1. M

    Please help me ID this Twitter Hunk

    Hi Everyone, Could you please help me find the naked guy wearing the chest harness in this pic. He used to be on Twitter a few years ago. I believe he is an American guy working in Switzerland as a Nurse / Medical Professional.
  2. K

    Marco Odermatt

    25 year old swiss alpine skier. Does anybody have something of him?
  3. ME -_-_- EA

    Ben from Hard Is Easy

    There was no thread, so I'm starting one. For Context:
  4. D

    Swiss guy who gives free massages

    Anyone from Switzerland here?
  5. CrazyCatMan33

    Photo Simon Ehammer

    We need a new thread for this Hot Swiss decathlete. He's got the total package. Pun intended. He's got great charisma, with a baby face on the body of a buff man. Those thick thighs alone are worth the price of admission.
  6. D

    Bad_boyzz - hot smooth OF jock from Switzerland with monster dick

    A hot jock from Switzerland with a smooth body and a monster cock. His Onlyfans:
  7. K

    Swiss001 (youtuber)

    Does somebody have something of him? Instagram: @swiss001yt Youtube: Swiss001
  8. D

    Photos & Videos Vincent Gross - Swiss Singer

    Vincent Gross is a Swiss singer.