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  1. B

    toilet cruising

    Dude next to me started to wank himself and i did help out, although i was not touching my self. He started to touch my bum but nothing else happened. Does this amount to sexual offence? Or can this be tracked back somehow or get any problem out of it? Sorry being paranoid but it was my first...
  2. M

    Photo Who is this man?

    I don't know his sexuality. I thought best to post this here. He did a solo show (then). Are there more videos of him?
  3. John vazq

    Photos & Videos Spying guys jerking getting caught

    Love watching this kind of videos
  4. sp8087

    Dunedin, New Zealand. Wank buddy?

    Hey, I'm 34, tall, athletic, uncut white guy looking for a chilled bro to hang out and jo with. Not looking for too much more - just a bit of wanking really! Would prefer under 40s and not overweight. Based in Dunedin city but have car. DM me here or on Reddit - u/shoddy-lingonberry Cheers!
  5. Lumix552

    My best friend and me

    Hello Here a picture from my best friend's wanking and me I hope you will like it, I will posting more content after this ! It's exclusive content
  6. BiLondon26

    #nonutnovember — Join The Challenge 2021!

    Will you join the #NoNutNovember challenge? Let's keep updated with how it's going for the month of November 2021. Rules: You cannot have sex, masturbate, or nut in any shape or form. Watching pornography and having boners are allowed, but you can't nut. You are. allowed one wet dream. If...
  7. Peppledash

    Raising Legs Up During Handjob Question

    Here’s something I always wanted to ask, do you lift your legs up during a handjob? When I’m getting one I need to raise my legs, either straight up in the air or by pulling my knees back with my hands. I feel it tightens everything up and produces a much stronger orgasm. The wife loves it...
  8. jonhenry2812

    How Often Do You Wank? Is There A Healthy Limit?

    I'm in my mid-20s, was never really sexually active, probably hooked up once every few months? I do wank about twice or thrice a day, and usually go to sleep with a fat semi too. How often do you masturbate and what's considered the average? If I have had a busy or rough day yeah sure I...
  9. lovejocks

    Ljoc @ Bunker Bar, London

    Anyone else go to this night of bating at the Bunker Bar, Old Street? Heading down tomorrow night again, great night of attitude free bating, real mix of guys. https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/whats-on/217-city-road/the-bunker/ljoc/e-zrzgdp
  10. Angelgoodguy

    Dean Dancer Aka Onlyfans Dcbrne

    fitness model , male stripper , pornstar dean dancer now on onlyfans dcbrne
  11. MatureMocha

    Deep Throat And Ball Deep?

    Ok, so a buddy here sent me a video of a woman who was giving deep throat...she was dripping fluids almost to the point of gagging and puking. She kept trying and he kept pushing and a question occurred to me. My buddy answered it to the best of his ability but it has always been a question...
  12. GlasgowTattLad

    Video Showing Off In The Mirror

    Bored and decided to show off. Hmu on Twitter more content
  13. L

    Photos & Videos Czech Amateur Jackoff

  14. Nowaybrose

    Jizz Rags

    Does anyone else like to see their jizz on a rag?
  15. 8

    London Bukkake - Post Covid

    Any guys up for a bukkake session in London after lock down is over properly? Happy to get covered in cum from a few guys, or take it in turns being cum on. I can't host here though.
  16. B

    Slutty Girlfriend Gets Shagged Upstairs

    My horny girlfriend gets shagged in a bedroom flat directly above my own so I hear her getting penetrated wildly and noisily for her best orgasm with a huge cock, it's a big arousal for my slutty girlfriend being shagged so I can hear her take the lengths of cocks in her knowing that I'm going...
  17. B

    Jerk Off Buddies

    Hey everyone, i just started a group chat on snapchat where men can jerk off together if you want to be part of it please send me a snap username: phillip_h8842
  18. B

    Snapchat Group

    Hey, I want to make a snapchat group where we can all send each other pictures of our dicks, either when we are jerking off or just to mess around and have fun. if you would like to join please send a face and dick pic to me on snapchat and I will consider adding you Snapchat: phillip_h8842
  19. Y

    Looking For Straight Men To Wank With

    Hi. I'm looking for other straight or slightly curious men to wank off with. Whether it's phone, Kik, or Skype or in person! I'm looking to share pics of my girlfriend. Tall about her and to talk about sexy ladies/babes in general. ( Her pics are genuine not ones pulled off the internet!)...
  20. Flyguy88

    Caught By Delivery Men/ Window Cleaner

    Hi guys, I am after some advice. I have a huge thing about getting caught hard or jerking by delivery men or my window cleaner. I have answered the door in thin shorts with a huge hard on but they don’t even look. Any tips? Cheers!
  21. ViewingPleasure

    Caught Wanking - Straight

    There’s a thread like this in the gay websites forum, but I want to see dudes getting caught by women. And maybe sticking around...
  22. P

    Discreet Xl Wank Meet In London

    Discreet XL masc gay man in London looking to meet discreet XL str8/bi/gay. Meet up over pints in sharing experiences. head back to yours wank and watch porn and chat, chilled hot and friendly. Pm me if interrested
  23. F

    Edging, milking, wanking; in sydney

    Keen to explore milking and edging a hot guy. I’d like to tease a guy for hours with my hands, tickling and stroking his dick, thighs, and balls. Brushing his nipples, and many times bringing him close to cumming, but not quite letting him. Teasing, edging, stroking, talking dirty, maybe you...
  24. L

    Lincolnshire curious lads

    Any lads in the Lincolnshire area looking for a wank bud? Straight or curious only.
  25. G

    Wanking fréquence for singles and engaged

    Just wondering, I am single and past half of my life but still feel the need to come at least once a day except when some illness shows, actually lack of erection is a good indicator of something not going well health wise (imagine calling the doctor to tell him "hey, I gotta have something...
  26. Hothunk21

    Wank buddy wanted

    Home alone in Hammersmith, London. 26 yo str8 curious lad looking to rub one out with another guy. Add me on kik: lehh18
  27. M

    Uber driver

    This story about my uber drive last Friday night is too good that I have to share. I went out on Friday and got drunk as fuck. An uber driver picked me up around 3am as I was sobering up. It was a young indian/arab looking guy in a tracksuit and a bit of facial hair. He was really friendly and...
  28. A

    Cockhero competition

    So here's what I'd like to try. We find a CockHero video we both like, get on Skype and start the vid at the same time as each other. Then we wank to the beat and the first one to cum loses. Ideal if you like to show your prowess over other guys by lasting longer than them, but also if (like...
  29. captainwhackit

    Big dicked bros compare and frot

    Hey all! I recently got back into writing fiction and found a great place to post some stories, and some experiences too. I haven't been here for a while but I thought I would share one of my new ones with you guys and see what you think. I don't know what the rules are but here's a paragraph...
  30. 1

    Solo wanking games / challenges

    Anyone have any good / fun games for when you’re super horny and on your own? - Edging games / techniques? - Good positions? - Unusual ways to cum? - Anything that involves maybe getting a little messy