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  1. freshbussy

    What Supplements Do You Take?

    In the PE research that I’ve combed through on the web I’ve come across supplements that are supposed to help with gains. Supplements like; L-Arginine(good for blood flow; take 1 daily and 2 before PE), L-Lysine(good for tissue growth; take 1 daily and another 1 before PE), BCAAs(for muscle...
  2. B

    Refractory Period And Prolactin: New Data

    For a long time it was presumed that prolactin was responsible for the delay in the ability to have a quick repeat ejaculation (the Refractory Period). This gave rise to many suggested treatments (some potentially dangerous) to reduce prolactin, and so reduce the Refractory Period. Here’s a...
  3. E

    Supplement to help gains/circulation

    what’s everyone taking to promote circulation before and after pumping...whenever I drink caffeine it kills my gains and makes me shrivel...but I feel like I need it to do my job at the level it needs to be done at...can anyone please help me with this? Thanks
  4. 1

    Serious gym goers...

    Hey Guys! So I’m gonna start taking my gym workouts really seriously and want to get into some amazing shape. Obviously I’m gonna be working my bubble butt off & also having a really strict diet. But What kind of supplements do you guys take? And what brands etc? Testosterone Boosters...