Dorming with Dalton

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    Here is another story that i like this is one of my favorites

    Chapter 1
    [FONT=&quot]Never in my life did I think I would be sitting in a dorm room at Yale University. My parents always pushed me to do well in school and told me from a young age that I had big shoes to fill. They sort of shoved academics down my throat, and didn’t encourage me to join any sports during my high school career. From the time I was thirteen, my parents drilled into my head that I needed to get good grades so I could get accepted to a good college on scholarship. We’ll their wish finally came true.

    Before I get too far ahead into this, I should tell you about myself. My names Christian Costello and I come from a family of professionals. My father’s a well known cardiologist in the tri state area, my mother’s involved with politics, and my sister’s on her way to the top of a banking company. So you can guess that I have a lot of pressure to do well in college.

    I think my parents want me to become a lawyer and work in the city everyday, but I don’t see myself doing that. I’ve always been amazed at how the muscles in the body work together in unison. I think I want to be a physical therapist or something to do with sports medicine. I’m currently taking business classes, but when this semester ends, I think I’m going to switch into some field of medicine.

    In case you didn’t catch on what race I am from my name, I’m Italian. My great grandparents left Italy not too long ago in search of a better life and eventually found it here in New York. Ever since then, that’s where my family resides.

    My family’s originally from the southern part of Italy, so you can imagine I have pretty dark olive skin. I don’t really get white when winter rolls around, and by the time summer comes, I become a nice shade of brown. The weirdest thing about my body would have to be my eyes. I have these steel blue eyes that almost look grey depending on what color I’m wearing that day. You don’t see many Italians from the south with natural blue eyes. I also have black hair that I like to keep short, since it’s low maintenance. Occasionally I’ll spike it when I go out with people, but that’s on a rare occasion.

    As for my body, there’s nothing really to talk about. A lack of sports and exercise have left my body with nothing. I have some muscle in my legs and arms, and maybe a little in my shoulders, but that’s pretty much it. I don’t look anorexic but I certainly don’t look like I’m on steroids. I guess you can say I have a normal body. I’m roughly around five foot eleven inches, and probably around 150 pounds. Like I said, normal.

    Another thing that you should probably know about me is my sexuality. I’m gay, and found out when I was sixteen. I never really liked girls growing up and always found guys more interesting. During sophomore year, I guess you can say I experimented. Me and this junior fooled around and pretty much did everything you could imagine. From there, I probably fooled around with another two or three guys, just to make sure I was gay. Trust me, I’m not a whore or anything, but hormones and curiosity can really get the better of someone.

    You also may be thinking, since my parents are well-known professionals, that they weren’t accepting of me when I told them I was gay. You’d be wrong though. My mom completely supported me when I first told her and wanted to know about everything I was going through and things like that. My dad wasn’t as accepting of my mom, but he wasn’t a complete douche about it. I feel like he still doesn’t completely support me, but he still calls me his son, and that’s good enough for me.

    A majority of my friends from high school supported me too. A few of my guy friends were creeped out by it and stopped talking to me though. It was their lost in my eyes.

    So now that you know a little about me, the real story can begin.

    * * *

    It was nine in the morning of my first real day of college. Classes officially started today and so has my life as a college student. My dorm room didn’t feel like my old bedroom in my parent’s house but it was starting to feel homey. I had my own room to myself because of my scholarship. Supposedly the college administrators felt that if I were given my own room, I would have more time to study and put my brain to good use.

    In addition to my own room, I have my own bathroom. It’s definitely going to come in handy though. I never have to wait for it to be free or plan my schedule around a roommate. My parents told me that I was going to get lonely because I wouldn’t have someone in my room at all times. I like having my own time to myself though.

    Since it was the first day of classes, I decided to actually put effort into looking good. I grabbed a quick shower, shaved my face real quick, and put on some nice clothes. It wasn’t too hot in Connecticut yet, so I grabbed a pair of dark denim straight legged jeans. I grabbed a burgundy short sleeved shirt and put a blue zip up hoodie over it as well. I also put deodorant and cologne on because I hate not smelling good. Everyone should have their own distinct scent, and cologne’s the easiest way to accomplish this. I brushed my teeth real quick, threw some gel in my hair to spike it up, grabbed my books, and left for class.

    As I was closing the door, the girl who lives across the hall from me was leaving as well. If I was a straight guy, she would have definitely been my type. She has long straight brown hair that has long bangs that covers part of her left eye. She also has light brown eyes and long eye lashes. Overall, she has a smooth face with smooth features. She’s a very pretty girl.

    “Hi!.” She said cheerfully.

    “Christine, right?” I met her the day I was moving my things into my dorm room.

    “Yep, but I like when people call me Chrissy.” I nodded. “I want to say that your name is Christian.”

    I nodded again. We started walking down the hall towards the elevator.

    “What class do you have right now?”

    “I think I have Economics right now.” I quickly checked the schedule in my phone to double check.

    “Me too!” She was way to hyper for nine thirty in the morning.

