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Discussion in 'Relationships, Discrimination, and Jealousy' started by stiphphiphatumus, Feb 26, 2007.

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    Oddly enough, today, I heard comments from both sides of the spectrum in relation to penis size.
    "He's hung like a Bic lighter... I'll need something more than that for a long term relationship." (at this point, I should have said, "He might be able to light your fire anyways?!")
    "I went on a couple dates with this guy once... and his dick was the biggest thing I ever saw ...and i told him that it would never work."

    One was from a female, the other a male.

    I really felt bad for both of the guys that were turned down due to their size. Life can be quite cruel, and people learn that lesson well enough to practice it.
    But other than that, I hope both parties have/will find the right fit with the right love.
    It also made me realize that I need to stop questioning what I have and be pleased with it. I doubt I will run into either of those comments, so to hell with the insecurity! If someone doesn't like it, there is someone for me, and someone for them, out there that will satisfy our needs. Hopefully our hearts as well.

    Feel free to vent about your experiences...
    Peace :)
  2. Onslow

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    If only they could stop focussing on size. Having been through a wide spectrum of sizes, I can attest to the fact that small can be fantastic or lousy--depends on the guy and how talented he is. The same is true for the bigger penised guys--some are superb and know what they are doing, otheres seem to figure their size gives them a right to plow in harder and faster than a Mack truck going downhill on ice.

    Hopefully you won't come across the vicious and vindictive people--but they exist. Even here at LPSG you get the ones who say 7 inches is too small for them to feel or othere nonsense (many of them are just instigators of trouble and have never even had sex, or most likely ever will). As you said, stop questioning what we have and be pleased with it--after all it does offer personal pleasure to us even if our sex partner is too focussed on it being too big or too small or too average--yeah I met a guy once who complained his penis was too average. I shrugged my shoulders, said it looked fine to me and got on with what I was there for.(The fact that I got hard looking at it should have made clear to him that he was better than okay.)
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