1. belamifan1

    Dealing with cyberbullying

    It's been kind of tough for me lately mentally. After spending years online and not paying the bigotry any mind, you may not pay any attention to the hate comments & videos, but after a while that shit really start to mess with your mind. Why would someone spew all this hate and bigoted convo...
  2. S

    Unable to start a conversation

    Hi everyone, Im new here and I’m unable to start a conversation despite having made 5 posts. Could some please advise? Thank you
  3. 4

    Best Boxer Briefs For Skinny Guy

    Having trouble finding a pair of boxer briefs that fit my ass and legs decently and has enough room and support for my junk. I’m not huge anywhere from 4-5.5x 4-5 girth when I’m soft and I’ve got average low hangers. I’ve tried Jockey pouch and equipo. Fits everything fine except my junk has no...
  4. Beck4Jen

    How Did You Finally Realize You Have A Big Dick (18+ only)

    These stories always seem interesting to me. Most guys with big dicks are in denial for a long part of their life, because of what they see in porn they stay humble. Then there is that break through moment in a locker room, or with a partner when they finally realize that they are much bigger...
  5. eastendboy

    Good Briefs For Support

    Does anyone have recommendations for men’s briefs that offer a good amount of support? Ideally that look plain (i.e. one color), if they show a bulge too then that’s a plus. Used to wear Calvin Klein Body Hip Briefs which were perfect but they stopped making them a while back...
  6. G

    The end.. or new beginning

    Hey All, Never done anything like this before but here goes.. Just walked from a 12 year gay male relationship for various reasons, some mental abuse, constant put downs, constant walking on egg shells.. i swear i have some good resilience as ive gave everything and jumped every hurdle with...