    “Do you know where the building is on campus?”


    “Oh good, because I don’t.” I smiled.

    We were now outside and the brisk air ran through our bodies.

    “Are you from New York, Christian?”

    “Yes….is it that obvious?”

    “Kind of, yes.”

    “Damn.” We both laughed. “And I’ve been trying not to sound like I’m straight out of the city.”

    “It isn’t working that well.” She seemed like she had a sense of humor. “So do you have a girlfriend that you left back home or some story like that.”

    “If I tell you something about me, will you promise not to tell anyone else, until I’m ready to share it with the whole campus?”

    She nodded.

    “I don’t like girls.” She stared at me blankly. “I’m gay.”

    “Really!” She was screaming again. “I’ve always wanted a gay friend!”

    “Can you try and keep it down, I don’t want to advertise it to everyone just yet.”

    “Sorry.” She paused as we were walking down a pathway. “Why are all the hot guys gay?”

    “I’m not that good looking.”

    “Yes you are, Christian. I was going to try and get with you if you were straight. But I guess that’s out of the question.” She giggled.

    “Not all gay guys are good looking you know.”

    “Yeah, but where I went to school, all the gay guys that came out were all hot.”

    “Lucky, not many people in my school were good looking that were gay. I think that’s why I didn’t settle down in high school . What’s your story if you don’t mind me asking.”

    We were getting closer to the academic buildings now.

    “Well, I had a boyfriend for three years in high school and we pretty much did everything together. We never had those stupid breaks that a lot of people do while they’re in a relationship. We stayed committed to each other every single day of our relationship. We’ve talked about what would happen when college came around and we originally decided that we would stay together and do the long distance thing. As the day got closer for us to go to college, we both decided that breaking up to meet and experience new people would be better for the both of us. We’re still really close though, and we still text and call each other like normal. I kind of miss him.”

    “I think you made the right decision.”

    “Why do you say that?”

    “Because college is a new slate where you get to be whoever you want to be. It’s a time where you get to start fresh and meet a bunch of new people. Plus, if you stayed with your boyfriend, you wouldn’t of seen the different possibilities in other people in the world.”

    “I guess so.” There was an awkward silence between us. “So how’d you get accepted here, besides your good looks.”

    I blushed a little. “We’ll I’m kind of smart.”

    “What do you mean by kind of?”

    “Like almost a full scholarship here.”

    “So you meant, you’re really smart.”

    “I guess so.”

    “I wish I got a huge scholarship like that here, I’m on financial aid, and have to get a part time job to pay for the extra costs here.”

    “Well if you ever need help with anything, don’t be afraid to ask.”

    She hugged me.

    When we arrived to our class, we kind of split up. She instantly went to the back of the class and sat at a table with another girl that she seemed to have known already. I instantly went to the front of the class and took an empty table. I was expecting for the room to be huge with all of those little individual desks that have that stadium seating going on. This room wasn’t like that though. It was a normal rectangular room that had windows along the back wall and a bunch of black boards on the front one. There were also three rows of five tables in the middle of the room. Each table sat two kids, so there had to be a decent amount of people in this class.

    The class eventually filled up and there were only a few open seats left. One of these seat was right next to me. I knew it wasn’t because of the way I looked or smelt because of what Christine had just told me. It had to be because it was the first desk in the row and no one wanted to sit that close to the professor.

    When the professor came in, everyone instantly stopped talking and watched him close the door and walk to the desk in front of the room. He didn’t seem to be that old, but he wasn’t exactly young either. If I had to put an age on him, I’d say late forties, maybe early fifties tops. He seemed to be in good shape and had all of his hair still. He started to scan the room quickly glancing at all the faces and then stopped on mine.

    “Christian Costello, I presume?” He stuck his hand out. “I’m Professor Huckins, it’s a great honor to meet you.”

    I shook his hand.

    “I read in your file that you had a perfect 4.0 GPA for your high school career.” I nodded. “And you’re also here on a full ride scholarship.”[/FONT]
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    [FONT=&quot]I nodded again. I was waiting for all the kids in the class to say about me being smart, but it never came. Everyone seemed to respect my abilities and I even got a round of applause. Back home, I was embarrassed about my grades, yet here I was welcomed. It was a complete 360 of what I was used to.

    “Well it’s an honor to have you in my class, young man. And with that, lets get started, shall we?”

    He wasted no time. He immediately started drawing basic diagrams of the different branches of government on the board. He then continued to link them together in this complex web with arrows going all over he place. As he was writing the characteristics of the different branches, the door to the classroom opened.

    This huge hot guy just entered the classroom with a book in one hand and a note in the other. He walked over to Professor Huckins, handed the note over to him, and stood there waiting as he read over the piece of paper. As he was standing there, I couldn’t help but stare. Everything about him was traumatizing, and the more that I didn’t want to look, the more I wound up looking.

