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  1. P

    Mock my small cock

    I'm a gay slave with a small cock to be bullied and humiliated. I especially like humiliation from young straight boys. Feel free to make fun of my cock on the thread or by private message.
  2. F

    Slutiest/Nastiest petite pornstars

    Who are the craziest petite pornstars that can handle some really big boys or some hardcore gangbang scenes. Here's a smal list just to start this thread: 1. ANGEL EMILY, it's just amazing how much cock she can handle: 2. PIPER PERRI, not my favorite face but it's unbelievable how much cock...
  3. evolution

    Tiny Nipples

    Anyone else have a thing for tiny nipples on men? An example borrowed from the muscle shirt thread;
  4. 6

    Hi There

    Hello guys, I'm Luc from Germany. 42 yo straight but bi curious. My cock is cute 4 inch small when hard and I have a long foreskin I love to play with. I like to show and being watxhed and I am also totally into E-Stim.
  5. special delivery

    Love Petite Girls

    Hi All, Str8 guy here and I have to admit I love petite girls who love larger cock. so sexy to me and it also looks so nice to slide inside. I imagine I'm not alone. on snap and kik - peternyc777
  6. Kelly's wet pussy needs daddy's dick

    Kelly's wet pussy needs daddy's dick

    So I guess I'll be a good sport
  7. duke-

    Really Tiny Girls

    Let's start a thread about the tiniest girls in porn. Midgets or just really tiny doesn't matter.
  8. D

    I Want To Be Humiliated, I'm Tiny

    Hey, I'm 23 years old and my dick is only 4 inches hard, I love being seriously humiliated and laughed at by bigger guys who are younger than me or around my age. I love very rude and nasty comments that will make me feel like shit! Please message me and we can exchange photos
  9. AlexTheBottom

    Photo Tiny Cock

    humiliate my little dick
  10. Brianreloaded

    R o d i o n

    @rodionair on instagram now have an onlyfans, somebody have his pics?
  11. S

    Want to be humilated

    Would love for someone to tell me all about my cock amd how small it is
  12. tiger61

    Humbled by the cock ring

    If you have ever read any of my posts, you know that I not only have a small cock, but also enjoy SPH. But, there are times that I make efforts to give my cock a little "boost" in the size department. I do this with pumping, and so today I went to the local adult store to get a cock ring. I...