1. M

    Zae Way The YouTuber

    This guy is so sexy. I love his body, bulge, and booty. Is there anything on him? Thoughts?? IG: @thezaeway
  2. Z

    Id this hunk please!

  3. D

    Too hot not to know who this is. Anyone any ideas?

    Anyone any ideas? No luck anywhere.
  4. D

    Too hot not to know who this is. Help me identify him

    Anyone knows who this might be? Tried different methods of finding out, no luck sadly
  5. J

    Photos & Videos nottattedfire

    Does anyone have any hot vids of him?
  6. J

    Photos & Videos selma_ray

    Does anyone have any hot vids of him?
  7. Niburu

    Vid of Dude getting his cock tattooed and cums

    Basically the title, there was this vid of a dude getting his cock head tattooed (green i think, to match the shaft and other tattoos you can see), and he ends up cumming while being tattooed. I thought it was super hot but i cant seem to find it anymore. Anyone else got it or know what im...
  8. msriffraff

    Zay Patino / Zaypatino

    This guy is so sexy.
  9. msriffraff

    Stone Drifter?

    The only ID I have for this sexy straight guy is "Stone Drifter," with only a half-deleted Reddit profile to give any backstory. Anyone know anything more about him/have more on him?
  10. M

    Joey Blade

    This sexy muscle hunk Joey Blade is no stranger to showing off his rock hard muscle body. He is a Latin stripper based in New Jersey. He’s done scenes for websites like Mission4Muscle. Does anyone know what he is doing now? Thoughts?
  11. J

    Photo Help Id

    Can anyone ID him please??:heart_eyes:
  12. J


    Anyone got anything on him? He’s trying to be a rapper
  13. L

    xlloadryan shows dick?

    Does anyone subscribe to xlloadryan on OF? If so, does he show dick please?
  14. C

    @colemullet / cole munoz

    Hot straight gym bro. Needs to drop an onlyfans ASAP, in my personal opinion.
  15. msriffraff

    DADVIAN ESPARZA - model, singer, actor, Mexican reality TV personality

    He's very sexy! Wish there were more revealing photos ... tto
  16. L

    Tattooed dick

    I'm just passing some photos and start to think who else have their dick tattooed I'll start with mine, done about a year ago
  17. R

    Photos & Videos Therealjamesb tenacious j

    He’s soooo fine how isn’t there already a thread? Anyone got anything on him!
  18. KinkyGothicboy

    Hello I'm brand new here gothic, tattooed, slim, Twink

    I have no idea how to use this site yet but have gone through it some, and thought I'd share myself and see what anyone thinks:) I'm very very kinky open-minded alt twink. I'm also bi shaven and never have had a real anal before. I've only gave head to one male before nothing more than that but...
  19. Z

    Photo Matt Rogers (k9matt1_)

    Anything on this dog trainer from Jersey?
  20. joplissu

    New Member, young, vers, thick cock and ass.

    Hope you guys like my pics
  21. R

    Photos & Videos 2300tx from tiktok

    Another fine man, love all his tattoos, lets get a thread going on him since there isnt an existing one for him. Hes active on tiktok, he had a️ twitter but since deactivated it did anyone screenshot any of his posts they were
  22. I

    JimmyUSMC / Heavybondage4life

    Anyone have any of his stuff? He's absolutely stunning and kinky as fuck. JimmyUSMC aka heavybondage4life | Login • Instagram Also, does anyone know his sexuality? it seems like he might be bi, but mostly into women.
  23. W

    Photos & Videos Nick Wavvy @nickwavvy_

    Anyone got his OF stuff? he just started OF
  24. msriffraff

    Hung and ripped Vegas escort "Jose Luis"

    Anyone know anything about this guy? More photos?
  25. yuqisss

    Photos & Videos vrtualvampyre/ spencer sins

    hot tiktoker who opened a twitter and an of. he seems hung
  26. hisbodyhair

    can anyone identify him?? man from nipple play video

    found him in this nipple play video and he's so hot and has a beautiful chest. if anyone knows who he is please let me know.
  27. Bluebailey

    Lucas Diaz

    This photos of him made me look him up and I must say I am very impressed with the content that he has released and collaborated
  28. L

    Photo Antonio Bernal (@bernalt_) - Ripped Hunk from Spain

    Just came across this super hot guy named Antonio Bernal on Instagram. His tagged photos show him with a lot of gay friends and he also follows a ton of gay guys. Do you know anything about him? Is he gay?
  29. InigoAyala

    Photos & Videos Can somebody help me identify this top? Please... thank you so much.

    I don't know but I really find him attractive... does anyone know him?
  30. B

    Nick Mackenzie (TikTok) nickmackenzieofficial

    Anyone have anything on this TikTok hottie? TikTok - nickmackenzieofficial Instagram - nickchx