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  1. Bossman32

    Anyone else have sexy "try on sessions" with their partner when they buy new clothes?

    Whenever my wife buys nice new dresses, bathing suits, or bras we always do a sexy "try on session". It helps her feel confident in her choice and confirms that things fit and she should keep them. I also think she feels better about spending the money because she's giving me a sexy gift. We...
  2. Jjjameson

    Fuck my hot wife

    Currently looking for another bull to fuck my sexy wife. She has one bull who fucks her silly and he’s great and she’s looking to expand. She is interested in fucking 2 guys or maybe even 3. It could possibly be me and you fucking her or you could join her bull and double team her. Or if there...
  3. Jjjameson

    Wife was afraid to admit she likes big dick

    My wife for the longest time was afraid to admit that she likes big dick. We would always watch porn and she would want to see the guys with the huge dicks. She would always be interested in a guys dick size. But when I asked her she would say no I don’t care. I posted pictures of her to show...
  4. Jjjameson

    Wifey and I love this site

    My sexy hot horny size queen wife and I love this site. The people on it guys and ladies all seem to be more genuine and just like talking about sex or big dicks or whatever! My wife loves to look at all the hot guys with their huge dicks and she gets incredibly turned on by when they get hard...
  5. K

    Video Looking for video where husband talks to friends...

    There was a video posted at LPSG (in the past) where a blonde, middle-aged woman was given facials by her husband and his friends. The video was hot, for me, because the men's conversations were ironic/ordinary. They talked about not offending female colleagues (at one of their workplaces)...
  6. Wh0_Dee

    Married Guys - How Many of You Have Only Had Sex with Your Wife?

    37 yr old married guy here. My wife and I have been together for 16 years (6 married) and I’ve only ever had sex with her. (I was what they call a late bloomer.) Do any of you have similar stories or backgrounds?
  7. S

    Hairy pussy fetish

    I’ve always had a hairy pussy fetish since I can remember. My wife (31) was always shaved until about a year ago when I told her that I like seeing hair down there. Since then, she has grown out a bush and it drives me wild! I can spend hours down there just licking and pleasing her. Cumming on...
  8. A

    Does my wife secretly crave big cock?

    So, my wife is decently reserved when it comes to trying things out. Last year was her first year ever trying out a vibrator and she loves it now. So, I decided to order a cock sleeve and see what she thought. I'm not small by any means about 6.5 inches and the cock sleeve arrived and it was...
  9. D

    Not Really Erotic Just A Quick Little Funny/ironic Story

    I’ve posted a few times about how my wife and I have had fantasies about her being with another man or being double teamed by me and another guy. I’ve also shared how my wife seems to like really big dicks and is curious about really big guys. It’s just been fantasy and my wife has not wanted to...
  10. A

    Wife Needs Big Cock?

    So, tonight my wife and I had sex. We are in our 30s with kids. I give her orgasms a good bit. I’m not small by any means 7 inches but I’m also not incredibly thick. I’d say about average. Tonight she was riding facing me and I put her head and body over my right shoulder so I could reach around...
  11. P

    Seeking Massage For Wife In Nyc

    She’s Latina…loves thick cock…prefers BBC Loves to be massaged and then turned into a cum dump…extremely oral and loves to rim;) Message us if you’re interested and real.. Thanks:)
  12. D

    My Wife’s Favorite Porn Scenes. How Bout Your Significant Others Favorite Scenes?

