Anyone know(use) Luna balls from Lelo?

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by grapefruitbaby, Jun 12, 2011.

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    I bought this a few weeks ago to practice kegel exercise. Not because i have any problem, i just wanted to strengthen the muscles down there and want to be able to "milk a penis" like said in this thread:

    however, these balls are too big they hurt me to put it in, but as long as it get in, it doesnt feel like anything even i use the heaviest balls. feel like tampon. when i walk around i can feel the balls moving inside. besides that i dont feel a thing, even the heaviest set :( i kind of feel that i waste these money, or maybe i could save them after i have children xD but.. seriously, anyone use these kind of ben wa balls before?! what are you suppose to do with them? you move them inside ? or push them side by side? i have no idea how to do that!

    i coulnt find any video or porn about anything how to do the exercise properly, i really have never seen a squeezing vagina except for my own... which is reasonable coz i guess some girls dont want to share this wired movement of vagina to public. but im really curious now how to do that?

    help me please!
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    shoulda bought electrodes.
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