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  1. T

    Favorite Cum Eating Vids?

    Looking for hot videos of guys eating cum. Could be: Licking up their load after jerking Swallowing when giving a guy head Shooting in his own face Bukkake/group facials Being fed their own load (groping hands/CMNM type videos are great) Swallowing from a used condom or shot glass Just some...
  2. N

    Live In My Dreams

    Ever had such a good dream that you just want to stay in there forever? I had a nice dream early this morning and wished I could just stay there! In my dream, I was walking around in like a mall setting... you know, like where you see and pass people but not too crowded. I only noticed men...
  3. ForGoodHeadCallMe

    BiMale in Dallas ready to please

    I a bi man in Richardson, Tx, and I'm looking for FWBs, suck buddies, occasional hookups, etc. I love giving head, and I love big packages. Basically, I am 100% ready, willing, and able to give blowjobs to well endowed men anytime. Just message me here, we can work out details, meet up, and...
  4. Y

    How Does It Feel To Actually Swallow A Big Thick Load Of Cum?

    I've had guys cum in my mouth small to normalish amounts before, and sometimes swallow a little bit but spit the rest because I never have the guts to go for all of it. My dream is to work up the nerve to swallow an entire load one day though, and want it to be a big thick one. For anyone that...
  5. Y

    Why Is Eating Cum So Exciting?

    What about cum makes it so desirable? Sucking cock turns me on, but it's only because I know that I'm trying to get him to cum. Is it the moaning? His dick getting harder and harder? The anticipation knowing that any second you're gonna taste it? I've never encountered anything else so arousing...


    Hey All, G/L, W/M, 64, 5'10, 220 devoted worshiper in Central New England seeking those thick girthy members who require special attention from a service oriented buddy. Love cut/uncut. Heavy pre-cummers. Facials and swallowing A+. Heavy Feeders and repeat squirters - all good. Regular...
  7. JasonPharae

    Make Your Cock Less Sensitive Right After Orgasm?

    Immediately after cumming, my dick is on the far, far end of the sensitivity spectrum. Even slight contact with the head is unpleasant—it's a sensation overload. There's no painfulness; I don't need to check with a doctor or anything. It's the normal post-orgasm sensitivity, but for me it's...
  8. D

    Licking Up Cum

    Do you like to shoot your cum everywhere ? Would you let someone lick it back up
  9. F

    Twin Cities, Mn-cocksucker Looking To Deep Throat

    Hi guys located near the twin cities of Minnesota. Looking for nice cock to deep throat and milk. All Nationalities are welcomed and encouraged. Contact me let's do this and make you enjoy your day with a smile.
  10. het2roflexible9

    Los Angeles Horsehung 4 Horsehung

    In Koreatown, looking for other horsehung bro's. Looking to stroke to some hot porn together maybe more. Be masculine and HorseHung and looking for right now. I can host!!