    To start off, he was extremely tall standing next to Professor Huckins. Our teacher was already taller than me, so this mysterious guy was probably around six foot two if I had to take a guess. He had a hat on his head but I was still able to see the hair underneath. I’m not positive on his hair color, but I would say it’s black like mine. His eyes also looked black but I could tell that they were a very dark brown. His overall face was smooth except for his jaw. His jaw bones were chiseled and squared on his face and ran into his chin which was also squared. The rest of his face though, couldn’t of been smoother. He had some facial hair on his face, but it wasn’t anything gross. It wasn’t a beard or anything, but stubble that probably had grown back from a previous shave the day before.

    His body though, had to be one of the best that I‘ve ever seen. He had a tight pair of jeans on that didn’t hide the bulge in his pants that well. I could see that he had put his penis towards his left thigh since there wasn‘t enough room to have it resting in the front. Even when he was soft in his jeans, he had to be around five or six inches. The size of his dick soft was almost as big as the size of mine hard, and it kind of scared me. If it was already that big, it could probably do some serious damage to someone while fully erect.

    From his tight jeans, he wore an even tighter shirt. I don’t think he intentionally bought the shirt to be that small, but because of the size of his muscles, it made the shirt fit tighter than normal. His arms filled out the sleeves to his tee-shirt completely and didn’t’ leave any room for extra growth. The arm band was wrapped tightly around his huge arms and didn’t shift position at all even when he moved his arm back and forth. He even had veins running from his wrist up his arm into the sleeve.

    His shoulders were broad and squared off as well. The shirt hugged his shoulders like a glove as well and I could see the differential in the muscles that were resting above his collar bone. Down a little further, laid his pectorals, which emerged from his body like two mountains. His pectorals weren’t squared and flat like the generic model you see in clothing stores. His were round and large and hung pretty low from his collar bone. They didn’t jiggle when he moved though.

    Down a little further, his shirt was pulled tight across his abs. I could see that he definitely had a 6-pack and that he had a small waist. For such a big guy, he had such a small waist. He had to be at least 200 pounds and yet had the same size waist as a guy who weighed 150 pounds.

    His skin wasn’t as dark as mine, but it was pretty close. I couldn’t tell if he was Italian, Spanish or Greek, but I didn’t care, he was one gorgeous man.

    “Ah, Mr. Garcia, it’s a pleasure to have you as a student again.”

    Definitely Spanish.

    “Yep, you just can’t get rid of me.”

    “I believe it’s the other way around, Sir. You can’t get rid of this class.”

    He just smiled. His smile was probably one of the better parts of his body. Yeah his body is amazing and I could stare at it for hours, but his teeth were just as amazing. They were all perfectly aligned with one another and were whitened to the max. They almost looked fake until I noticed that one of his teeth on the bottom row in the front, you know, those really small ones. Well, one of them was pushed out a little further forward than the rest of them. It made him look cutter.

    “Well if you wouldn’t mind, Mr. Garcia, please take a seat.”

    He scanned the room looking for a place to sit.

    “Why don’t you sit next to Mr. Costello here.” He gestured towards me. “Maybe he’ll be able to help you finally pass this class.”

    He walked over to the table I was sitting at, pulled the chair out, and sat down. He placed his book and phone on the table and leaned back in his chair. He also folded his arms and made himself as comfortable as a wooden chair would let someone get.

    “Hey, I’m Christian.” I stuck my hand out.


    That was all he did. He said his name, left his arms crossed on his chest, and didn’t even look over at me. He had some chip on his shoulders and it was quite clear to everyone. I knew it was going to be a long semester if I had to sit next to him every single class.[/FONT]
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    [FONT=&quot]Chapter 2[/FONT]

    A few weeks passed by since day first day of college. I gotten to know a lot of people on my floor, and actually found out we had a lot of the same classes together. I also met two other gay guys, that are in a relationship together. They told me how the school actually supports same sex relationships and how there’s a LGBT community on campus. Of course I didn’t tell them about myself yet because I’m not completely at home here yet. Eventually, I’m going to come out to the whole campus, but for now, Christine’s the only one who knows.

    The two gay guys who I met the other day were extremely nice. They actually came up to me and introduced themselves instead of the other way around. John was defiantly the guy in the relationship. Even though I just met them and didn’t spend that much time talking to both of them, I was able to put the puzzle together. John was taller than Mike and he was also more muscular than Mike as well. I would of passed him off as straight if he hadn’t showed up with his boyfriend. John wore normal jeans and a tee-shirt that any heterosexual college student would wear.

    Mike, on the other hand, wore more feminine clothes. He had on a tight pink shirt when I first met him and a pair of skin tight jeans that had a lot of holes in them. He also had a pair of flip flops on. Incase that wasn’t enough of an indicator that he was more of the girl in the relationship, his body language was all the proof you needed. He just acted like a fem, and the way he was standing with his legs crossed over each other and the way he leaned against the walls in my dorm room, was all the evidence I needed to draw my conclusion about him.

