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  1. T

    tanned white men

    hey! starting this new thread because i absolutely love white men with a tan! who else??? here goes mahmood, an arab-italian hottie
  2. Deerika

    Can anyone ID this guy? Any one?!

    https://twitter.com/cumkille/status/1632886364109692939?s=46&t=dBs134wecXvPQTgGGbnrzg This little clip is so hot, I wish I knew who this guy is. I’d sub to his of. Does anyone know?
  3. okk89


    does anyone have anything on this guy?? hes posted nudes on twitter before,he has a patreon with ‘behind the scenes posts’ im wondering if those are nudes
  4. B

    Help ID this muscle jock in the shower

    Anyone know who this hot guy is?
  5. Y

    Help ID

    Who’s this top? He’s hot asl
  6. matteo214

    Gday from Australia, 24m straight

    G'day guys my name is Matteo, I'm 24 and from Australia. I'm straight, but completely accepting of everyone and love everyone for who they are. Will strike up a chat with anyone, so don't be afraid to say g'day! I work long, and odd hours, so please don't be offended if I don't reply right...
  7. T

    Nick Manning Fan Club

    This tall tan straight male pornstar is known for his long wild hair and his verbal aggression. He’s basically the Tarzan of porn. Getting fucked by him always looks like a wild ride. DROPPING FUCKING LOADS!!!! Post your favorite scenes and pics here
  8. D

    Alejandro Sarmiento (fitness Model, Bodybuilder)

    Alejandro Sarmiento canario, español, modelo con cuerpazo
  9. happymess

    Photos & Videos Chris Keverian

    Thread for fitness model, Chris Keverian. Instagram: ~| CK |~ (@chriskeverian) • Instagram photos and videos TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@chriskeverian YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7pZ-V-h4vx7E4DMaU2egYQ Snapchat: kever1an on Snapchat
  10. J

    Photo Who Uses A Fleshlight?

  11. gayfaptime

    Hi Everyone

    Hi to all! Im new here so really glad to share some of my pics for you to enjoy :p
  12. A

    Robson Lobo, Cute Fit Brazilian

    robsonlobo_ on insta has the cutest tightest tan body. Was wondering if anyone has anything on him?
  13. 1

    Matt james nudes? ig: @themattjames_

  14. losethehat

    Sam kolder (instagram adventurer)

    I’m genuinely surprised that there isn’t a thread for Sam Kolder (instagram: @sam_kolder) already. He’s breathtakingly sexy and his body is insanely well-sculpted. He’s also an incredible photographer and adventurer (Youtube: kold)