1. T

    Nastibear W.C.I.F

    So I’m looking for a particular nastibear video! I hate the internet scrubbed us of most of the porn we LOVED back in the 2020 porn deletion crisis, but they did! In this particular video, he was stroking in his kitchen, there was lots of dirty talk and verbal! Can you please help me find this...
  2. N

    Verbal using the word penis

    For whatever reason, the word penis is a big turn on for me. It’s hard to find videos with this specifically rather than only saying dick or cock. Whether talking about their penis, his penis, my penis, your penis, doesn’t matter. Bonus points for videos talking about size :)
  3. S

    Voyeur's Paradise is so miserable

    Why does he even have time to lurk on here and get threads shut down? Shouldn't he be screenrecording dudes and charging on his OnlyFans? And from what I read, he takes advantage of guys, makes them feel uncomfortable and doesn't even pay them. So he is allegedly not a good man either. Anygay...
  4. wankgameplays

    Video Help ID this verbal dude?

    I know he had an xtube account and there's at least 1 other video of him jacking it in his car on his work lunch break. Anyone know what his username was or have more of his videos?
  5. Shaggadelic

    C2C acction either in English/Spanish with hung thick guys.

    45 yo bi dad. good cock and fit (see verification photo) would like mates/buds for kinky action over cam. If interested ask for details on private message. happy to have also chats in Spanish. I’ve shown myself in my verification and would expect you to show yourself. Looking forward to having...
  6. L

    Guys Giving Middle Finger

    Into videos and pics of guys giving the middle finger, all male whether solo or group. The guys could be gay, bi, straight, pan, dominant, silent, verbal, smiling, whatever. To start this off: And this classic DailyDose69 compilation: Dailydose69
  7. MondoMania

    Video LOUD blowjobs: A symphony for the ears

    Who else is turned on by the SOUND of a nice, well-executed blowjob? It is one of my favorite things (an ex of mine said I had a "sound fetish" :rolleyes:). I’m not talking about the fake, exaggerated, loud gagging or choking that permeates so much porn these days. Big turn-ons: 1. That loud...
  8. B

    Photos & Videos Help me identify this verbal stud

    I've been trying to figure out who this person is or at least, find the original video with audio. I've found this video ( ) recently and the thing is, the video has no audio when I could have sworn it was some guy's verbal jerk off.
  9. skeezie

    New to LPSG and OnlyFans

    Hey everyone, I am a new content creator trying to dive deep into OnlyFans and LPSG. If you yourself are also a content creator or know the ins and outs of the sex industry, please hit me up and give me some tips ;)! I am overall new to the sex industry and find it all extremely fun and...
  10. I

    Video help me id this man!!

    i found this hot guy with a great body and thick dick on a twitter page and every other comment is someone asking for his name lol, if you have any info please share !
  11. D

    Office fucktoy adventures

    Glug, glug, glug. "That's it babe, choke on that dick." Garrett relaxed into his office chair and smiled as he looked down at the cute girl underneath him. Life was good when this was the start to your week. The poor girl was starting to gag on his prick as she struggled to take it to the...
  12. L

    Help ID this verbal stud!?

    Talking super dirty about breaking in your virgin hole -
  13. T

    DM me or post your dirty talk

    I cum hardest to sounds (although I enjoy visuals). I love hearing guys tell me to suck their cocks or take it deep in my hole. It makes me cum.... mmmm... Please DM me or post a reply with your dirty talk recordings. If you want to include video or pictures, feel free. I will definitely...
  14. O

    Can anyone help me get this thisvid video? (Verbal Indian daddy)

    Married str8 degrading real Indian daddy - I’m obsessed with how sexy he is but no luck trying to friend them person :(
  15. C

    Turning Chase into a Jock Slut (Erotic Fiction) Part 3

    Parts 1 & 2 Chapter 3 Chase had his face buried deep in a forest of dense black pubes. He was on his hands and knees hungrily sucking on a thick penis when he felt the collar around his neck constrict as the man fucking him from behind yanked his leash. “Good little boy bitch can’t get enough...
  16. M

    Video Please help id

    please someone find the original vid or the top because ive been searching so hard for it the verbal is soooo hot Fucking his little bitch -
  17. Hawaiiguy2022


    Add me (24 m USA) seeking hung dom verbal username: Sam.wea
  18. W

    HornyAlphaBoy (Thebestflex)

    This guy is really hot. HornyAlphaBoy's profile | TheBestFlex Any information about him? Does he has an OF? What about his social media? Does he goes by another alias?
  19. J

    Who are they?!

    Reddit doesn’t allow amateur content, so I’m coming to you guys looking for one or both guys in the following video: Your service is appreciated, soldier
  20. J

    Looking for more videos of the bottom.

    Trying to find more videos of the bottom but he is also vers. I know he went by @versfucker on Twitter. The last video is of him topping but that’s all I can find; he had a ton of hot videos that seem to have been deleted...
  21. B

    Who is this dirty talking twink?

    I was downloading Lana Del Rey music on DBREE and this was downloaded instead (lots of trolls on there, and yes I know, super gay) but it's so hot :/ Does anyone know who he is?
  22. T

    Can anybody ID this PHub legend?

    I’ve been looking for this guys name for forever. Inobody seems to know who he is, but apparently he was REALLY popular on phub for a long time before the purge, yet no sites have been able to ID him, I have about 4 vids of him, please help me find more vids and even what his username was!
  23. T

    Video Anybody have anymore on this stud, daddycumstarr?

    He goes by daddycumstarr or ohpapiii
  24. L

    Photos & Videos Matt holland (hot long haired guy)

    Anybody know this guy? I want more of him. He's so hot!!!
  25. D

    Young & Newly Submissive

    Hey guys. 27 year old bi guy here. Into most everything. Not many limits. Recently found myself into being submissive on cam for other guys. As long as I'm confident it is between us, I aim to please and rarely say no. Hit me up if you are interested in connecting Very nice cock here... the ass...
  26. H

    Laughing Dom Porn

    Looking for any porn videos with a dom/sub dynamic where the dom is laughing at the sub as they are humiliated. (Ideally with verbal abuse from the dom too).
  27. D

    ID: Str8 British Lad Rubs His Hole and Cums All Over His Ass

    Straight Lad Rubbing His Puss - Does anybody know who this guy is? This video has it all: a hot, straight verbal British guy rubbing, smacking and fingering his wet hole while begging us to rim his ass and fuck him. He finishes by cumming a thick load all over his ass; he even...
  28. I

    Anyone can ID this verbal hunk?

  29. Y

    Verbal Arab / Arabic porn gay or straight solo

    Hey !! so I discovered a new fantasy and I felt un love with Gattouzo0 (on twitter). i am mainly looking for verbal porn video ( gay) or verbal solo videos ( either straight or gay). Do you think you can help ???
  30. Y

    Looking for verbal porn videos ( gay or solo man) in Arabic

    Hey !! so I discovered a new fantasy and I felt un love with Gattoueo0 (on twitter). i am mainly looking for verbal porn video ( gay) or verbal solo videos ( either straight or gay). Do you think you can help ???