1. barehole4use

    Workman Surprises

    My neighbor came over the other day to ask if it was OK if his builder could temporarily remove some fence panels whilst extending his shed. He explained his plans and that they would put the panels back once the job was completed. I gave him the nod of approval and thought nothing more of it...
  2. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    What's Your Opinion On Onlyfans?

    I've just discovered my straight, admittedly hot tradie older brother has decided to create an 'Onlyfans' to earn an extra bit of income. I don't know whether to feel proud of my bro or slightly aghast but I'm choosing to go the fist bump route. How would you feel about a relative doing...
  3. bigirishman

    Photo Offensively hairy muscly men

    Hi I love HAIRY men. The type that is almost offensive but somehow irresistible. Hairy muscly men even better! Black thich or curly hair that looks like a sweater and im dripping. I would live your help in gathering these pics videos etc in one place. Looking forward to this. BigIrish