1. aarondong9

    Prominent urethral tube

    I'm really curious about why some guys have a prominent urethra running down the underside of their dick and others don't. Mine is pretty hidden, but some guys really stand out. It's difficult to even search for examples so these are the best I could find quickly. Me compared to two more...
  2. P

    Trans Sounding and Urethral Play

    I love this topic! Wondering what else people are seeing out there… Here are a couple of my favorites:
  3. D

    Photos & Videos Peehole Play / Big Peeholes In Straight Porn Or Amateur Videos

    This is obviously a very niche fetish but I figured I'd go ahead and make a thread about it. Some are edits and some are not. Phoenix Marie Melissa Moore Julia Ann Megan Rain AJ Applegate Jasmine Jae
  4. Shofixti

    Photo Urethras, Piss Slits & Cum Holes

    There's quite a bit of chatter in the health-related and show-off forums about men's own urethras: Show us your cumslit Show us your piss slit Urethra opening Penis pisshole Piss slit size shape Pee hole stretching But nothing focused just on the beauty of this part of the male anatomy...
  5. L


    ive been considering sounding but i need a little more knowledge about it, can anyone help? what's the sensation of a sound deep in your slit? is it painful? what does it feel like when you touch the prostate with it? is it worth trying out? im also trying to dilate my slit so i guess this...
  6. S

    Show us your cumslit

    open your cumslit and take some pics, heres mine
  7. S

    Show us your piss slit

    anyone else like to spread their piss slit open and take pics? Heres mine, show us yours