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  1. thehottestmenxx

    A Summer at the Farm (Erotic story)

    Blake agrees to spend the summer at Joe's farm to lend a helping hand to his girlfriend's father and make a few bucks. That sounds like the perfect plan for his jealous girlfriend. Stuck at the farm, Blake will not cheat on her while she is away... If only she knew! All characters featured in...
  2. LiamCox

    Helping my Straight Roommate during lockdown

    All characters are over 18+ The lockdown was a surprise that affected my college life in different ways. One thing that stood out was getting to know my roommate better. My roommate, Marcus, was a year ahead of me. He was living here with another guy, who left college. After that Marcus put up...
  3. thehottestmenxx

    THE CURE (Erotic Fiction)

    Hey guys! I have shared a lot of my work on this forum and I have finally decided to share one of my favourite stories. I hope you will like it! I have been working on "THE CURE" for about a year. Themes: distopia / perverted world / straight to gay / cum fetish / college / rowing team You...
  4. F

    True straight guys first time versatile

    I remember seeing several videos with so-called straight people fucking each other. There is for example a video with friends on a bed doing it for the first time like pornstars and this rather funny video where two porn actors play heterosexuals chosen for a reality show who have to fuck each...
  5. johnboysawyer

    Life with Damon

    A buddy of mine sent me a desperate text the first week of March. He had just broken up with his girlfriend. They were arguing all the time and they just couldn't get along. He told her that he needed a break from her and that she had gotten pissed that he got laid off from his job and he wasn't...
  6. T

    Gay/Gay For Pay Pornstars

    So I was recently browsing YouTube and came across this channel (RippedTrainingDotCom) and I noticed that I'd seen a few of their models in some gay porn before. Their website is no longer up, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything more about this channel or any of the guys on it? It seems...
  7. thehottestmenxx

    From Homophobe to Homo (Erotic Story)

    More content, including 13 more chapters of From Homophobe to Homo and exclusive stories, are available on my Patreon: Thomas Lodge is creating Gay Erotic Stories | Patreon. Thanks for your support! ******************* FROM HOMOPHOBE TO HOMO Fags are disgusting and Connor hates them all...
  8. B

    Gay For Pay On Onlyfans And Just4fans

    Hey everyone, I recently saw an article that discussed straight men that made gay for pay content on onlyfans, but I don't think the writer understood what gay for pay means, as all the performers listed were just straight guys who got naked and had straight sex for gay audiences, the most 'gay'...
  9. P

    Photos & Videos Straight Guy Tricked

    Share your photo or video of Straight guy tricked doing gay stuff.