1. E

    Esther López, Kary GM, Kiara Mancheiner, Kesshi Figuls, Putita 21

  2. RainForest

    Amazing Caribbean Genitalia

    A collection of gorgeous dicks, scrotums and vaginas forged by indigenous, African and European peoples. Let's celebrate and admire the resulting beauty.
  3. D

    Photo IDing a man and his scene

    Hi. I hope this hasn't been asked before. I'm thinking this man is Adam Russo. Can you confirm? And what's the scene's title? Thanks.
  4. W

    Do curved cocks make a difference?

    What are your thoughts or feelings on curved vs. straight cocks? Do curved cocks feel better or bring about different feelings during sex? If you like them curved, which direction do you like them to point? Upward, downward, or sideways? If you prefer a straight cock, what has led you to that...
  5. P Dubble

    Photos & Videos Pussy Lips

    I love vaginas. 68825816888501
  6. R

    Size Matter: Inches Or Centimeters That Makes The Difference (lenght)

    Someone ever wonder, how many centimeters or inches can makes a difference to your girlfriend? wife? To think of this, is always necessary to compare at least two people (If a woman have just one experience, I think she is not able to talk from experience. Maybe she only experienced an 8 inches...
  7. Caley is sleeping... how are YOU going to wake her up?!

    Caley is sleeping... how are YOU going to wake her up?!

  8. Caley's sexy shaved pussy and asshole when she's asleep! ... Should I wake her up?

    Caley's sexy shaved pussy and asshole when she's asleep! ... Should I wake her up?

  9. Caley's PAWG Booty!!!

    Caley's PAWG Booty!!!

  10. RammingGull

    Ass Or Vagina?

    So a question for legit bi guys who've fucked both a dudes ass and a woman's vagina - what's the feeling difference? Which feels better to you? I've never been inside a woman before and have a strange curiosity to try it out once just to see what its all about. Does it compare to something...
  11. spaj8987

    Is There Such A Thing As Beautiful Genitals?

    Saw a couple of posts here talking about how good looking dicks were and as an owner of one that doesn't exactly strike me as possible. Though, i do think lady parts can be considered beautiful. Which i'm thinking is an issue of bias. So i figured a good thread might be someone asking how...
  12. spaj8987

    How Much Do You Know Personally About Vaginas And Vulvas?

    If you've followed the news in any way shape or form you'll understand why i'm asking this. How much about vaginas and vulvas do you as a man know? Upfront i'll admit i only know a little. Just curious, how much would you say you are informed about them? And if you were to say a lot could you...
  13. 1

    Museums Of Vagina, Penis, Sex And Exhibitions Close To The Topic

    Hi! There are some interesting but not well known places such as museums of vagina and penis in various places in the world. Could we gather them here and write a list of them? I'll start from: Vagina Museum in London (UK) Vagina Museum - Wikipedia...
  14. mikefole9

    Does creamy discharge an indicate sexual satisfaction?

    Or is it happen for another reason?
  15. Tight_N_Juicy


    I've seen quite a few posts from men in the site saying that they don't like the look of a pussy when the labia majora hide the labia minora. It's often described as looking "too young". This annoys me. I'm over 30 years old and my pussy is the kind described as looking "too young" to these...
  16. R

    How far cock goes in vagina

    Anyone have pics showing how far their big cock goes into their girl? Like this?? Really hot....