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straight male

  1. rxgent


    Performer Name: MisterWorship OnlyFans Account: OnlyFans Twitter Handle: https://mobile.twitter.com/misterworship Cost to Join: 4.99/month After subscribing to this creator’s Onlyfans, I discovered that his OF posts are the same exact videos that he posts on his Porn Hub channel (most of which...
  2. Q

    Help identify straight male pornstar?

    Cross posting this thread as I am unsure where it should go! any help identifying this straight male porn star? I have attached pics of both the guy, the girl and the title card incase it’s easier to find him through them! My original post is attached too which had the link to the video...
  3. M

    Photo Who Is This Attractive Guy? (from Shame4k.com)

    I saw him on porn videos and websites. It seems this guy opened a website and fuck adult women because he is the only male model that I saw on that website:) Unfortunately, I didn't learn his name. Could you tell me. Here is the guy:
  4. theo_smago

    Photos & Videos Nick Taylor (aka Nicholas Taylor, Nicholas W Rava, Franco)

    I'm looking for two XXX videos: - Beyond Shame (2006) - Best of Dynamite Studios 4 (2006) They both star Nick Taylor. If anyone can help, let me know. I'll post some of Nick's videos to hopefully give LPSG's blood hounds the scent.
  5. R

    Nick Moreno Solo

  6. 4

    Male Attractiveness

    So, when it comes to male attractiveness (and I mean gay male, straight male, bi male), what are the traits the draw a guy to you? Is it body, Is it mind? Just curious.
  7. DownLow427

    How To Ask A Straight Male Worker

    My coworker is a straight male. We work in the same department and I’m always flirting with him and at times I catch him flirting back. I’ve been getting these feeling that something more could come out of this. I even joked about hooking up with him and all he does is smile. So my question is...