1. D

    Bruno Salgueiro (Portugese fitness YouTuber)

    Bruno is a charming, funny content creator - very popular in Portugal, and very charming (and hot). He often manages to sneak blurred (and not-so-blurred) nudity into his YouTube videos, and some of his workout techniques are quite titillating (often on purpose)! Some of my favorite videos of...
  2. H


    Tell me I’m not the only one looking for instagram fitness model Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach? He is so dreamy with a great body! I doubt he has anything, he seems very smart with photos lol. IG: rynosaurusflex
  3. JacquesValue

    Big dick tricks

    "Party Tricks" that demonstrate how big your dick is. Show off for your friends, or just enjoy it yourself. Dressing and tucking Fold it in half in your underwear Tuck it down one leg of your trousers Keep it between your ass cheeks Pissing You don't want to open your jeans, so you just pull...