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One real-life experience

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by Prscysa, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Prscysa

    Prscysa Active Member

    Aug 31, 2018
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    Hello. My first language is Spanish. Any grammar correction you suggest will be kindly appreciated. I'm writing this first part in a dialectic narration, but the next parts might very well be different.

    Jealously in my relationship was almost nonexistent, as I had never given him any reason to distrust me. However, that changed one night.

    We were on his bed, at a city four hours away from mine. He was living there because of college, and I was staying with him for the whole weekend, to go back to my hometown afterward.

    We had just had sex when he brought up a question about my sexual past.

    "Did you ever do ever go further than kissing before meeting me?" He asked.

    I immediately recalled about the one and only time I did almost have sex before starting going out with him.

    "Well, there was one time when I was in high school. It happened at a hotel, after a science competition."

    "A hotel? How so?"

    "Yes. My classmates and I were hosting there. It's not like I met some random guy who took me to one."

    "Oh, and how old were you?"

    "[Removed by editor]"

    [What is this? Why did you remove it?]

    [I'm sorry, but I don't think you can narrate a sexual experience clearly stating that you were underage. You'll have to say you were at least eighteen]

    [What? You mean I can't tell the readers I was seventeen back then, even if the guy was seventeen too]

    [Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying]

    [Okay. Anything else I need to know?]

    [Nothing else for the moment]

    [Great. Now, if you don't care, I would like to continue with my story]

    [Sure, go on]

    [Thank you]

    "Eighteen. [Well done, writer]"

    [Thanks, editor.]

    "And who did it happen with?"

    "Some guy from another school. My mate Lily met him and a friend of his during the competition, and they invited us later to their room to play spin the bottle."

    "Spin the bottle? Weren't you too old for that?"

    "I don't know. I'm not like you that had sex with your cousin when you were [Removed by editor]"

    [Jesus, what now?]

    [I told you. You can't state that your boyfriend was seven years old when his cousin was twelve]

    [Okay, okay, I'll change it. Just leave me alone]

    [Sure. See you until your next mistake]

    [Ugg, whatever]

    "I don't know. I'm not like you that had sex with your cousin when you were eighteen."

    "Hey, that was child abuse, you know?"

    "Hell no, it wasn't."

    "It was."

    "It wasn't."

    "Okay, just continue with your story."

    "So we were at these guys room, and my friend and I ended up kissing both guys."


    "That was all."


    "Yes, at least that time. It got late so my friend and I had to return to our room."

    "That time? Why don't you tell me about the real time already, then?

    "Yes, I'm getting there. Be patient."


    "So, we went to our room, but it was closed. It seemed we skipped the time to take the key from our advisers, so now we had no way of getting in."

    "Why didn't you go to your advisers then?"

    "It was almost 02:00 am. They would have asked where we had been, and ultimately sanctioned us for it."

    "I see. So you returned to the guy's room, I believe."

    "Indeed. We got back with them, and we were welcomed."

    "Of course you were."

    "So, my idea was that my friend and I would sleep in one bed, and those two in the other. But as soon as we got in, they suggested playing spin the bottle some more."

    "Did anything interesting happen this time?"

    "Not really. I was ordered to take my blouse off, but honestly, I felt too uncomfortable having three people observing me there. They started complaining, so I just told them I didn't want to play anymore, and I went to one of the beds."

    "Really? You seemed so confident when you took it off the first time we had sex."

    "Well, that was because you inspired me that security, honey."

    "Okay. So, what happened next?"

    "I went to bed, and tried to sleep for a while, but their noises didn't let me fall asleep. So, when they finally shut up, I thought I could finally relax. But then it happened."


    "One of the guys came to my bed instead of my friend."

    "Oh, now it gets interesting."

    "He told me that the other couple really wanted to get in the same bed, so they sent him with me."

    "Did your friend and the other guy had sex?"

    "Oh, yes, and we could hear it all. It was kind of kinky for both, so we tried to have a peek, but could only see them both moving under the sheet. It gave me an adrenaline rush, despite that wasn't the first time I saw a couple having sex."

    "Oh, you need to tell me that other story someday."

    "I surely will, honey. But now let me concentrate on this one so I don't forget about any detail."

    "Yes, I want all the details."

    "Well, at first, it seemed like the guy wasn't going to try anything, so I just tried to sleep, turning my back at him. Not many time passed when I started feeling his hand caressing my ass."

