1. V


    ANYTHING FROM THIS HOT GUY? Login • Instagram
  2. D

    Anyone knows this guy and his @? His name is Jon from Epicurious Quesadilla: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients video

    So like the thread's name, does anyone know this guy and his @? His name is Jon from Epicurious Quesadilla: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients video.
  3. B

    Can anyone find this video?

    Keep seeing these videos pictures on ads, can't ever actually find them. Looking for the top left, bottom left, and bottom right videos They're on an ad that says straight boys gone gay or something similar
  4. S


    please help me find it, it’s on ‘the gay’ website but i can’t find it there at all
  5. owapowa

    ID straight porn actor

  6. owapowa

    ID, pretty please

  7. olivia pope

    Photos & Videos BWCblake/BWCblakee on twitter

    hot straight guy with an 8in penis. OF: OnlyFans
  8. L

    Donny Pearson, sexy muscular firefighter, @firefighterfurnace , @donnypearson

    This guy is an absolute fit and muscular hunk. The definition of masculinity. He’s just . The only downside is he has one of those ugly back tattoos . I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. DO NOT: ask him for OF or anything. I don’t want him to private or purge this page.
  9. L

    Amro Maktabi @amromaktabi on IG

    Crazy sexy Arab man. Amazing arms (that I want to be choked by), abs, pecs, you name it. Anyone else have a thing for him?
  10. B

    Help finding full twitter video

    Does anyone have the full video? https://twitter.com/denver_jacks/status/1651918359984996354?s=46&t=-7Cip91BYzhK04isw8mVJw
  11. S

    Curious in Philly area

    Married late 30’s wm who loves showing off and watching people get off. Find me on Twitter @gpowalski
  12. Z

    Photo Who is this guy ?

    Can someone tell who this is please
  13. N

    Help Me Find a Video

    I really want that porn video where this dude sold his house to this couple that recently got married and put a spy cam in there. It shows all the sex they had it was so fucking hot SOMEONE HELP ME FIND IT
  14. U

    Str8huntercl the best amateur str8 hunting type of corn?

    Anyone has collections of his onlyfans contents? He's got some of the best "straight" men ever. Even better than czech hunter honestly.
  15. O

    Nic Suarez

    Is there anything on tiktok : @ in_the_nic_of_time
  16. L


    HES SO HOT. Heard he started an onlyfans and has a twitter as well!!!
  17. Olderman4

    Toronto - New Member

    Submissive, retired, 99% straight man in Downtown, into self-sounding, self-CBT and self-Needle Play. Now seems like a good time to expand my horizons from self. Just wondering if anyone is in the least slightly interested in helping me explore that 1%.
  18. G

    My Straight Brothers Week at Fire Island.

    Hi Everyone, it has been a minute since I posted a story. I just wanted to warn people of my stories, for whoever read my story of Patrick and Cole. 1. Yes, my stories are very long. I like to be as detailed as I can, fleshing everything out. If you don't like that, I would suggest skipping...
  19. Z

    Who is this?

    Does anyone know who this is?
  20. SecretDark

    Rare Amateur Straight Vids ?

    I wanted to make a thread for amateur straight videos very rare, that you find when you reach page 1589 or very hard to find. Put it really RARE and hard to find videos only !
  21. A

    Can Anyone Help Me Find This Of??

    Saw it on Twitter once and I can’t seem to find it again. Anyone know his onlyfans name?? Message me or post on here! Thanks!!
  22. N

    Straight Boy Booty

    So many straight men out there have the nicest damn asses and the best part is, most of the time, they don't even know they got one. There's also the straight guys who know they have a booty and flaunt it, which is just as hot. This thread is a dedication to straight guys with nice booty's !
  23. Nimkee123456

    Photos & Videos Domi Beast Dutch Fitness Model (new)

    Hey guys,
  24. B

    Chad Wolf

    This man is a total daddy and looks like he is packing a lot down there I understand he is well known in the political spectrum but let’s just ignore politics and admire this stud
  25. Bluecarter92

    I Want Him Inside Me! Fuck I’m So Happy He Joins Onlyfans

    My dream has come true... I knew one day he would give in and join. Total slut codie west mmmmm drill me daddy
  26. blitzboy

    Berlin Meetup

    Straightish 31 bearded and dark partnered and up for meeting with a buddy for some bating kreuzberg
  27. bisexualTOPsmoothBOTTOM

    New York City (nyc) Couple For Straight, Married, Bisexual Or Curious Men

    We are looking for a one-time or regular fun with hot married, bi, straight or curious guys who are into uncomplicated fun. We have been with quite a few of married, bi and straight guys so we know the drill with discretion. We are for real and do not want to waste time. Please DM us and tell us...
  28. Lost.intra

    Spanish Boys

    I wanna get some Spanish boy showing their dicks come on show us what u got. Drop your snapchats if you don’t wanna post ur dick.
  29. Lost.intra

    I Love My New ...

    A thread for hoes’ that use getting new things to send a nude. Send me some of your new shit :rolleyes: I love my new slides, check them out
  30. M

    Who Is This Amazing Bottom Man?

    Supposed to be amateur but I think I’ve seen him somewhere else in porn. He must have an online presence outside this vid. Please help, Tnx .