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  1. H

    Photo FLORENT THEVENOT (France Male Model)

    Any full frontal nudes of him?
  2. B

    Video ID: Who Are These Teens?

    I found one of their videos on Bitporno: https://bitporno.to/v/H7USYAVWV8 But i dont know their names or if more videos exists...
  3. S

    ID Please

    Can anyone tell me who this Skull and Bones model is? does he have a twitter or onlyfans? Thanks ^__^
  4. treyking402

    Ethika Boxers

  5. M

    Nikos Palamaras - Greek muscle hunk

    Just discovered this Greek guy. Anyone know anything more about him? Photos: Panos Misailidis
  6. P

    Any Skype Group Or Buddys Into Underwear, C2C, Sport clothes, bulges, edging etc?

    Im a 25 latin sport guy with young face into underwear, Spandex, Bulges, frot bulge in cam, cum inside or outside the underwear. Send a msg if u want :) I love soccer shorts, Sport clothes etc ;) If you know a nice group or do you wanna have fun send a msg
  7. S

    Sagging Celebrities

    Kicking off this thread with one of the hottest celebrity saggers of all time, Zach Clayton
  8. cockoids

    Alex Walsh//a1bodybuilding

    This dude needs his own thread!
  9. B

    Stolen/borrowed underwear (VIDEOS & PHOTOS)

    Hello guys I'm looking for videos and photos where guys stole or take stranger's underwear. Like this video: does anyone knows where I can find the full video and similar videos??
  10. D

    Sexy guys in Calvin Klein underwear

    Attach photos of sexy guys in Calvin klein here. I have a wild erection from them.
  11. Antonio8inches

    This seems to be my most like post

    I don’t normally wear boxers as I don’t trust myself wearing loose fitting underwear as I poke out haha
  12. D

    Underwear for weightlifting

    What do y’all wear in the gym when weight lifting? I’ve never found something I’m totally happy with. At the moment I’m wearing a size up in boxer brief because i get the most additional movements in them. And when it’s really warm I wear running shorts with mesh so almost commando but not...
  13. Gasser

    Artem Rosensaft - Gutkowski | YouTuber

    I never understood what nationality he was. He is Russian-speaking, but not Russian, Youtuber. Instagram: Artem Rosensaft - Gutkowski (@artgutkowski) • Instagram photos and videos YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/%D0%A7%D0%95%D0%A0%D0%9D%D0%AB%D0%99%D0%9A%D0%90%D0%91%D0%98%D0%9D%D0%95%D0%A2
  14. N

    Jockstrap Recommendations

    I like to wear a jock strap on my days off, and I'd like to get into wearing them for runs and gym workouts too. I'm a fan of the old school knit/interlock pouch look, but with a narrower waistband, not the 3" wide ones. I bought one of the GYM brand straps but found it was uncomfortably tight...
  15. ItsMeGabriel

    Fitness Trainer Tony Thomas

    This dude is so. fucking. hot. He's taken to posting cheeky photos of himself on Instagram with delicious, impressive erections. They're not noticeable until you look, *gulp*, harder. His VPL game is on point! I discovered him on YouTube from his well-known Jumping Ability with Plyometric...
  16. David Jck

    Photos & Videos Richard Darell (The king of Underwear)

    Let's start this thread for the most muscular, hot & sexy cam model Richard Darell ! He always wear the most unique CK underwear, so if you have an underwear/bulge fetish that's the best place for you! I'll start with the time he wore my favorite CK underwear of his...
  17. C

    Denver Underwear Swap

    Anyone in the Denver/Northern ColoRADo area want to swap undies?
  18. Y

    Is this guy wearing briefs?

    Does it look like this guy is wearing briefs?
  19. D

    Dan's Galleries

    I guess this is as good a place to advertise my gay adult website, with 44,000+ images. It's just a hobby of mine, I collect images that "do" something for me and I've been doing this for years and decided to put them all together on one site. Right now there are 87 galleries and I add to them...
  20. R

    Why do straight guys keep hands in pants?

    Hi Guys, Im curious why guys keep hands in pants. Do they put them on top of underwear or in underwear?
  21. H

    Please anyone? Name of this beefy hunky model?

    Found him and him looking damn sexy!
  22. S

    Poor guy lol

    I thought I'd share this video before it gets removed. It's a spy video of a tall athletic dude changing in the locker room, leaving, then returning to find his briefs missing. I'm not sure who this is, if this is real or fake, or how it was even captured, but he's hot and fun to watch lol...
  23. ItsMeGabriel

    Can you please help identify this Box Menswear model.

    I instantly fell in lust with him. But, who is he?! Help!
  24. muskyyy

    Photos & Videos freeballing / bulges

  25. J

    How do you keep your soft penis positioned in your tighter underwear?

    Curious about this! And what direction does your penis curve when erect? I wonder if there’s a relationship I position mine down and my penis curves down when hard
  26. S

    Wizhunt Sleep Streamer from Bulgaria

    So, I decided to open a thread only about him because the other one with all live streamers was getting messy and this wizhunt's channel is getting good
  27. L

    Rib Knit Briefs

    Could use some help with finding a good pair of rib knit briefs! Been searching for a brand that does a good looking pair but have been unsuccessful! Used to have a couple pairs a while ago but can’t find any to replace them and they’re my favourite! I’ve attached pictures below of some that...
  28. A

    Underwear/Bulge Snapchat Group

    A new snapchat group for guys to send their bulges and underwear pictures. Rules: - Slim/Fit Guy - 18-35 years old - Willing to share pictures ;) Send your snapchat username and you will be added.
  29. T

    Guys in Crotchless Briefs

    Share any pics you've come across of guys wearing crotchless underwear—that is, with their cocks fully exposed. For example, please see the 3 attached photos. P.S. Full-body pics are preferred, but honestly whatever you have found works.
  30. I

    Kyle Mackenzie - Ink Master 11

    Kyle Mackenzie from season 11 of Ink Master has made an OnlyFans. I was wondering if anyone had anymore pics of this stud. He also did an anonymous ama on Instagram, here are some highlights.