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  1. Pseudo-Pside

    Thoughts On Cancel Culture?

    What are your thoughts on "Cancel Culture"?
  2. R

    Your Thoughts Towards An Overall Fit Woman That Has Ripped Abs And Muscles

    What are your thoughts towards them? Any experiences, attractions whatsoever that you'd like to share? Any and all comments are welcomed; I'm just curious to know what other women think about this in general. I sometimes see fit women catch a lot of flak from both men and women alike, but I...
  3. 1

    Hairy Twinks, Yay Or Nay?

    cute faces but manly hairy body. Thoughts or examples?
  4. 1

    Hairy Twinks, Yay Or Nay?

    Thoughts on hairy twinks, cute faces but manly hairy bodies. Thoughts, examples?
  5. K

    If You Did Porn, How Do You Think Your Family Would React?

    If you did porn, whether straight or gay porn, how do you think your family/parents would react?
  6. J

    Is My Straight Friend Closeted?

    At university college, there's a guy I've become friends with in my class. He's shy, kind and has a girlfriend with whom he has been with for two years. I'm bicurious myself, and I have fantasies about him... But yeah, officially he's straight and has a girlfriend. We are in the same social...