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  1. F

    Superman (Voice) Actors

    can we talk about how almost all superman (voice) actors have yummy asses? examples: Joshua Orpin Henry Cavill Tyler Hoechlin Tom Welling John Krasinski
  2. fireice42

    Deserted Island - Clark Kent and Jimmy Olson

    "CK, what are we going to do?" Jimmy Olson asked, the strain in his voice audibly pitching his voice an octave higher. Jimmy and Clark Kent hung by their wrists on a chain that was slowly lowering them to their death a few yards below where molten steel churned and bubbled. Clark was still...
  3. super hero

    super hero

  4. Throwaway Forget

    Superhero domination fetish

    Anyone into superhero domination and know of any good scenes or fetish sites with good content? The first thing that comes to mind is the classic scene from Superman Returns where Lex and his thugs dominate Superman as he crawls through rocky puddles to escape, getting his suit completely wet...
  5. C

    Help Id This Guy

    This guy looks like Henry Cavill. And he's fucking hot. I got hard at first sight! Ugh! https://twitter.com/i/status/1392889153084268547
  6. AdamCrush

    Hot Guys With Glasses

    I am starting a thread for hot guys with (nerdy) glasses, kinda Clark Kent/superman vibe, smart hot nerdy glasses but body of a beast.
  7. R

    Superman Cosplay

    This is one of the strangest videos I’ve ever seen. This guy - no, it’s not me - dresses up like Superman, puts on a condom, and fucks a blow up doll. Not only does he have a small dick, but he cums in less than 30 seconds. I assume he’s into humiliation. Why else would he post such a ridiculous...
  8. A

    Superhero cyber sex roleplay

    Hey guys I'm looking for another guy who is interested in being superman and/or super villians in some roleplay if anyone is interested msg me on Kik bigdickskryptonite for story details would like this to be a