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  1. Passandre92

    Do I Need Medical Help About Not Getting Horny When Sucked?

    Hey guys Recently me and my husband were taking about our sex frequency, and we ended by realizing that he is a Top that loves sucking dick and because I don't get horny being sucked (generally) he loses his boner and get a bit upset. So I am a 100% bottom and want to have sex more frequently...
  2. S

    Orgasm Therapy

    Hi, Trying to find this vid in beter quality and looking for the name of these actrices. Somebody can help me? Orgasm Therapy
  3. B

    Straight Male Massage Therapists

    Hey guys - quest specifically for straight male massage therapists... Had a massage tonight by a straight male therapist (he is married to a friend of a friend) and has been for years, three kids, etc...of course there are lots of guys married to women who are not straight...but anyway...
  4. thing123

    Mt Visiting Houston

    Im a Massage Therapist and I’ll be visiting Houston/San Antonio next week, July 4th until the 7th. Hit me up if you’re interested in a massage, Swedish, deep tissue or a sports massage. CT
  5. UnCutBlackBull925

    Trt - Penis Size Gains?

    Question does TRT(testosterone replacement therapy) helps with penis size and growth. I was given photo proof - I will post when I make it home Here’s a humorous but informative video