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  1. B

    Help ID

    Can someone help ID this picture? I cant find anything on reverse search
  2. Z

    Hello :-) !

  3. riverwoods

    Confessions of a Wrestler (back again)

    Hey, Going to give this another try and repost some of my old posts. I'm going to be more careful and limit what I post as the last time I answered a question, honestly, and it was not kosher, apparently. Happy to answer questions or any follow ups to anything I post. How this works...
  4. W

    Looking to suck a thick uncut dick in NYC

    As the owner of an uncut dick, I love being sucked but looking to flip the table for a change. Sane, professional, in shape, DDF, bi discreet type in early 30s looking to suck a toned or muscular oral top/verse with a photogenic thick uncut dick (7+ preferred). The twist is that I want you to...
  5. Dom Daddy

    Photo Long foreskin

    Show your long foreskin off
  6. A

    latinos (bubble butts and big dicks)

    i couldn’t find a thread on just latino men with fat asses or big dicks, so here you go!! enjoy!! <3
  7. V

    My uncut cock

    Who wants to jurk off with me?
  8. hungsouthlondon

    London fun. V Hung guy looking for friends.

    Central London. 45. Fit. Lots of pictures on profile. Other hung is nice as sick of always being the person (like this picture) where I am standing up. Id like to be on my knees also…. It’s my turn!!!! But only for similar to me. Friendly and up for it. Happy to what’s app. I tend to like older...
  9. thickcurious

    Hello! Curious guy here

    Hi. Lurked for a good while now and thought it was about time I opened an account. I've been very much straight all of my life but now I'm approaching middle-age and I find myself getting more and more attracted to the penis. Seeing the pictures of what you guys here are packing has been an...
  10. F

    Fredderz (ComboF)

    Has anyone got anything on him? OF: OnlyFans Insta: https://instagram.com/fredd_erz?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  11. N

    Heyyy! New to posting, uncut, slim.

    Hiii. Was kind of a lurker, but got really hot during the circle jerk today, so decided to post my cock. Do you wanna see more?
  12. Daveboogie

    Post work pre cum


    SELF LOVE IS BEST LOVE-2 (ft southasianbull)

    Hey....here comes my 7th post and this is my second post in this " SELF LOVE IS BEST LOVE" series ,i hope you will enjoy this wannabe pornstar's content,if u like it then share your opinion in comments
  14. B

    Big_white_bull OF / Bigwhitebull Cam4

    he's really hot, he deserves his own thread Twitter: Big_white_bull / Big_bull61660 Instagram: big_whitebull OnlyFans: big_white_bull Cam4: bigwhitebull

    Photo SELF LOVE IS BEST LOVE ( ft.southasianbull )

    Hii...your wannabe pornstar here again and here comes my 6th post btw I have received few DMs Askin why i stopped posting,I was Lil busy and was away from internet but anyways I'm bacc and here are my few pics, just enjoy it and I will post this ' SELF LOVE IS BEST LOVE ' in three parts Btw...
  16. I

    Hungucbr - Gabriel Hung huge uncut vers Brazilian

    Surprised I've not seen a thread about him here before. Amazing body, doesn't show his face yet but has some amazing collabs.
  17. L

    My birthday send nudes

    Celebrating my bday by jerking off as much as possible today. Feel free to drop pics or dm me for socials to help the bday boy out ;):imp:
  18. G


    Does anyone have anything on this guy? I don't want to sub before I know his content is worth paying for. His twitter: https://x.com/jackhernandez66?s=21
  19. D

    OnlyFans Foreskin Fetish Video Ideas

    Hey everyone! I have a foreskin fetish and I have been commissioning a series of foreskin related videos from my favorite OnlyFans creator. He doesn’t post much and has never done full frontal nudity but has gotten close to it with the 4 custom videos he’s done for me so far. I’ve seen about a...
  20. F

    Longtime member, first time post.

    I'm not new here but I guess I'm finding my confidence. I'm ready to share myself. What would you think if you saw it?
  21. D

    Photos & Videos ilkodiamanti7 - Bulgarian muscle, big, uncut, lot of cum

    Onlyfans: ilkodiamanti7 Instagram: ilkodiamanti77 Bulgarian hunk
  22. B

    Bros / JO Buds / Cuddle Buds / Workout Buds / Etc

    Hey, about me: 42, male, caucasian, single, 6'2", 220 lbs approx, gay, good sense of humor, pretty intelligent and creative, nice, shy but an open book once you get to know me. Looking for good buds to hang out and/or j/o and/or cuddle and/or work out together. If you have any questions, just...
  23. aroundthecorner

    Straight/Curious Jerk Off on Skype/Snap (Big Cocks)

    Looking for some regulars to casually stroke and blow with. No beating around the bush, let’s just beat off and have fun. 32 M from California add me: Snap - @ar0undthecorner Skype - aroundthecorner22@gmail.com
  24. 6

    Hung Guys Cum Question

    Question for the hung guys out there have been curious for a while! Does it take you guys longer to cum since you have a bigger dick or there’s several factors that come into play? What I mean by factors such as having ED since you’re bigger (might be a misconception but correct me if I’m...
  25. D

    Foreskin stuffers??

    My first long term partner knew I liked orange smarties (like a chocolate M&M if you don't get smarties where you are) so one day for a bit of fun he poked a couple under his foreskin for a surprise for me to find when I got home.. It was amazing although he said it was problematic when the...
  26. M

    Iasonas Laios

    Just discovered this stunning Greek guy who I think may have been on a recent series of Greece's Next Top Model. Ugh, he's gorgeous!
  27. imhereforthegayporn

    Photos & Videos 7straightuncut / mandouncut

    anyone got videos for 7straightuncut ? OnlyFans Watch 7straightuncut live on Chaturbate!
  28. F

    Any other small soft uncut fans?

    London lad here. Love to meet other fit lads that love small soft uncut cock. Like hard too, but huge soft and uncut fetish
  29. F

    Baguette bien cuite (French very hot model)

    Hello everyone ! I would like to share with you one of my lattest big crush ! This handsome french guy is awesome, very sexy and hot. He shows a lot on his Twitter, and he is also on OF, where he posts a lot on a regular basis. His content is very good, a mix of porn and arstistic (he is a...
  30. D

    Hey 25 yo guy from Germany here ;)

    Whats up guys just wanted to say hi ;) Lemme Know if anyone wants to chat. Im into fit and uncut guys hehe im 25 yo from northern Germany