    My wife and I usually watch amateur porn these days or she enjoys watching guys from LPSG or Reddit who have giant dicks destroy married womens pussies lol but we used to watch regular porn once in a while when we fucked. I made a list of my wife’s favorite scenes and curious of what you think...
  13. D

    Wifey And I Are Going To Film Us Fucking Today

    My sexy wife and I are going to fuck today and plan on posting some of it on here. If you look at her pics she is a sexy petite nasty kinky size queen milf who likes to be dominated but also likes to take control and fuck too. And I’m no slouch either. Sooo if you have any requests on what you...
  14. A

    Webslut Wife

    Vote her up, comment and spread her every where TE2
  15. KarolineFit

    New Wife Here

    Hello i'm Karoline a bored wife who love the gym and of course ripped guys <3 Please be patient i'm new here i dont know to use the site, write a message to me if you want <3
  16. D

    Message To A Lonely Married Friend Of Mine…

    This is my copy and pasted kik message to a lonely friend of mine: If you and I were together right now. I’d lay you down, on your stomach, and I’d rub my finger tips all over your body making sure you feel that light electricity flow all over your skin. Then while your skin is covered in...
  17. D

    Wife Still Giving You Head?

  18. 1randombeauty

    Favorite Part Of Porn

    I am a straight male and I watch a pretty fair amount of porn. Daily for sure. Usually multiple times per day. I love a lot of different aspects of it all, especially watching the women get undressed, particularly the moment they free their breasts. I also love the cumshots, especially...
  19. L

    43yo Trans Woman Seattle

    Hello loves, I'm a 43 yo trans woman looking for big dick to service however you like. Tie me up, call me names, into (consentual) forced/coerced sex. I'm 38-28-34, tall, thin, love dressing girly with makeup, wigs, lingerie, or anything else your heart (or cock) desires. I need practice...
  20. N

    Removing Bra During Sex

    This is a bit of an unexpected one, but I was watching this video the other day and my god a certain part of it turned me on! The wife is having sex with another guy while the husband films. She's naked but has her bra on. Then halfway through she gets her own tits out, as though she really...
  21. W

    Married Men... How Often?

    married men- how often do you fuck your wife? Or women- how often does your husband fuck you?
  22. A

    Fantasy About Wife And Her Boss

    My wife’s birthday is coming up. She received a handwritten card from her skip boss (several levels above her). Apparently he is a very handsome and youngish (older than either of us) guy who regularly chats with my wife to work and discussed non-work stuff like going to the gym. She started...
  23. G

    Married Guys: What Have You Found To Be Her Favorite Position?

    Thought it might be fun to compare our wives' favorite sex positions. Mine's is doggy, hands down.
  24. G

    Married Guys: How Does She Know You Are Ready For Sex?

    Hi Guys: If you are the instigator, what's your go-to pick-up line or physical action to let her know you're ready for sex? How does she normally respond?
  25. G

    Straight, Married: How Does She Know You're Ready For Sex?

    Hi Guys: If you are the instigator, what's your go-to pick-up line or physical action to let her know you're ready for sex? How does she normally respond?
  26. A

    Wife Walks In An Orgy

    Hey guys, I am starting a thread of videos where the wife walk in an orgy and decides to join them. (If the husband is hocked that the wife is there, that would be more awesome :D) Please share! My father and his sons and daughters-in-law organized gangbang on five
  27. O

    Id And Other Material Of A Few Hot Women

    Hi guys, thought i'd do this in one thread so can anybody ID or suggest other scenes with the women below Hot wife fucks BBC Her best orgasm ever
  28. curiousfireman

    Biggest Fantasy

    My biggest fantasy is to have another guy over and me and him stand side by side, my wife drops to her knees then unzips us both then measure both cocks with a cloth tape measure, looking up I hear her say .. omg he is so much bigger than you honey .. then i hear licking ,sucking and moans . I...
  29. RoxyRoyce

    Collar & Leash Significance {f4m}

    Hi guys, longtime member here with a question.. Can an experienced Gent in the dark arts please walk me thru the significance of the whole Collar and Leash fetish. I am fairly experienced in most other fetishes involving my sexuality however I have only a shallow understanding of this very...
  30. Jjjameson

    Think I Regret Letting My Wife Try A Huge Dick

    Been married to my wife for 8 years and together since high school. She’s very very sexy and guys always hit on her. Over time i developed a curiosity or fetish for sharing my wife. After a lot of convincing my wife finally agreed to try another guy. She was sort of seduced by this guy who was...