    I also learned more about Dalton, that hot guy in my economics class. I found out from this other girl, that I really don’t like so I won‘t bother telling you about her, that he’s a senior and pretty much a douche bag. She told me that he’s pretty much the head jock on campus and pretty much gets whatever he wants. He also has a shitty attitude according to her. I later found out from Christine that she dated him and he dumped her for another girl, so that’s why she hates him so much.

    I also did some research of my own. I tried talking to him each class and he only responded with one word answers and didn’t even look at me. He pretty much just sat there, texted all class, and looked at his reflection in his phone. He sure wasn’t privileged in the brain department.

    It was now Thursday, the 15h of October and I was sitting in Economics once again. As much as I didn’t like business, I was actually learning a lot in this class and was actually getting very high grades in it. The professor also seemed to like me more than the other students in the class. He always called on me first, and if I didn’t know the answer, he’d give me a look of disappointment and move on to another student. He seemed to have high standards of me, which added extra stress and pressure to do better in his class.

    It was only the beginning of class, and Dalton already had his head in his arms on the desk. He let out a faint snore every once in awhile, and each time, I couldn’t help but laugh. Professor Huckins noticed that he was asleep and just shook his head in disappointment, but that was all. No slap on the head, no smack on the desk, nothing. He didn’t want to go out of his way to wake up a student who obviously didn’t care about his class.

    Class continued to pass by, and Dalton was still sleeping. Yeah, it is an early class but if everyone else can manage to stay awake, I don’t see why he can’t either. I was tempted to nudge him at one point, but opted not to. If the professor didn’t even care, why should I?

    With five minutes still left of class, I must of taken at least four pages of notes, back to back. I don’t know if Professor Huckins decided to make today a heavy note day since Dalton was sleeping, or if he planned on it from the start. I didn’t care though, I took very detailed notes, and felt confident with the new topic we just learned. Professor also handed a previous test we had taken a week ago back to everyone, except me and Dalton. He also let everyone else be dismissed early, but asked for me to remain in class. Dalton was up by now.

    “Professor, can I ask why I have to stay after class? Did I do something wrong?”

    “Oh no, Christian. You’re doing outstanding, you only got one question wrong on the test we just took.” He handed me my test. “It’s Mr. Garcia here that’s in some trouble.”

    Dalton looked at him confused.

    “Mr. Garcia here, obviously isn’t interested in my class, yet he’s still taking it after two previous years.”

    “Is it that important of a class to graduate?”

    “Well you see Mr. Costello, in order to graduate with a business degree, which Mr. Garcia wants, basic Economics is a mandatory class.”

    “So where do I come into this?”

    “Well, if you don’t mind, I would like you to tutor Mr. Garcia so he can actually pass my class and graduate this year.”

    “I’d love to, I really would, but I’m already so busy with my other classes and this would just be another burden.”

    “I figured that, and if you’re having any difficulties completing assignments for my class, I’d be more than happy to give you extended time.”

    He really thought of everything.

    “So what do you say, Mr. Costello? Will you choose to help?”

    I nodded.

    “Oh lovely, it is much appreciated.” He shook my hand. “Mr. Garcia, you’re ought to see Mr. Costello three times a week to review the material for my class. You are also to spend at least an hour with him at each session. Am I clear?”

    “Yes, Sir.” This was the first time I heard him talk to someone with respect.

    “Delightful, then these sessions are starting today. Here are some extra review pages that you can go over with Mr. Costello. I also want the both of you to sign this log stating that you‘ve spent at least an hour studying. Please take advantage of this.”

    With that said, he grabbed his briefcase and left the room. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I was to spend an hour a day, three times a week, with the guy I have a crush on. Even though he’s straight and nothing will ever happen, I’m still allowed to fantasize.

    “Why does he always call us by our last names? When I hear Mr. Garcia, I think of my father.”

    He was actually talking to me.

    “I’m pretty sure it’s a sign of respect.”

    “Why? He’s an old professor at a prestigious university, we should be the ones treating him with respect, not the other way around.”

    I couldn’t believe he just used the word prestigious correctly in a sentence.

    “What are you staring at?”

    “Oh…um….I…sorry. I got lost in my train of thought.”

    “Yeah.” He was going through his phone. “So where do you want to have these ‘session’?”

    “It doesn’t matter to me, I’m flexible.”

    “Let’s go with your place. Mine’s a mess and I don’t think I even have a desk and the library’s in the middle of nowhere.”

    “That’s fine with me.”

    “What building do you live in anyway?”

    “I think it’s Rosenfeld Hall.”

    “Oh okay, you’re not too far from the Business part of campus. I’m by the gym in Arnold Hall.”

    “I think I know where that is.”

    “Yeah.” He really liked one word answers.

    * * *

    A week passed since Professor Huckins told me to work with Dalton and to my surprise the first few tutor session weren’t a complete fail. He seemed to know the general jist of economics, but when it came to the little details about it, he was lost. He didn’t know the names of any of the terms our professor used in class since the beginning of the year. I knew I wasn’t completely in the dark with Dalton, but it was sure going to be an adventure.

