people who need to experiment to know their sexuality? for example straight/gay people who found out they are bisexual only after experimenting. In theory, shouldn't one already know what attracts him/her?
  6. D

    Photos & Videos Male focus in str8 porn

    Times where the camera shifts focus on the guy rather than the woman in straight porn
  7. I

    _ace_ventura on chaturbate

    such a hot guy most of his content was removed when recurbate got taken down though, wish he showed his ass more. post anything you have of his here!
  8. J

    Photos & Videos Photos of used underwear of your straight roommate or whoever you thought was hot

    can you share photo of the used underwear of your roommate or anyone you find hot? Show us the stain of precum of there were. If not, it's fine. And tell us how it smells like.
  9. J

    40-49 years old straight American, Caucasian or white skin toned guy

    Hi, I met a straight 45 years old American man with Average body but huge arms and I am asian. I have not seen him nude. We used the urinal together but I was not able to see his dick unfortunately. He is from Texas. I saw his feet and it was hot. I guess I become obsessed with 40+ American...
  10. I

    Help me ID this guy?

    Could anyone help me ID this guy? Str8 Muscular Jock Flexes and Shows Off His Big Manhood -
  11. Mrddf

    CAUSA clubamateurusa model Rolf

    Who's this guy from CAUSA.i know his real name is SCOTT G. FROM PHOENIX. Aaron Stewart/Rolf (Club Amateur USA) – SexFlexible but i do wanne know his social media.
  12. asianvirginboy

    Professional Gay/Str8 Curious Skype

    Anyone up for chatting on Skype? Love to chat with 20-50yo gay/str8 curious working professionals. Even if you’re married or have gf, I’m open if you are. Can chat/cam/jerk off together whenever we both have any free alone time. (Biggest turn on is if you jerk off in office or public spaces...
  13. sabidabi

    Fucked by my boyfriend's best friend

    Hi :) So here I come with a new story, this is gonna be short but I hope you'll like it. Enjoy the reading! _____________________________________ It was a normal night out in my life, like any other. Just another night at the same old club, with the same old people. My name is Liam, I'm 22...
  14. A

    Joeyparty San Diego comedian

    Does anyone have anything on joeyparty? Str8 comedian/improv bro out of SD. So fucking hot with a great ass and huge bulge. Such a hot tease
  15. AndrewStation

    Hey ! Hello!

  16. D

    Photos & Videos HELP IDENTIFY Young Soccer Uncut Latino

    hello, im new here and i need help finding the guy in this video. I did a reverse search and I believe it is about 1/1.5 year old video. (I tried to post it, have it in high res, but it never upload), thanksss
  17. str8matesfirst

    New Aussie OnlyFans Creator: Str8MatesFirst, bjs for str8 dudes

    G'day dick-lovers and dick-havers! I'm posting to promote my budding OnlyFans site: /Str8MatesFirst I'm an Aussie bear finding str8, heteroflexible, bi and otherwise very horny men to give them their first gay blowjob. If you like Seduced Straight Guys, Military Classified, Beefcake Hunter...
  18. Rebelbitch

    Tazzmanian_studios homoerotic photography

    Photoshoots from the photographer on instagram @tazzmanian_studios. He has the hottest straight men in the gayest positions and most are nude. His instagram Here
  19. Peter_haller

    Photos & Videos Egeukan Ig and Tiktok

    Este chico tiene un buen cuerpo, es turco, suele hacer bailes con tonos eroticos pero que dejan volar la imaginación. Si tienes fotos o videos de el no dudes en postearlos. This boy has a good body, he is Turkish, he usually does dances with erotic tones but that let the imagination fly. If...
  20. A

    Untouchable boys theory

    I decided to start this thread to address a subject that many will probably find trivial but which is important to me since it is a theory fueled by a thought that for some time I blend into my head. It's a theory that I'd like to blow. First of all, to be honest let me start by saying that I’m...
  21. A

    Straight Guys Grossed Out By Blowjob

    I'm just wondering if there are videos of straight guys (yes, I know straight porn is usually fake porn) visibly grossed out by the blowjob they are giving. Usually you see porn actors going down enthusiastically (gay or straight), but I was hoping that there are clips out there with genuine...
  22. S

    “Muscle Dom” from straightmuscleguys

    Anyone have info and/or full videos on this guy, Muscle Dom, from StraightMuscleGuys? He later went by Powerman Priest on Frank DeFeo’s sites.
  23. D

    Str8 married guys comparing softies

    Straight guys showing off soft
  24. HairyAussieBloke

    Can’t Find Straight Gloryhole Vid

    I’m looking for this hidden can straight gay gloryhole vid, where this guy in a blue hoodie and a beanie is getting blown. He entered this house and next to the front door is the gloryhole. He doesn’t look that impressed but it’s a hot vid. Can anyone help? It’s kind of similar to this photo
  25. D

    Bro Show

    Hey guys I’m a straight college frat bro who just likes to see other guys naked. My goal is to make a place where all the bro’s can come together and share pics with the guys. A place where we can come together and see each other strip, show off our bulges, show off our dicks, and chat with the...
  26. J

    pls identify this guys brother who also worked at active duty .

  27. apsus

    Is that really str8?

    Hey guys, just wondering. What is so str8 in sending, and receiving dick pics with another str8 guy? Isn't that call gay?
  28. 1409924abc

    ID this hot boy

    this video is honestly so hot, you can see a website on the video but I didnt found the name of the guy or the full video anywhere.
  29. Piejukebox

    Photos & Videos Nade Nasty

    Performer Name: Nade Nasty OnlyFans Account: @nadenasty Twitter Handle: @NadeNastyxxx i'm usually more so on the gay/bi spectrum of the porn models but some straight models do peak my interest and nade nasty is one of them i just love his work but i realized he doesn't have a thread so i went...
  30. B

    Full video please?

    Can anyone post the full video of these two?