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  1. Speedofan37

    Photo PJ (Insta: ewxzya )

    Gorgeous Irish Stud. Pics thanks to both his extremely hot Insta and Twitter content Insta: ewxzya Twitter: Pjfee
  2. NakedCareerCoach

    New underwear - which ones do you like?

  3. M

    Selling sites?

    Does anybody have recommendations for a good sites to sell used underwear and socks? I'm trying to clean out my drawers...
  4. LukeAce

    Photos & Videos French Cammer Baptouuu

    Just sharing this french twink, he's str8 and got a nice dick https://fr.xhamsterlive.com/baptouuu/profile
  5. S

    Please help me find this video!

    Hi! a few years ago there was a video of two Australian guys (I think) they were popping balloons and the balloons contained their sex positions. They also fucked in undies.
  6. fxggittarius

    Is it possible to make a Boxers into Jockstraps ?

    Is it possible to convert a regular boxer briefs into jockstraps? For example, by cutting or sewing any method like these ? This is how I want to recycle the boxers I don't wear.
  7. P

    Photos & Videos Man Thanasarn

    Hi! Anyone have anything on Man Thanasarn (แมน ธนสาร เมี่ยงบัว)? He’s in Mister International Thailand 2023 as MI3. He’s so gorgeous and I’m sure there has to be a nude of him in someone’s files :)
  8. krissyboye

    Photo posted some updates on media

    click on my profile if u want the full thing hehe. i show everything there
  9. T

    Tighty whitey twinks

  10. TJH85

    Hi! I'm 32, gay, Vers/Bottom from the UK

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 32 and from the UK and I'm just looking to meet new people to chat to, share pics and c2c. Feel free to drop me a message!!
  11. T

    Photo Kline Barfield (model)

    Hot model, Kline Barfield.
  12. ifuckinglovemen

    Photos & Videos Hot Men in JJ Malibu

    Just wanna do a thread of all the hot men in JJ Malibu underwear / swimwear.
  13. L

    Celebrities who've done memorable sexy non-frontal/underwear shoots?

    You guys have gone above and beyond re: my quests for hung celebrities (athletes/name models/actors/tv hosts/politicians, etc.) and those who've formally posed nude for magazines and the like, I had to ask this one, too. What are some of the most memorably hot/sexy shots (professional shoots...
  14. G

    Gay Guys Wearing Briefs in Porn Videos

    Men wearing briefs during sex is a major kink for me and it can be difficult to find content for it - so I'm starting a thread here for videos where men keep them on during sex - in gay porn, specifically. Whilst there is a very active thread for straight guys wearing briefs in porn, the one...
  15. K

    Joe (@JDLOFFICIAL on OF)

    does anyone know him?
  16. A

    Onthatass underwear

    I couldn't find a thread just for 'On That Ass' underwear so I decided to make one! Show off those pretty and colourful boxers!
  17. I

    18-25 SNAPCHAT Group

    Hi. I am interested in adding as many 18-25 young fit guys to a Snapchat Group. MUST BE 18-25 MUST BE FIT (REASONABLY) MUST BE ACTIVE FINALLY, MUST BE WILLING TO SHOW OFF/CHAT/CALL or MAKE FRIENDS To Be Added: Add Joshuasmart2000
  18. F

    Can anyone ID this thong?

    I’ve seen this so many times in different colors and have to know where it’s from!
  19. F

    Videos - Trying on underwear

    Do you guys know any hot scenes or vids involving trying on underwear? I find it really hot! https://thegay.com/videos/1138349/sexy-underwear-try-on-haul/?fr=1138349&rp=1 https://thegay.com/videos/174046/trying-on-underwear/ Trying on different underwear – dcbrne – Gay for Fans
  20. fuckee

    White wife beaters

    Hi guys I wonder if there more around who love white beaters. The classical ones in white. In combination with tighty whities or with jeans or with nothing at all. The name "wife beater" has always sounded a bit weird to me, but at the same time very macho! It think this is a hot daddy in a...
  21. H

    @peridotx @xperidotxxx onlyfans creator

    Hey guys, if anyone has content from him please share it. He’s so hot, has a big dick and hot underwear, please help me to find any content from him
  22. D

    Mesh jockstraps that are not too revealing

    Hey guys! I’m having an Only Fans creator make me a custom video. Long story short: he doesn’t do full frontal nudity but he likes that I have a foreskin fetish and has made me customs with his fly unzipped and his foreskin overhang poking out of his zipper. He’s doing a new foreskin slip video...
  23. D

    I caught my neighbors 19 year old son stealing my underwear, again, and I’m not sure how to address it..

    Yeah. Not really sure how to begin with this, but I’m gonna try. I’m a 31 year old gay man, and over the years have become close friends with my straight neighbors who are several decades older than me and are married. They’re very good people and a ton of fun. They invite me to join them on...
  24. D

    Young & Newly Submissive

    Hey guys. 27 year old bi guy here. Into most everything. Not many limits. Recently found myself into being submissive on cam for other guys. As long as I'm confident it is between us, I aim to please and rarely say no. Hit me up if you are interested in connecting Very nice cock here... the ass...
  25. eljay40

    Picture of you wearing briefs

    Nude is cool but just chilling in your briefs is hot! White briefs are the best but I have few of colored ones. Post away. With face, if okay :) I'll start! Hope to see yours!
  26. B

    Swim trunks… With or without underwear?

    Might be a dumb question but I’m genuinely curious… do y’all wear underwear underneath your swim trunks? (And share your pics?). My answer: I don’t wear underwear underneath but I’m getting a bit subconscious in my choice as I’m getting older... And for me, it doesn’t matter if they have a...
  27. Torontoguy411

    What is everyone's favourite boxer brief brand?

    What do guys on here prefer in terms of brands for boxer briefs? I've tried many brands, and then discovered Saxx - they are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. And they look great as well! What are other brands that guys prefer?
  28. Chris Levin

    ID underwear brand

    I was watching this porn and the bottom had a nice pair of underwear but I could not figure out the brand. You can see that the first letter is "b" and finishes with "kit", but I can't figure out the rest... Thanks
  29. Chris Levin

    Can't access creator's page on JustForFans

    Hey y'all! There this creator that I really want to subscribe to (https://justfor.fans/ddlovesundies) but it always brings me to my home feed and not on his page when I click the link on his twitter or google. Is there something I haven't done to see his profile? I'm still trying to figure out...
  30. L

    Shorts with Liners?

    Hello fellas, very random question but thoughts on shorts with liners? Have been working out lately and sometimes wear those shorts outside the gym for errands or just lounging around but sometimes the liner bother me. I’ve cuts the liners on a few pairs and kinda regret doing it since it did...