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  1. J

    Remaining fat to lose (Do I cut or recomp?) Advice needed!

    Hey, In need of some advice from those of you who are into fitness/gym. So I'm coming to the end of my weight loss journey. I currently weigh 170lbs at 6ft 1, early 20s, cis man. I used to be 230-240lbs. Was eating 1600 or so calories but now I eat about 1800-1900. Although I look somewhat fine...
  2. SamDreessen

    Vids where the actor gets fitter over time?

    I know this is super specific, but I'd like to know if there's more vids where the actor first starts off looking average/basic, but over time, gets in better shape. A great example would these taken over the years: Cam1097-Part1 Dirty Talking Football Jock Slob can barely stay hard and...
  3. L

    Naked weight loss progress pics

    Helping us all hold ourselves accountable with progress pictures. You can include your start weight current weight goal weight. Feel free to include age and height.
  4. M

    Hey, Hope Yall Are Fine?

    I'm here looking for pic to increase my motivation to lose weight hope you guys be nice to me. Any suggestion a or tips to being healthy is much appreciated!
  5. Shofixti

    The Keto Diet Thread

    Hey forum, I'm in week three of adapting to the keto diet and I thought I'd pool some resources here and see if there's any new or fresh opinions and insights. Jeff Nippard - finds no real differences in diets, just choose the one you can maintain long term Interview with Dom D'Agustino about...