    "You were fully clothed, right?"

    "Yes, I was, and so was him."

    "Okay. What happens then?"

    "At first I didn't move, but then we reached my head and aimed my lips on his, while he kept caressing my ass and then my legs."

    My boyfriend just nodded with interest, so I continued.

    "Then I turned to him and kissed him back. This is when it gets funny because we kept doing that for a while until he fell from the bed."

    "Uh? Did you push him?"

    "No, or at least not intentionally."

    "But, did he touch your boobs?"


    "No? Did you touch his penis?"


    "What? Did any of your take any clothes off?"

    "Nope, we didn't. Nothing more than what I've told you happened."

    "Well, that's disappointing."

    "You think?"

    For a moment, I considered telling him the truth.

    "Maybe, but I'm somehow glad nothing else happened. Despite, I'm not sure I believe you?"

    "Honey, I swear. I already told you yours was the first penis I ever saw, and that you were the first man to touch my breasts ever."

    "Okay. I believe you."

    "I'm glad you do. You know I wouldn't ever like you."

    "Yes, I know."

    We kissed and then went to sleep.
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  2. Prscysa

    Prscysa Active Member

    Aug 31, 2018
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    Two months passed since that night when one day I received a call from him.

    "Edith, do you aways tell me the truth?" He asked after I answered the phone.

    "Of course. Why do you ask?"

    "So, you would never lie to me, right?"

    "No, George. I would never lie to you about anything."

    "Okay. Then I'll ask you one question. Back in that hotel where you made out with that guy in high school, did you ever considered having sex with him?"

    "No, George, not really. I knew he wanted to, but I was sure I wasn't going to let it happen."

    "Why not?"

    "Because I didn't feel ready."

    "So, if you would have felt ready, you would have done it, right?"

    "No, because he wasn't the right person."

    "So you didn't ever tell yourself that day that maybe you should have sex with him?"

    "Not at all. Why are you asking me this?"

    "I was browsing through your Facebook messages, and I read one from 2014, with your best friend."

    "Okay. What did you read."

    "You told him that that day you were about to made a big mistake."

    "See? Nothing happened."

    "Yes, but you told him you didn't do it because you guys didn't have any condoms and because he seemed too newbie."

    "Yes... no... I... I didn't tell him that."

    "Yes, you did! And that's a different version than the one you told me."

    "It's just... I just wanted to impress him. The version I told you is the real one. I was just trying to seem cool. You know he's gay. He was all obsessed with sex, so he was always pressuring me to try it with other men."

    "I don't believe you. I think the version you told him is the real one."

    "It isn't, baby. I swear."

    "Listen, there is only one thing I would never tolerate in this relationship, and that is lies. I would accept anything about your sexual past, or even any mistake you make in the future. Even if you betted and lost our house, I would forgive you, because I love you. I could even forgive you cheating on me if you later confessed. But what I could never ever forgive is you lying. So you either tell me the truth now, or this will be the last lie you will ever tell me while being boyfriend and girlfriend."

    I thought about it for a moment. I wanted to cry. But telling him the truth would uncover other lies I had told before, so I decided to keep with my farse.

    "I'm not lying. That's what really happened."

    "Okay. I'm going to ask you one last time. But be aware that you don't really know how much I read in your messages. So, if you tell any lie, and I prove the otherwise, we're done."

    I honestly couldn't remember how much I told and to whom, so I had to tell the truth now.

    "Yes, yes. But please calm down, George. I will tell you everything."

    "I'm hearing."

    "So, everything until the part that he fell from the bed was true."

    "So you did not go to sleep after that?"

    "No, we didn't. He just got on the bed again, and we continued making out."

    "Now that sounds like the truth. Go on."

    "He kept caressing me until he finally lifted my shirt up and saw my bra. Then he lifted it up too, and touched my breasts."

    My voice was broken.

    "Wow. It's fine, honey. Just spit it all. I can take anything you tell me."

    "He got his head near them and started sucking my nipples. But he didn't lick just that, he slid his tongue all over my breasts, and then my wais. He got his mouth back to mine, opened my legs, and we started dry humping."

    My boyfriend kept silent, but I could tell he was still there because I could hear the background noise.

    "I could feel his penis stroking against me, so I just felt I needed to touch it with my hands. I sit with the help of my arms and started kissing his neck. Then I lifted his shirt and he took it off."

