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  1. S

    Calvin Kleins/feet/tasks for sale

    I’m straight and 21 looking to earn money for selling my worn boxer shorts - can cum/piss/ whatever for money sugar daddy wanted or anyone interested hmu on here or add Snapchat: username.1973
  2. I

    Straight Romanian showing off

    He is a real Romanian construction worker I often meet. He is straight but he enjoys to show off for gay people. Do you like his natural body? I'll report him your comments. He is curious to know :)
  3. paulwyatt

    Guys From Behind.

    Just “Guys From Behind”.
  4. DracoBean

    Photos & Videos Luayluvsu

    Luayluvsu on tiktok (currently banned but is going to make another one sometime in the future) likes going live and sometimes he gets pretty sexual. Anyways he admitted to sexting a lot sometimes to random girls too. Soo ik wondering if any of yall here would have something of his ;)
  5. M

    Jet.nig aka ppshowing TikTok star

    From this week
  6. H


    So, I have no idea of how to do this so i researched the quickest thing on how to make this post because it was urgent but if anyone can make this right and put it on the tiktok creator page or influencer wtv ? I just wanted to know if we had anything on him ? even a sliver of somth pls
  7. M

    Please ID sexy couple

    Does anyone know who these 2 are? Where to find their content?
  8. E

    looking for str8 and corious brothers to trade

    I need long term str8 brothers willing to jerkoff and share with me, im not looking for a cumming buddy, im looking for a friend, add me on sc: unknown22th
  9. M

    Id this guy ? (Anyone know who that is) ?

  10. J

    New Snapchat Group For Muscle/Athletic/Fit Bros

    Add me with pictures or videos @DIONYJONAS
  11. O

    Men farting on command/burping groupchat

    Yo if you are a guy who is very gassy whether you fart a ton, burp or both and even can fart/burp on command I wanna make a group of dudes who just enjoy letting loose of our manly gases. I can fart on command and always wanted to meet other guys who can or who are just gassy and can also burp...
  12. B

    Help find a video

    hi guys I am looking for a video. Its three white guys and a girl. They creampie the girl and the cum ends up all over one guys dick and crotch. I only remember it happens on a leather couch.
  13. M

    What website do you use?

    Hey I was wondering what website y’all use to watch straight porn? I know about xvideos/xhamster/pornhub but they never show the full scenes - do y’all know a site that has the full scenes? Like a straight equivalent of boyfriendtv or something like that? Thanks y’all!
  14. D

    Str8 Soft Compare on Skype

    Str8 guys who want to compare softies on Skype . Add me live:.cid.c54f2ade12869d0a
  15. MrClare

    Links The M45capito - Str8 hunter

    Do you know "The M45capito"? It's a guy from Argentina who recorded videos sucking and having anal sex with straight and bisexual guys. He disappeared from the internet, deleted twitter and onlyfans and no one knows why (maybe one of the guys he recorded discovered). On the internet you can...
  16. MarkusScott

    Str8 Bodybuilder / Former Marine Samson Polkinghorn OF

    I've been following this roided and razor smooth beast for years. He's never been shy about showing off his hot bulge in skimpy Joe Snyder thongs. He's finally gone ahead and started an onlyfans page! He's not shy either. So far (Well, since I joined) he's gone live every day and has happily...
  17. M

    Any JO buddies in or near Gainesville FL?

    Any str8 guys like to masturbate together
  18. A Rentboy's Diary


    My first night as a rentboy We had met at a party for a friend, Rishi, Jake and Tyler were all 5 years older than me. I had a great time talking to them and at the end they invited me over for a few drinks at their house. As soon as the door closed Rishi grabbed my ass and leaned in with the...
  19. Greyjoy_Dick

    Photo Trifateyt YouTubers

    Hi I recently discovered this YouTube channel called Trifateyt they mostly do reactions and gaming and vlogs and it's run by 2 make cousins. I'm just wondering if they have any nudes out they're because they're both really cute. Here's their IG as well.
  20. R

    I'm 28 straight curious

    Dm me guys. BBC here. I'm hairy and bearded
  21. B

    Alexandre Santos (Portuguese Comedian)

    Assumidamente hétero e fora dos padrões corporais, mas às vezes dou por mim a pensar nele. Alguém tem algo dele? Insta: @alexandresantoscomedy Twitter: @BinhasOnte
  22. A

    Genuine Buddy/Wank Buddy

    Hey, Looking for a genuine person to chat with, and hopefully wank with - personally, mostly str8 here but with curious tendencies - bit of a nerd and not into anything too "out there" Someone similar would be great - who is genuine and in and around UK time zone as UK based here. 36 m UK - so...
  23. B

    What happened to curiouslatinos dot com

    Does anybody know? There used to be a site called curiouslatinos dot com where you could purchase downloads of vids of this chubby bottom get railed by hot str8 men. He used to also make accounts on sites like xtube or xvideo under hitmefmbehind or hitmefmbehind13 I’ve tried looking this...
  24. K

    ID - does anyone know who this couple is?

    Hey I saw this hot video of a guy breeding a girl on Twitter and was wondering if anyone knew who they are? I’d love to see more from them!
  25. J

    Video Looking for Str8 for pay vid.

    Hey guys! I am looking for this video where 2 str8 guys and 1 bi guys jerk together and one the the guys take the bi guy to the bedroom and ask him for a blowjob. The other str8 guys comes later to the room and joins them and the two first guys end up blowing and rimming the third guy. Does...
  26. Spartacuss

    Photos & Videos Straight Men In Daily Life.

    There is no hotter thing than finding straight men doing things in everyday life. Shopping at the supermarket, waiting at the doctor's, walking down the street or taking the subway. Straight guys are the kings of the universe, so let's share and enjoy them.
  27. PhallicApotheosis

    Hung Uncut Autoretracting Mega-grower And Most Importantly Unmitigated Exhibitionist Here For You

    Greetings loves one and all - I am a straight male as described in the title although I’ll round it out a bit further now here as well. I am in my forties but barely look over 30, fairly slim albeit without the rock hard visible abs of my youth. I have an otherwise smooth leanly muscled...
  28. K

    Please Id Amateur Couple

    Does anyone know who this hot amateur couple I saw on Twitter are? https://twitter.com/dahmmerjeff/status/1456335936774713350?s=21 Thanks
  29. K

    Id Hot Amateur Couple

    Hi I’ve seen this clip on Twitter and it’s so hot - does anyone know who they are? Or if they have anymore videos? https://twitter.com/dahmmerjeff/status/1456335936774713350?s=21
  30. K

    Straight Erotic Stories

    I know a site like Nifty or GayDemon have lots of gay sex fiction of all genres, but I was curious if anybody knows some websites/subreddits with straight NSFW stories? Surely somewhere like that must exist!