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  1. barehole4use

    My first time

    I am sure my story is not that unusual. This is a true story of finding my bi side. At age 52 – divorced and living on my own – I had no problems meeting women. Online dating was like being a kid in a candy store. It was not unusual to get the lady in bed within 2–3 dates, sometimes getting a...
  2. X

    Video Verbal degrading videos

    This might sound weird but does anyone have any good gay videos that include verbal degrading. For example, I remember seeing a clip of a BeefCake Hunter video where the guy is sucking the “straight” guy’s dick and as he’s about to come, the straight guy calls him a “f***ot” and idk i found...
  3. G

    Photos & Videos Hot Guys With Full Lips

    Let's share our favorite pics/vids of hot guys with full lips. I'll start with Shawn Abir and Tyler Harris (Trjoel/Fagtwigs).
  4. B

    Video ID Help: Lost Hot Pornhub Video

    Link to video:- Im so cute and cuddly Anyone have a name of the boy or the guy in the picture below? They don`t speak alot, but from what i could hear it sounds like they are from the USA. I belive the video was originally posted to Pornhub, and that there might exist more out there...?
  5. C

    Identify The Pornstars of The Studio

    Does anyone know who they are?
  6. J

    Video Help me id this guy

    Hey i need help identifying this guy
  7. B

    Video ID Asian Looking Boy With Older Person

    Link to video:- Im so cute and cuddly Anyone have the name of the boy in the picture below?
  8. ravens4547

    Photos & Videos Show yourself sucking cock!

    Let’s see some pics and vids of you servicing some good cock. Here’s something to get us started
  9. Crawlie

    Need More Nipple/Breast/Titty Worship!

    Anyone like porn that involves tit sucking? I am not talking about adult breastfeeding or anything that involves breastmilk, or milking...but literal tit worship? I have a few examples I love, like ''this one''. I wish I could find more videos like that, especially longer ones! Anyone wanna help...
  10. A

    Can anyone identify the two guys in this video?

    I think this video came out in late 2019. It can often be found under the French title, "Les parents sont partis et ils saiment en secret," which roughly means in English, "Parents are gone and they secretly love each other." The full video is just over 20 minutes long, and is really very hot...
  11. I

    Alexa, My Married Brother & Mystery Woman (Erotic Fiction)

    This is all fiction inspired by something similar that happened to my Friend (I don't have any siblings) but written in 'forum post' format. Hi everyone, As the title says, I've recently discovered that my older Brother Dennis is cheating on his wife Kayleigh. He's been with his spouse...
  12. RiverTrevor

    Your experience with a male stripper

    Have you ever been in a bar or club and enjoyed the sights of a stripper, and have they included you in their act, or maybe after at the end of the night? Share your stories of your personal encounters with a stripper or strippers. When I lived in London I usually went out at weekends with...
  13. B

    Video ID Anyone Have This Video Of 18yo Boy With Older Man?

    Anyone have this video of an 18yo with an older man? or at least know who they are? I found the now deleted video on kizzteen.com (I belive the video was filmed in a hotel room)
  14. q33rD

    Help Identifying this Webcam Video

    Hello! I need some help in finding the complete video from where these clips were taken, please! I found these in the wild, and the video in the original post was missing, and I need to see this whole thing. Disclaimer: as said, I found these in the wild, so I don't have any info about the guys...
  15. Lumix552

    My boyfriend and I

    My boyfriend and me i Hope you will like content our content Soon we will create our MYM account and Twitter Can you give your advice we Hope you will like them
  16. G

    Video IDENTIFICATION NEEDED -- Who is this hot submissive twink sucking cock?

    Any idea who this could be?!
  17. J

    Does anyone know who's guy who's sucking?

    I am wondering who the guy is who's sucking; he looks super hot with his thick eyebrows.
  18. Donovan Bancroft

    Hot gay videos of Men getting their nipples sucked

    I have a HUGE nipple kink regarding men. I could suck on a guy's juicy nips for hours. Please post any hot videos of guys getting their nips sucked here. Bonus points if the guy(s) got big muscular pecs and nice juicy nipples!

    Los Angeles looking to service. ALL WELCOME!

    All hung welcome and accepted.. Clean talented cock sucker in search of hung, wanting to give oral until you unload. Able to travel. Available whenever so hit me back. Let's do this..

    Cock Bro' Wanted In Nh

    Cock bro' wanted for c2c fun. Very into porn, edging, jacking. Into oral also (ok if you're not-just relax and enjoy). SoNH NoCenMA areas. Let's have some real fun...
  21. JavonWalker

    Video Some Men Vids

    Hot Men you will love
  22. JavonWalker

    Video "she's" Sucking On A Lollipop

    Shemales Sucking that dick.
  23. JavonWalker

    Man You Going To Like

    If you like Men,then this is the place for you.
  24. love4D

    Video Id These Cute Guys

    if anyone has more of them, please share ;P
  25. J

    Northamptonshire Cruising Uk

    Looking for people to meet up with in Northamptonshire. For mutual wanking, sucking and other stuff
  26. D

    Hello Lpsg From Vienna, Austria

    Hello guys! I am returning to LPSG after a long break. Looking to connect with guys and visitors in Vienna, Wien, Austria. I’m always happy to give you an excellent blowjob. Hit me up and let’s have fun! It’s great to be back!!
  27. David Pope

    Hookup Middle Ga

    Looking for thick cocks
  28. JavonWalker

    Video I Have Lots Of Men Vids

    7420491 I'm Javon Walker hope you like what i'm posting.
  29. JavonWalker

    I Have Some Vids You Might Find Interesting

    74203817250181 I'm Javon Walker,32yo,live in Brooklyn,NewYork,love to meet new and interesting people.Love to hear from anyone who like my content and i do request also.
  30. dickwizard_

    Phoenix Az Gloryhole 4 Hung / Big Shooting Locals And Visitors

    Check out my videos if you're interested in seeing what its like. Respond here or send me a PM if interested.