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  1. Pantsdownbitsout

    Enm - Featuring Me!

    So I recently modelled for my Twitter friend (all credit to @particolarguy) for an ENM (Embarrassed Naked Male) story. Here’s part 1… hope you like! Part 2 coming soon! My Twitter is @PDBO6 if you want to follow :)
  2. P

    Photos & Videos David Nieves, Stripper And Model

    Starting a thread for the former stripper and model, David Nieves. He was a contestant on the 2005 VH1 show, Strip Search and used to strip in a gay bar in Dallas as Tristin. AFAIK, he has now given up stripping and modeling and is a businessman and married. This is one of the hard dick...
  3. B

    Guy Stripped By Stripper

    I really like these videos of guys being stripped by strippers. A favorite of mine: Stripped by a stripper - video 43 - ThisVid.com Share some if you like it too!
  4. 6

    Sydney Meetups !

    Hey guys, Jack here ! I’m from Sydney and would be keen to meet up with any guys from the area. Hit me up as I’m always keen for a chat about anything aswell !
  5. trackjock13

    Jack Off In Public At Pride, 18 Y/o, Nmcm

    I had my photos taken by a pro porn photographer at Lake Tahoe CA, several changes of clothing, mostly athletic wear and I had to keep a hardon and jack off and eventually cum after a couple hours for the camera and in front of others. I had several years of experience doing that for a bunch of...
  6. trackjock13

    Cmnm For Older Bro's And Dads Buddies

    I have told a couple of these stories in the past, but newer members could not find them and asked me to repeat. Our dad had me and my 2 yr older bro when he was a teen himself. He was, and is, very buff and an athletic jock type into showing off his body but he was very concerned about the AIDS...
  7. P

    Video Stripped Naked!!!

    I have a thing about guys being forcibly stripped naked, dont know why this gets me going but I love seeing vids where this happens. These are my clips, if you guys have any...please share.... A walou flv Boy loses bet and is stripped molested and masturbated Gallery These are...