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  1. R

    Jungs unter 25 in München / Boys under 25 in Munich?

    Heyy, looking to see if I can up my chances with some guys between 18-25 here in Munich message me on Snap: realavineo2
  2. A

    Photos & Videos Does anyone know who they are?

    I have seen them on Twitter but can’t find other videos or who they are :(
  3. TexGeek1999

    Twink Models, C. 2005-2015

    This a thread discussing Twink models from the early days of Helix Studios/Boy Crush/Phoenixxx/NextDoorTwink/GayLifeNetwork. Making this because I feel like the twinks today don’t match up to this era of porn.
  4. A

    Bros Behind Closed Doors

    Anyone remember Tyler and John Greer? They went by Brothers Behind Closed Doors on YouTube some years ago and had some great flexing videos and cam shows. Some videos are still in existence, but I know there's some more content out there hopefully! Tyler was the real hot one, imo.
  5. I

    Sexy Teens Photos In Panties Bikini Swimsuits Thong Naked So On

    As title any photos of sexy teens 18+ of course
  6. I

    Photo Sexy Women With Tight Pussy Camel Toes In Panties, Bikinis Swimsuits...

    Hi all. Is it me? Or does anyone else think a tight pussy camel toe is sexy as hell?
  7. I

    Video Tight Sexy Pussy Being Stretched By Big Cocks

    Hey Thought we can do with this thread Adrianna & Johnny[Trim].mp4 9<a class="embedly-card" data-card-via="https://embed.ly/code?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdrive.google.com%2Ffile%2Fd%2F1qEd-1482oheJ4ebyJCJ84CRadgQrK5Hn%2Fview%3Fusp%3Ddrivesdk"...
  8. wintergates

    Video Random Lust (videos)

    This is Random Lust :innocent:
  9. K

    Age Gap Skype Group. Under 30,over 60 Only

    27m UK looking to Skype with ages 60+ Id ken25uk Wanna create skype group here for other under 30s and over 60s who wanna cam.
  10. P

    Link Me Up On Skype :)

    Hi, im eighteen gay teenager from Spain who would like to skype with a daddy. I love mature men lol. Wether someone over 25 would like to do it, add me on skp: noepvp Its not necessary to show up faces, only jerk and that will be fine.
  11. 1

    Photo @stxffun18 (steff) gay twitter

    Anyone follow this guy or got stuff on his JustForFans?
  12. Jake Chapman


  13. P

    One real-life experience

    Hello. My first language is Spanish. Any grammar correction you suggest will be kindly appreciated. I'm writing this first part in a dialectic narration, but the next parts might very well be different. Jealously in my relationship was almost nonexistent, as I had never given him any reason to...
  14. trackjock13

    Show off at work...first job

    Been thinking about another thread "sex on the clock" and it reminded me of this. I was 18 and wanting my first job. One of my jack off buddies had a dad who I thought was hot, and I sort of detected he had been looking at my junk thru my Speedos and wrestling singlets. He managed a...