    I was sitting in my room laying on my bed when I heard a knock on the door. I was planning on ignoring it since I was tired and just wanted to relax for the afternoon, but the door was being pushed open. It was Christine

    “You’re door was open, so I figured you wouldn’t mind if I came in.”

    She walked over to my bed and sat across from me.

    “It’s not a problem.” I sat up against the headboard so I could be eyelevel with her. “What’s up?”

    “Nothing really, just bored. My roommate’s taking a nap so I wondered over here. What about you?”

    “Pretty much the same as you. Dalton decided to ditch on his study session today so I’m free.”

    “How’s that going with him?”

    “It actually isn’t that bad. He’s not a complete douche bag like a lot of people say he is.”

    “That’s always good.” She paused. “Does he have a girlfriend?”

    “He hasn’t mentioned anyone to me.”

    “Are you lying to me?”

    “Why would I lie?”

    “Because you have a crush on him.”

    “No I…”

    “Oh please Christian.” She cut me off. “The way you look at him is the way a fat person looks at cake.”

    “Okay…I like looking at him, and I guess you can say I have a small crush on him.”

    “It’s okay, I do too.”

    I smiled.

    “He has to be one of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen in my life. Normally I don’t go for a Spanish guy, but he’s incredible.”

    “And he’s straight, don’t forget that part.”

    “Yeah, that too.” I sighed.

    There was another knock on the door.

    “It’s open!” I shouted.

    In walked Dalton.

    “Are you busy?” His voice was low and deep.

    “Nope, just sitting here with Christine.”

    “You’re in our Economics class, right?”

    “Yep. But I’m going to let you guys hangout, I’ll talk to you later Christian.”

    As she walked passed Dalton, she looked up into his eyes. She also smiled at him before she left and all he did was stand there, staring at me. Even though he has normal dark brown eyes, his were different. His seemed to have some sort of sorrow and pain in them if you were able to get a good look at them. From a quick glance, you would see a glistening glaze over his eyes, but when you were able to look deep inside of them, that glaze quickly disappeared. He was keeping something to himself that seemed to be a huge burden upon him

    He had on one of those white wife beater tank tops that did no justice in covering his body up. I could see every ripple, line, or bulge he had on his body and was able to finally see his abs. Although a piece of fabric was still covering them, I was able to get a very clear look. He had a 6-pack without a doubt, and a good one at that. Each of his abs were well defined and each had their own shape to them. Individually they looked awkward, but when you took a step back to look at them as a whole, they fit perfectly together.

    I also noticed that he had tattoos on his body. He wasn’t covered in them, and when he had a shirt on, most of them were covered up by the fabric, except for his wrists. Across his left wrist, the initials E.L.G were printed in a bold Old English font. On his right wrist, the initials A.L.G were printed in the same wrist. I noticed that they each ended with a “G” and instantly thought they had to be his parents. Also, across his chest the quote “Never Forgotten” was written in a fancy script writing with the date 12.24.07. I began to think that something must of happened in his life, which is why he had these tattoos, and why his eyes have so much pain and sadness in them.

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    [FONT=&quot]“Are you doing anything this weekend?” He sat in my desk chair backwards so he was leaning over the back with his arms crossed on the top with his head propped in them.

    “Just hanging around on campus, why?”

    “Well, we have Monday off, and on Tuesday we have a huge test in Economics.”

    “Okay, what are you getting at.”

    “Well, I’m heading home this afternoon for the four days and I was wondering if you would like to tag along. You know, to study and just relax.”

    “Um, I’m not sure…”

    “Come on.” He cut me off. “What else do you have planned?”

    He was right, I had nothing planned for the weekend, and it would be nice to get away and unwind for a couple of days.

    “Sure, why not.”

    “Alright than, pack enough clothes to last for four days and bring a few nice shirts and jeans, incase we go out to eat somewhere. Also, bring a bathing suit, we have a pool. You don’t need any soap or anything like that either, we have plenty. I’ll pick you up in twenty.”

    I couldn’t believe what just happened. Me and Christine went from talking about how we had a crush on Dalton, to him inviting me to his house for the weekend, to me accepting. I didn’t even know the guy for that long or even that well for a matter of fact. I didn’t care though, he seemed sincere about inviting me and I was looking forward to it.

    I quickly ran across the hall to Christine’s room and opened the door without knocking.

    “Guess who just got invited to go to Dalton’s house for the weekend!”

    “Shut up!”

    “I’m serious!”

    “I hate you so much. I’m so jealous of you right now even though nothing’s going to happen.”

    She was right, nothing was going to happen besides studying.

    “Way to ruin my mood.”

    “Sorry, Christian.” She hugged me. “I’m sure you’re going to have a good time.”

    “I hope so.”

    “As much as I’m excited for whoever you are, I’d appreciate if you would leave. I’m trying to sleep, and you two screaming over nothing is getting in the way with it.” Her roommate was such a bitch, neither of us liked her.

