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  1. P

    How do you prepare yourself to take big dick?

    My hole is very tight and I wanna know how you guys prepare to take such big dicks?? Is there any toys I need to get in order to prepare myself and stretch my hole out?? How long should I train my hole for? What size toys should I get?
  2. biegeparlay

    My current stretching method

    Roughly about 3lbs just hanging off the gland. I use socks over the weights for a better feel on the thighs.
  3. Pjpatches

    Baltimore Buds

    Anyone looking for a fwb? Guys to enjoy our manhood together or girls to fill up that pussy?
  4. shankity

    Ball Stretching Tips For A Beginner?

    Hey guys. Recently got a bathmate and an oxballs type cock sling. I’m just an average sized guy, but I really want to focus on ball stretching. The bathmate is more something I got just to see what happens, more focused on my sac. Mine are usually up fairly high, and the cock sling feels like...
  5. D

    Help Stretching For Large Dick

    Hi there, I am vers, mid 20s guy trying to figure out the best way to stretch myself out regularly to take a an XL dick (8 + or thick). It seems every time I have sex after a few weeks of nothing its like the beginning again, sometimes I even tear and then Im out of commission for a long time...
  6. I

    Blondes With Tight Pussy Getting Hammered Photos And Videos

    Sexy blondes with the tightest pussy getting stretched
  7. I

    Sexy Teens Photos In Panties Bikini Swimsuits Thong Naked So On

    As title any photos of sexy teens 18+ of course
  8. S

    Video Extreme Kinky Anal Gape With Fabreez Can And Screwdrivers

    I was bored and horny at work today and wanted my ass to be filled up sooo badly that I went on the hunt to find some objects to stretch my ass out with and make me feel naughty ;)
  9. I

    Photo Sexy Women With Tight Pussy Camel Toes In Panties, Bikinis Swimsuits...

    Hi all. Is it me? Or does anyone else think a tight pussy camel toe is sexy as hell?