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top 10

  1. M

    Video Who Is This Sexy Top With Big Dick

    Pls tell me who is this sexy top in this video or full video link....thanks in advance https://twitter.com/maardangi/status/1400384822770470912?s=19
  2. B

    Top 5 Most Incredible Big Dicks!

    Let's have some fun, and post our personal top 5 list of the greatest BIG dicks in any medium. Try to at least include 1 member from lpsg, 1 from porn sites/other BIG dick sites, and 1 from someone you know personally go is not famous.
  3. fireice42

    Male Celebrity Rimjob

    Top 10 Male Celebrity Ass You Want To Eat Out ???
  4. Cody P.

    Top 10 worlds biggest penises

    I’ve been curious and I know a lot of people are curious. There are threads about top ten biggest penises on LPSG in here, but none about the whole world. Compile a list (in order from biggest to smallest) of the top 10 biggest penises in the world. Number them, put a name, and attach an image...