    I realized I had even less time to pack now and rushed out of their room back into mine. I found a duffle bag I had stored under my bed and threw it on the mattress. I packed enough jeans and shorts to last me the weekend and give me options if we were to go out. I also packed a few basic tee-shirts along with two dress shirts and a polo. I threw in enough socks and underwear to last the time I’d be spending there and also threw in my cologne and deodorant. Nothing’s worse than smelling bad around someone.

    When I was throwing my shoes on, I realized I didn’t bring a bathing suit with me to college. I figured he must have an extra one that would be a little big on me if we were to go in the pool. As I was zipping up my bag, my phone went off. I checked to see who it was and it read Dalton. I opened his text and he said he was waiting outside for me, whenever I was ready. I grabbed my bag off the bed and headed out the door towards his car.

    When I got outside, I didn’t see him. There were a few cars in the parking lot, but they were all nice and I figured they belonged to a professor or someone. When I heard one of the cars honk at me and saw Dalton get out of one, my jaw dropped.

    Dalton got out of a Range Rover. For those of you who don’t know cars that well, lets just say it’s an extremely nice truck. It was a metallic black color, with custom black rims and a black leather interior from what I saw. I walked over to his car and just stared at it. I was extremely jealous

    “Let me take your bag.” He said as he took it from my hand and placed it in the trunk.

    I just stood there.

    “You know you can get in. I’m not going to rape you or anything.”

    I opened the passenger door, sat down and just looked around. Everything on the inside was black, except for the wood molding and trim that framed the main console and ran along the middle of the dashboard and onto the doors. . It was a sexy car.

    “You have a really nice car.”

    “Thanks, it was a gift.”

    He started driving by now and was on this long single laned road.

    “Thanks for inviting me for the weekend by the way.”

    “It’s not a problem, I would have been all alone anyway, so you’re actually doing me a favor. Plus, you can help me study for the test on Tuesday.”

    “The material isn’t hard at all. Once you understand it, it’s a walk in the park.”

    “Can I ask you something?”


    “Are you from New York?”

    “Yes. Why do you ask?”

    “Because I hear your accent when you say certain words.”

    “A lot of people say that, but I don’t hear it.”

    “Oh, it’s pretty obvious, Christian.” He smiled.

    “Yeah, I live in the city, by central park.”

    He looked at me with a blank face.

    “You do know where Central Park is right?”

    “Of course I do. Who doesn’t?”

    “You’d be surprised.” I laughed. “Do you live in Connecticut?”

    “Yeah, do you know where Westport is?”

    I shook my head side to side.

    “It’s practically a beach community. It’s only like 45 minutes door to door.”

    “That’s not that far of a ride. It’s over an hour from here to my house without traffic.”

    “This is one benefit of living in state.” He smiled again.

    “What happened to your tooth that makes it stick out a little further than the others. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

    “No, I don’t care. When I was younger, and I wrestled in high school, one of the kids elbowed me in the mouth and knocked that tooth out. I didn’t go to the dentist for a couple of weeks and the teeth around it kind of filled the space in. When I went to the dentist, they told me they could put a fake tooth in but it wouldn’t be in line with the others unless I wanted to get braces again to straighten them out. I didn’t want to go through the braces stage again so I just got the tooth put in a little further forward than the others and now here I am.”

    “Oh gotcha.” I paused. “Do you sill wrestle in college?”

    “They don‘t offer it here so I picked up Lacrosse instead. When football season ends, I have a few months until Lacrosse season starts and I do it because I kind of like it but most importantly to stay in shape for football. Football’s my dream. ”

    “So you are a jock?”

    “I guess you can say that.” We were on the highway by now. “What about you, do you play any sports.”

    “My parents never pushed me into sports when I was younger and put me in clubs and organizations with all the smart kids.”

    “You don’t seem like a nerd though. You look like you could be a jock or a preppy guy.”

    “Yeah, I’ve never liked stereotypes. Just because I’m smart doesn’t mean I can’t dress nicely or have a social life.”

    “And just because I’m a jock, doesn’t make me a complete tool.”

    “That is also very true.”

    “Do you have any siblings, Christian?”

    “Nah, I’m an only child. What about you?”

    “I have an older brother and an older sister. They’re both out of college and married. My brother’s actually having a kid come the spring.”

    “Lucky, I wish I had other siblings.”

    “No you don’t. I’ve been compared to both of them so many time because they were both the golden children of the family and never did anything wrong.”

    “But still, I would rather have someone to be compared to than have my parents be completely focused on me.”

    “You’d think that, but once you get siblings, you wish you were an only child.”

    Nothing more was said and I fell asleep as Dalton continued to drive.[/FONT]
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    My Dark Paradise
    This is interesting please continue
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    [FONT=&quot]Chapter 3[/FONT]

    “Hey bud, wake up. We’re here.”

    When I opened my eyes, I realized that I had my head resting against Dalton’s right arm. I originally started off leaning against the window but guess my body shifted towards him. I sat back up in the seat and rubbed my eyes.

