1. LisaViva

    Calling All Nudists!!!

    Hello Nudists!!! I run a nude place in Vegas! I am a Hostess and Greeter! We allow solo men, women, and couples everyday! Solo men can join us Monday through Thursday! We have a nice mix of solo women and couples that come weekdays! Feel free to reach out to me if you are thinking of...
  2. A

    Photo Please help me find this hunk

    Who’s this hunk? Can someone help
  3. svendiff44

    Finding Couples Uk

    Hi all. Sorry if this is in the wrong place or if there is already a good thread for this. Im fairly newly single and with lockdown hopefully easing in the UK I'm looking to explore a few of my fantasies. One of these is to get involved with a couple whether mf or mm. I've seen a few couples...
  4. S

    Need A Straight Couple In Mississauga/toronto/gta

    lately the idea of having a threesome with a straight /bi couple is comming to my mind. if there is a couple in or around Greater Toronto Area, we can have quite the fun time together.
  5. NautiRogue

    Bi at hedonism ii

    My wife and I are both bi. We've been to Hedo 3 times together. She's gotten some FF play, but I've never had any MM interaction at Hedo. Who else has been to Hedo? Post your dates of stay for when you'll be there!
  6. A

    Couple interested in .....

    Long term couple live the idea of someone taking her from behind while she sits on my face and switching rolls ....
  7. Lucypinderfan

    Real couple seek hung guy - uk

    im looking for a hung male to hang out with my wife and me on either 3rd or 4th December. We have a hotel room with a hot tub in Berkshire, UK, and I'd like a hung guy to relax with us naked in the tub, could possibly lead to more if my wife would like it to. The guy I'm looking for is...
  8. T

    Toronto area couple seeking fun for her...

    Secure, experienced mid-30s GTA couple seeking hung, attractive guy for future fun for her.