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  1. H

    ABS ART-Fighters

    On this thread I would like to discuss abput fighters from this webpage. ABS ART ABS ART specializes in fetished involving gutpunching, vacuuming, navel torture. What's your opinion of this site and it's models?
  2. D

    Superhero erotica

    Hey there! I'm new here and I couldn't find a thread on this topic yet, so here it goes (apologies if I overlooked anything). I write kinky fanfics about superheroes in peril, like Nightwing or Superman, at AO3. If you like to read about heroes getting trapped, humiliated, and made to come in...
  3. K


    Does anyone know this guy from cfnm ? Original video : 'Superhero's downfall' Search Superhero - Femdomz - All Femdom Online
  4. Throwaway Forget

    Superhero domination fetish

    Anyone into superhero domination and know of any good scenes or fetish sites with good content? The first thing that comes to mind is the classic scene from Superman Returns where Lex and his thugs dominate Superman as he crawls through rocky puddles to escape, getting his suit completely wet...
  5. FitCollegeDude

    Huge Cock Superpowers

    Huge cock superpowers Back in the day I had a best friend and I had always been jealous of his big cock. However, then in just a very short time I had outgrown him, which I didn’t find that strange at the time, because after all cock growth spurts can happen until your late 20s. Later in life...
  6. FitCollegeDude

    Next Story : "best Friend's Huge Cock" Or "cock Superpowers"

    Hey guys. I'm just looking for some feedback on which story to do next. Likewise, I’d like to hear your thoughts on my two current stories: Hung Sauna Daddy Three Hung Black Triplets Have Fun With @christoff (short Story) Any suggestions or changes you’d like to see in the future? Story 1 ...
  7. A

    Wyatt Russell

    John Walker(USAgent) in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Anything on this hot dude?
  8. Jason GayLight

    Andrew Horton

    I have a new crush and his name is Andrew Horton. He's gonna star in Netlfix's "Jupiter's Legacy" as Brandon Sampson aka superhero Paragon. Let's hope Netflix will give us a look at his superhero body.
  9. Shofixti

    Photo Superheroes, Comics And Erotic Cosplay

    LPSG has a few text related threads on this topic, and also some threads on specific cosplayers - but I don't see one that caters to a more general collection of images around superheroes, cosplay, movies, comics, and Marvel/DC erotica etc. I can't say how busy this will ever get. But deserves...
  10. 1

    Photo Gay Batman

  11. A

    Superhero cyber sex roleplay

    Hey guys I'm looking for another guy who is interested in being superman and/or super villians in some roleplay if anyone is interested msg me on Kik bigdickskryptonite for story details would like this to be a