    “Sorry about sleeping on you. You could of woken me up you know.”

    “It’s not a big deal really.”

    We turned down this long driveway that was made of cobblestone arranged in a unique pattern. On either side of us, these huge evergreen trees were equally spaced out with a light placed in between them.

    Down the driveway I could see that the house was set at the back of the property close to the water. The house wasn't abnormally big, but it was still up there. The straight driveway suddenly changed into a circle where an island with different plants and flowers were planted. In the middle of it, there was a light post that had a wooden sign hanging off one sides that read "Garcia". The garage was connected to the house and from the front looked like another room. We parked in the garage and went through the door leading to the house.

    Dalton insisted on carrying my bag for me even though I told him I could handle it myself. He only brought a small backpack with him which was slung over his left shoulder and he held my bag in his right hand. He closed the garage door, unlocked the door leading to the house and pushed it in waiting for me to go first.

    From the garage, we first entered into the kitchen. The house might not of seemed large from the outside, but once you were in it, it was huge. In the middle of the kitchen, this huge center island probably the size of a car was the focal point of the kitchen. The majority of the kitchen was white. The countertops were a white stone, the cabinets were a wood painted white, and the doors and windows were white as well. The center island though had the same white countertops as the rest of the kitchen, but the cabinets underneath were a dark wood. They almost looked black. The floors were wood as well, but were a warm cherry color.

    "Do you want anything to drink while we're in the kitchen?" He asked as he opened the refrigerator door.

    "Can I have water?"

    "Yeah." He grabbed a water bottle from the door and threw it at me.

    "Nice catch. You sure you don't play any sports?"


    "You would of been pretty good at baseball." He grabbed some sport drink for himself. "Come on, I'll show you the house real quick."

    From the kitchen, we stopped in the dinning room which was in the front left corner of the house. We went across the main foyer of the house and into a fancy office that had a huge wooden desk and a big black piano in it. He said that room is rarely used and its just for show. From the office, we went into a room that had bookcases covering every wall, except for the windows. There were two fancy looking couches facing each other with a stone coffee table placed in between them.

    “Is this the living room?” I asked.

    “It’s a formal living room.”

    I looked at him blankly.

    “It’s just for show too. If you follow me, I’ll show you where the real living room is.”

    We left this room and entered into the main hallway of the house. If we were to go left, we would wind up at the front door and the beginning of the stairs but e decided to go right, which took us behind the staircase and into another hallway that led into the kitchen if you continued to go straight, or the living room if you were to go right. There was also a bathroom in this hallway and the staircase leading to the basement, according to Dalton.

    We went through an archway into the living room and I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped again. The living room was two floors high and had huge windows that were from the floor to the ceiling. The windows had an arch on the top but didn’t have the panes normal windows do. I then realized that the panes would of distracted you from the view when you looked out the them because it was overlooking the beach.

    In the center of the wall directly across from where we entered, a large wood and stone fireplace stood erect. The mantle was placed like a normal fireplace, but the wood the fireplace was made out of, ran all the way to the ceiling. A large flat screen television was resting on top of the mantle as well.

    In the center of the room, a large micofiber sectional was facing the wall with the fireplace and the TV. The sectional took up a majority of the room, and looked like it could seat up to twenty people. There wasn’t a coffee table in this room, but a leather ottoman that could probably be used for additional seating. From the look of this room, it seemed that Dalton and his family liked to entertain.

    Dalton went into the kitchen quickly to grab our bags and then instructed me to follow him upstairs. Now I’m not really an ass guy, but Dalton’s made me like them. He was wearing a loose pair of athletic shorts which took the shape of each of his ass cheeks. They both emerged from his back like two mountains of firm hard muscle. He definitely had a bubble butt, but it wasn’t a fatty one, but one made of firm muscle. Going up the stairs, it didn’t jiggle at all, but just stayed in place.

    When we reached the top of the staircase we went down the hallway towards the left side of the house. As we were going down the hallway, I noticed that there were a few pictures of his family. My mind got caught up on one of them though. I couldn’t get the picture of his parents out of my mind and kept thinking about it. He looked exactly like his mom, but had his dad’s eyes and a combination both of their skin colors. His dad was defiantly the Spanish one because of the last name obviously but also because of the way he looked. He had black hair, a beard and mustache, the dark brown eyes, and dark skin. His mother, looked to be Italian. She had dark brown hair like the color Dalton has, brown eyes that weren’t as dark as Dalton‘s, and she had an olive skin complexion. Both of his parents were extremely good looking, in a non-creepy way.

    There was another picture of Dalton, his older brother, and his older sister in the hallway. Dalton and his brother were standing next to each other in the picture with one hand resting on each of their sisters shoulders. His older brother was taller and larger than Dalton by a little, and he had the black hair their father has. His skin color was more of the fathers as well. They had the same eyes though.

    His sister was a girl version of him, they looked to be identical. They both have the same skin color, hair color, eye color, and have the same facial structure. The only thing different on his sister would be her body, and that her facial features are softer than Dalton’s and she had no facial hair.

