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  1. mr.flex

    Photos & Videos Brutal Bodybuilder Irongeshh from Bulgaria

    We can only imagine the damage he can leave behind... Instagram: irongeshh Георги
  2. S


    Ya’ll we need something on this stud stat! He’s literally one of the hottest guys I’ve see. Does anyone have anything on him?
  3. Dwnpfans

    Dimitri Sullivan

    Hot Colombian webcam model. Brother of Dominic Sullivan Twitter https://twitter.com/DimitriSulliva1?t=lLHoe-UfYO6PlAKkIFhzDw&s=09 Instagram Login • Instagram Just For Fans https://justfor.fans/DimitriSulliva1?Source=Twitter&Post=MTAxNzgxNC1NQy0xNjU0MTU4ODc4OTcw
  4. R

    Ty Olsson

    I'm surprised there's no thread about Ty Olsson. He played Benny Lafitte on Supernatural and also played in the Slasher series. He's so hot.
  5. R

    Elias "Lias" Candido

    Please, share all what you got or can find about Elias "Lias" Candido. He's hot and he is worth the attention ;)o_O Some of his platforms: Instagram TikTok Thank you and enjoy! :)
  6. P

    Id this guy

    Does anyone know who this guy is, from a twitter video
  7. M

    Big Lokote

    This veteran rapper from Los Angeles is Big Lokote aka Vicktor Morales Ordaz. I don’t remember how I came across him but I’ve had so many fantasies about him. He is married and straight, but I can dream. LMFAO! I wanna suck his thick Latin cock and then bend over for him as he forces his cock in...
  8. B

    ID this himbo on twt

    scrolling through my twitter timeline when i saw this pic of this himbo on a rp acc. • glasses • toned, not super buff • tattoos • red iphone
  9. M

    Who is this Polynesian guy?

    Does anyone know who this Polynesian guy is?? He is sexy as fuck. Real name? Instagram? Anything??
  10. J

    Dominic T from RentMen

    Does anyone have the tea on him? His profile is inactive and I want to know more about him! DominicT - Male Escort - Hartford, CT | Rent.Men
  11. M

    Deep Threat

    So this sexy muthafucka named Deep Threat always hits the spot for me. I came across a video of him in a wood bed all oiled up and sweaty and fucking hard. Then I noticed how fat his ass was and I almost fainted. It reminds me of my ex boyfriend’s ass (who is a top) and I only bottom BUT I did...
  12. D

    Photos & Videos MarioVatov Bulgarian Hunk

    Any nudes? Instagram / Onlyfans - mariovatov
  13. J

    Help me I'd him

    Plz someone help me Id him
  14. L

    Who is this muscular and tattooed cam guy?

    Does anyone know who this handsome stud is? Jock Gay Muscle Hunk Jerking Off @ Nuvid
  15. U

    Two tanned, muscular (and tattood?) guys in the Twitch Health and Fitness category, anyone know their Twitch handle?

    I remember finding these guys like two weeks ago in the health and fitness category, from the thumbnails they seemed to be mostly chilling in sunny weather without their shirts on, but then I forgot to follow them. :( Tried looking through recent vods in the category, but haven't been able to...
  16. B

    Please help! Who’s this fit tattoo lad?

    Who’s this fit tattoo lad please help?
  17. caipreimz

    Who is he?

    Anybody knows who this stud is? Thanks in advancee
  18. B

    Model Friedrich Wolf (@freddiewolf_)

    Does anyone have anything on Friedrich/Freddie Wolf? He's represented by Two Management and was in a recent edition of Desnudo Magazine with Dani Garcia.
  19. B

    Photos & Videos ClydeXXXL

    Anyone got anything of this hottie from his OnlyFans? https://www.reddit.com/u/ClydeXXXL https://onlyfans.com/clydexxxl69
  20. D

    Any Skinny Guys With Tattoos You Can Recommend?

    Either onlyfans or chaturbate, or any others that come to mind like photoshoots. Really into them, especially the homestyle “ignorant tattoo” type. Seems to be really popular among Russians. Two I really dig are oliver groove and the boyfriend of maaarynip. There was a CB couple awhile back...
  21. T

    Help Id These Bodybuilders

    Would love to know who these guys are. They are insanely hot. Any help identifying them is appreciated!
  22. C

    Inkedmuscleboy - Onlyfans

    Does anyone happen to have any content of his? Twitter: @inkedmuscleboy Onlyfans: @inkedmuscleboy
  23. Angelgoodguy

    Id This Hot Male Stripper

    id this male stripper please
  24. S

    Photos & Videos Another Thick Dick Bulgarian

    Instagram: addctv
  25. 1

    Photo Bulgarian Gay Porn Actor Exposed

    Instagram _rossen
  26. CoffeeandCum

    The (unofficial) Start Of Summer Sale - 25% Off My Of For The Next Week! @coffeeandcum

    The (Unofficial) Start of Summer Sale - 25% off my OF for the next week! I promise things will be hot and sticky this season, so come sweat it out with me OnlyFans If you've been unsure if my Premium Page is worth the full price, now is your chance to check it out at a discount Once you've...
  27. H

    Willi Whey

    A hottie from tiktok
  28. Dwnpfans

    Alec Nysten (@thehoneybadgerx)

    A hot man known for his amazing body and hot videos
  29. D

    Does Anyone Has Anything, Nudes, Feet Pics W/e On Twitter User @perfectsweeties Or Thomas?

    he's a somewhat big twitter acc v hot and has a mustache and a lot of tattoos does anyone has anything of him?
  30. L

    Photos & Videos Who Is This Mysterious Cuban Hunk?

    This guy has appeared in some of Caleb Weeks' (spidermanreallife on tiktok) videos but was never tagged. There are only a couple of pictures of him floating around online. But no name (on his onlyfans account OnlyFans it says "rusty"), no instagram handle etc. Who is he? TikTok...