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  1. X

    naughtypiss pornhub videos

    Does anyone maybe have them saved some place? He put them all private and I loved that stuff. NaughtyPiss's Porn Videos | Pornhub
  2. MCR_Boy

    Manchester Foot Worship And Piss Kink

    27 year old in Manchester looking for hot guys who want their sweaty feet worshipped or are looking to piss all over a sub. Both scenarios will result in my sucking you off until you cum all over my face, in my mouth or anywhere of your choice. I can accom so if you're interested just send...
  3. C

    Unexpected New Kink

    I have a mostly straight buddy who does some porn for a European site. I do the filming for him. Well recently he was offered a substantial sum of money to film some watersport content...some of him peeing on a guy and being peed on. I said wtf...no big deal. The surprising part was we both...
  4. A

    Male Dirty Kissing

    I'd like you to share your videos of men kissing full of cum or piss on their mouth. It's a huuuge turn on for me!!! Example one Example two Example three
  5. D

    Kik Watersports

    Anyone up for watersports fun on Kik? Sharing photos, videos and stories. Solo chats and maybe a group if there's enough of us. Kik: hbkfan43
  6. Oyster21

    Piss In Ass

    Looking for vids where one guy pisses in ass of the other Armond Rizzo & Lukas Cipriani In Lets Flip For It 2 at GayPorno.fm Nasty Punk Pig Fuck (Bareback) | GayPornWave.com Pissing deep in his ass
  7. Oyster21

    Piss Drinking

    Looking for vids where the guy actually swallows piss like in those: Viktor Rom che piscia in bocca Two Young Guys Are Drinking Piss From A Black Cok ! | Hotntubes.com Slamboyz - Michael Lucas Pisses On Ruslan Angelo
  8. J

    Guys Desperate To Piss

    Does anyone have any videos of guys that are really desperate to take a piss and are vocal about it? Like moaning and describing how bad they gotta go, how full they are etc. Hope I‘m not the only one that finds that hot lol
  9. Bernd

    Photos & Videos Pissing With Enlarged Prostate

    It's not about the medical problem. It's simply about showing off.5016621501660150165015016491
  10. 1


    Fellow piss lovers, I'm looking for piss video recommendations. Piss is a fucking huge kink for me. My girlfriend in college turned me on to it. Have a boyfriend now that's not into it much, though he does indulge me sometimes. So mostly I turn to porn, but it's hard to find good piss porn...
  11. Andrue

    Hey, Watersports Enthusiasts: How Do They...

    They, as in those guys I see in videos, how exactly do they manage to piss for so damn long? Is it simply genetics and they’re born with some gallon-sized bladder? Are videos like that shot with an edited-out refill break? Do they just drink a gallon or two of water a short while before the...
  12. CumDumpster25

    M/m Piss Play, Humilation, Domination, Strong Language

    "Uhhhh. Babe?." James opened his eyes slowly catching that the clock read 2:23AM. His boyfriend Kevin jarred him awake. "It's time girl." James instinctively opened his mouth as his lover pushed his cock past his plump lips before his eyes had even completely opened. Kevin's heavy meat...
  13. 1

    I'm a total piss lover

    At one point some years ago I have decided that I wanted to taste piss. So I hooked up with a random stranger from grindr who was up to let me drink his piss. He was a well trained hunk, and he let me drink his piss. It was like a drug. I got hooked immediately. The combination of sucking a hard...
  14. 5

    Video Joyful watersports guy?

    Tumblr Anyone know who this guy is or where I can find more vids of him? I’ve seen a couple on different tumblrs but never found an original source. I’m not much into water sports but the pleasure and joy in this guy from pissing over himself is intoxicating.