    "Was he fit?"

    "What?" I asked confused.

    "Yhea, did he have a six pack?"

    "Ummm... kind of. He was quite thin, so I could see his abdominal muscles."

    "Did that turn you on? Tell me the truth."

    I thought about it for a moment, but again, afraid I might have talked about that in my messages, I was honest.

    "Yes, George. It turned me on. Happy?"

    "I'm happy that you're finally stopped hiding things."

    "I've never been this honest. I hope you can realize how much I love after this."

    "Yes, yes, I'm realizing it now. And you know I really love you too. Can you now continue, please?"

    "What was I saying?"

    "About his six pack. You were talking about that."

    "His wais looked so good, that... that... George, please forgive me but... I had to taste it."

    "You licked his abs?"


    "But you've never licked mine."

    "I know, and I feel terrible because of that now. But please understand, I wasn't the same person I am now."

    "Yes, I understand. There is no problem. Don't worry."

    "Do you really want me to continue?"

    "I need it, Edith."

    "Okay. So as I was licking his wais, I started unbuttoning his pants. Then I lowered its closure."

    "Did you see it?"


    "What size was it?"

    "It was... small."

    "Mmm... are you sure?"

    "Ye... no. It was big."

    "Just big? What is big for you? Let's say my 6.3 inches is normal, almost big. Then how was his?"

    "It was huge, George."

    "Oh... It's fine. Don't worry. I'm fine. It's just something out of my control. Of course, I know there are bigger ones out there."


    "Please continue."

    "When I saw it, I got pretty nervous. I had always thought penises were small, even smaller than yours."


    "But I was turned on by it too, so I lowered his underwear and took it with one hand."

    "Did it fill it?"

    "You mean my hand?"


    "It almost did. It depended on where I took it from?"

    "How can you remember so well?"

    "I don't know. I just do."

    "Okay. Keep going."

    "I started jerking him off. I got my face near and smelled it. It wasn't bad, so I decided to taste it. I took my tongue out and licked its tip."

    "The tip? Was he circumcised?"


    "Did you liked that?"

    "It's more fun with yours. I feel like your glands are more sensitive according to what I see on your eyes."

    "I see."

    "Why do you want to know such details?"

    "I just need to know. Please don't skip anything."

    "Okay. After I licked it and found out it tasted a little salty, I decided to try and get it all in my mouth."

    "You have to deepthroat when you take mine in, of course, you couldn't do it."

    "Indeed, I couldn't. So I tried to focus on the head. I tried increasing the pressure with my tongue because I didn't consider he was reacting that much, but then he told me I was doing it too hard, and that I should better lie down. But I knew what he wanted, and I didn't think it was the correct moment. I asked him if he had any condoms. He said he didn't, but that it didn't matter. He pushed me down and we dry humped a little more. Then he tried to take off my pants, but I stopped him. I told him to ask his friend for one, but he said he hadn't brought any either."

    "So that was the reason you didn't do it."

    "Yes. It was also because when we were playing spin the bottle, he confessed he was a virgin. That made me thin that, two virgins having sex without any protection couldn't end right. So, he apparently understood it wasn't going to happen, and I think I heard him telling the other guy if he could fuck my friend instead. He told him to get out, but then he told him that he could now have his turn with me. When I heard that I yelled that I wasn't going to have sex that day, with anyone. His friend told him, "You heard her", and then the guy came back to the bed. He then just lied on the border and fell asleep. I felt so uncomfortable, that I set an alarm very early so I could get out before anyone woke up."

    "Was that all?"

    "Yes, that was all."

    "See? You just had to be honest."


    "It wasn't even that bad."

    "George, now I want you to be honest with me."

    "Yes, of course, I will be."

    "Why were you so interested when I was telling you this?"

    "Because I'm interested in everything about you."

    "Be serious. Did it turn you one?"

    "Ummm... a little."


    "I don't know."

    "Do you love me?"


    "Then why does it turn you on thinking about me with other men?"

    "It just... I don't know. It doesn't turn me on that much."

    "You know? This sucks. I hate that you made me tell you this."

    "Why? Are you ashamed of your past?"

    "I hate my past. I would erase it if I could."

    "Well, now that you've finally told me everything, we never have to talk about it again."

    "Yes, let's not talk about this again ever."

    "We won't."

    "Thank you."

    "I love you."

    "I love you too.
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