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  1. K

    Photos & Videos Deep/ Tongue Sucking Kissing Fetish

    A custom kissing video from Petrick Garcia. More to cum for the guys who have a kissing fetish :)
  2. Y

    Two Tongue Compilation

    My dream to feel this
  3. F

    Men Who Lick Their Hands During Solos

    So weird enough my kink is something so simple yet it turns me on so much. I love it when men lick their hands while their jacking off. Spitting on their dick isn’t enough, I need them to lick their hands than rub the spit on their cocks. Johnny sins does this a lot, which is why he’s king. It’s...
  4. 0

    Photos & Videos Who Is This Guy?

    Who is this guy? I've always wondered about his name, age and location. He's almost definitely an accomplished sportsman, considering how many medals he has on his wall.
  5. 5

    Do You Know This Man?

    Who is this?
  6. D

    Licking Up Cum

    Do you like to shoot your cum everywhere ? Would you let someone lick it back up
  7. S

    How do you do a good rim job?

    Give me your tips and suggestions
  8. marriedasian

    Ladies, do you like french kissing?

    hello ladies of lpsg; my wife and i were lying in bed and the discussion of french kissing came up. a little background: she and i absolutely love french kissing and could simply make out for 10-15 minutes easily. we don't normally make it past that since we'll be fucking by then but for sure...