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  1. J

    Help ID'ing this guy in this video?

    I found this video on the thisvid site and I tried asking the guy who uploaded it who the guys in the video is multiple times but refuses to respond to me for whatever reason (though, he was pretty quick to friend me back so idk). Would you guys please be of any help because he's really hot and...
  2. A

    Photos & Videos Lido Andoni

    anything on this slutty bodybuilder muscle bottom?
  3. rxgent


    Performer Name: MisterWorship OnlyFans Account: OnlyFans Twitter Handle: https://mobile.twitter.com/misterworship Cost to Join: 4.99/month After subscribing to this creator’s Onlyfans, I discovered that his OF posts are the same exact videos that he posts on his Porn Hub channel (most of which...
  4. M

    Video Straight Verbal Alphas

    A thread for vids of alphas/masters if there already exists a thread pls link below
  5. I

    What happened to Boss Tex/TexMuscleJock/Tex Halstead

    Boss Tex, Tex Halstead, or TexMuscleJock had a number of only clip stores and an OnlyFans. He specialized in fetish role play videos but also had a muscle worship angle. He had a decent size dick but really he was a master of verbal dom/straight alpha "talk" porn. He was really quite an amazing...
  6. alexandergregg

    Jake Newman / jakenewman23

    anybody is subscribing to him? he is so hot even tho he is not showing his face yet.
  7. T

    Nick Manning Fan Club

    This tall tan straight male pornstar is known for his long wild hair and his verbal aggression. He’s basically the Tarzan of porn. Getting fucked by him always looks like a wild ride. DROPPING FUCKING LOADS!!!! Post your favorite scenes and pics here
  8. A

    Shy chubby btm from the Philippines

    I'm 19. I've had this account for months now, i think. but i just realized how good the threads/posts here are so I just became active these past few days. I am a chubby virgin college boy from the Philippines. I have a small cock and I'm really shy sharing it. I am a bottom and I really love...
  9. F

    Video Help Find Video Source

    I recently came across a super hot (but short) video. I was hoping someone could help me find the full version. Or atleast help ID someone. Big Ass Big Dick Bisexual Porn GIF by zaaforx1 Many thanks
  10. R

    Help Id!!

    https://thegay.com/videos/695774/cocky-18yo-exposed-himself/?fr=695774&rp=1 he has chaturbate. can anyone find it or have any other videos?
  11. C

    Anyone Know Who This Verbal/dirty Talking Hung Teen Is?

    I remember he was on pornhub and his username was “Hornyasf___” he had numbers in the end of his username that I don’t remember but he was very nasty and I’m trying to find more of his content.
  12. C

    Str8 Snap Audio Chat Group

    Anyone else into chatting with another bro while watching porn? Or sharing your hottest hookup stories with your friends? Pics and videos are cool too, but I love hearing what’s going on in another guys mind while we both get ourselves off. Brings me back to college. Hit me up or share your snap...
  13. K

    Id Uncut Alpha

    Does anyone know this guy’s name?? I’ve seen his videos online but I can’t find a name! "You jerk off thinking about me, dumb little faggot?".mp4 | userload
  14. D

    Help Identify This Guy

    Tatted Smoker Wrestles You - ThisVid.com
  15. M

    Complicity Between Buddies/bro-ments In Threesome/hot Tag-team

    Hello. If you have videos that suit the title kindly share it hehe. This thread is for those who wants to see two/group of guys interact with one another while banging a chick. Things like high five, fist bump, verbal talk about the girl, and such. I'll start here. Free Porn Videos -...
  16. 1

    La Buds

    In LA until Saturday. Any straight buds wanna bate? Double vaxxed here. You should be too. Normal, chill guy here. But a very loud, verbal bator. It’d be awesome if you were too.
  17. D

    Other Than Roidpig?

    I used to love watching roidpig but he does not perform on onlyfans / justforfan. Does anyone know any performer similar to him? Any recommendation would be highly appreciated! ROIDPIG @ JustFor.Fans
  18. M

    Help Me Identify This Top

    Does anyone know who this verbal guy in the video/pic is? I want more! Link below to the video Thanks!!! "YOU WANT DADDYS CUM IN YOUR TIGHT LITTLE BOY PUSSY?"
  19. 7

    2 Weeks Till Harrogate

    Up for 3 nights 28-31 May Looking for a good porn sesh Bringing my fleshlight up with me
  20. R

    Id This Verbal Cocky Muscle Hunk?

    Anybody know who this guy is? He's clearly making these vids for customers What is his name? flex vid
  21. 9

    Verbal Voyeur - Uk

    Any UK men want to sit wide legged and show off on Skype as I get verbal on mic and guide them through their bate?
  22. T


    Being called daddy during sex - yay or nay?
  23. A

    Gay Verbal Group Fun - Skype

    Hey guys, anyone interested in a group skype fun? Only cam+mic. Add me there (live:.cid.4f27154c70eb1b5a) to join and enjoy! :D
  24. A

    Phone Moan

    Anyone in for phone moaning and dirtytalk?
  25. normanfmailer

    Dirty Talk Solo / Joi

    I don't think I've seen a thread devoted exclusively to SOLO dirty talk videos/audios and JOI videos (jerk off instructions). I personally can't get enough of those videos. My favorite is when the guy is telling you what he wants to do to you. I've attached some videos as an example. Please...
  26. B

    Video Verbal Fuckers

    Hello everybody, I did a quick search and wasn’t able to find a pre-existing thread on the topic, so here it goes! I get really turned on when a guy talks dirty or is very verbal whilst he’s fucking a bottom. Especially when it’s an older fucks younger situation (not a must though) or when in...
  27. altnorms

    Verbal Humiliation Alpha Male Videos

    Hey y'all ! Looking for verbal humiliation videos by alpha males. (for example this one https://cdn-videos.lpsg.com/data/lsvideo/videos/2020/01/11049491_BUEI-BZrk1_8b9a63a68a436b3b66d919a258289cb7.mp4) Any links to share?
  28. throatfucker9x6

    Big Dick Talk

    This is a thread for well-hung guys to talk together about how great it is to be hung huge. Let’s get some hot chat going about how it feels to be a prime specimen of manhood. Here are the rules: if you are a verified member with more than eight inches of stiff fuckmeat, you can post and brag...
  29. Badunkbadonk

    Video Vids Where The Bottom Is Verbal And In Ecstasy

    I’ll start it off with one of my favorites I’ll find more and post here. But share your favorites. Note: IN ecstasy, not ON ecstasy!
  30. London

    Id This Hung Verbal Daddy

    Guys can anyone ID this verbal daddy? I have been looking for his videos for months and can not find him anywhere please help! :)