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  1. T-800S

    I’m An Undetectable + Gay Guy And I Want To Find Love ‍♂️

    I really wanna believe that there are decent guys out there who wouldn’t mind dating with undetectable positive people Are there?
  2. twtrob88

    Dating with the looming stigma attached to hiv.

    Hey everyone, I rarely post, but I have seen many older posts on this topic and wanted to revive the conversation, because I’m sure it can help positive and negative guys. I myself was diagnosed as being positive when I was around 23 years old. As soon as I found out, I was in total shock. It...
  3. 1

    Dating when you're hiv+

    Hi guys, I was wondering what everyone thinks about this? I've been positive since April 2017 and undetectable since June 2017. Which means I can't pass on and I'm a healthy guy. I always prefer having sex with condom of course. I did just one mistake in 2016 and now have to take one tablet...