    “That’s my sister, Gianna, and my brother, Louis.” He saw me standing in front of the pictures.

    “You look exactly like her.”

    “I get that a lot.”

    “And your brother looks like your father.”

    “Every time I look at him, I see my dad.” His voice had gotten shaky. “Come on, I’ll show you where your bed is.”

    I followed him down the hallway and into a spare bedroom.

    “This is Louis’ bedroom, he won’t mind if you stay here for a few days.” He walked over to the left side of the room and opened a door. “This is the bathroom that is adjacent to my room, we’ll share it while we’re here.”

    “Okay sounds good.”

    “Do you wanna go swimming?”

    “I didn’t bring a bathing suit up to college with me.”

    “I can lend you one of mine.” He went across the hall and into his room. I heard a few drawers open and close before he came walking back across the hall with a bathing suit in hand. “It’s probably going to be a little big, but it’ll do.”

    “Hawaiian flowers?”

    “Everyone has at least one bathing suit with that print on it, and you get to wear it.” He smiled.

    “Lucky me.” He turned to walk back to his room. “At least it’s blue.”

    He laughed.

    I decided to leave on the pair of boxer briefs I was wearing since the bathing suit was a little large. The fact that it was also on Dalton’s body a previous time was enough to give me a boner. I figured the boxer briefs would help keep a future boner down incase I got one unexpectedly.

    When he said a little big, he wasn’t kidding. Even with the strings pulled as tight as they allowed, the bathing suit still sagged on to my butt. Only the waistband and some of the material of my underwear were sticking out from the top. I decided to leave my shirt on until we got out of the house and left my shoes by the bed.

    “How’s it fit?” He asked as I stepped out of the room.

    “It’s more than a little big.” I pulled it away from my body to show him.

    “You need to bulk up, that’s the problem.”

    “Maybe it’s because you’re such a fat ass.”

    “Dick.” He jokingly punched me in the arm, but it still hurt.

    “Ow!” I rubbed my arm.

    “Sorry.” He smiled. “Guess I don’t know my own strength.”


    We both laughed as we headed down the stairs and through the living room to the backyard. There wasn’t a lot of property in the back of the house since a majority of it was dedicated to the front of the house allowing the it to be secluded from the road. There was enough room for a large pool, a small pool house off a good sized patio, and a little grass between the pool and the water. There was also a dock off the property and had a large boat docked next to it. A jet ski was resting on the other side of the dock.

    “So I was thinking we go jet skiing first and then go in the pool. You know, to get the salt water off our bodies incase we fall off.”

    “There’s only one though.”

    “No shit Sherlock. You’ll have to go on behind me and hold on.”

    “Oh yeah.” I instantly that that if wearing one of Dalton’s bathing suits gave me a hard-on, holding onto him would only make matters worse.

    We walked over to the dock and Dalton hopped in the boat and proceeded through a sliding door. When I said boat, I should of said small yacht because it’s bigger than a normal boat but not big enough to live out of. He reemerged with two life jackets in each hand.

    “This one should fit you, it’s my sisters.” He said jokingly.


    Dalton took his tank top off and I was now able to see everything. His abs were just as amazing as I pictured them to be. He definitely had washboard abs and he also had the “V” as a lot of people call it. His pectorals were also just what I pictured. They were both huge and rounded over and just looked amazing. They met in the middle of his chest and he had a perfect line between them that ran straight into his abs. His shoulders were much broader than I originally thought. I didn’t know that a guy could form that much muscle on his shoulders and back until I saw Dalton’s body. Everywhere a guy could develop muscle, Dalton had it. His body was just incredible, and he barely had any hair on it. Except for a few things of hair here and there, he was hairless. It all came to an end too quickly as Dalton buckled his life jacket into place.

    “Having trouble there, Christian?”

    “Yeah, a little.” I couldn’t get the buckles to go together.

    “Here let me help.”
    He walked over to me and was so close I could feel him breathing on me. His big hands fumbled with the buckles and snapped them in place without much trouble. He then pulled the straps so the life vest was tight around my body. When he was done, he looked at me and smiled. Right then and there, I wanted to just grab him and kiss him. Everything about him made me go insane for him and I just wanted to taste him. I knew it would end horribly so I fought every erg I had to kiss his lips.


    “No problem. Now lets get going before it gets too late and the water gets rough.”

    He hopped on the jet ski first, moved all the way forward, and flicked the switch to start it. The engine roared loudly at first, but died down a bit as it ran for awhile. He then patted the seat behind him signaling for me to join. I flung my right leg over the jet ski as I brought my left on the little ledge off the side of the seat. I sat all the way at the back as far away from him as I could.

    “If you sit all the way back there, the waters gonna hit you the whole ride and you’re probably going to fall off.” He made himself comfortable on it and moved back a little. “Now move up and grab hold of my waist.”

    I moved forward to him so my knees were on either side of his body. I didn’t know where to wrap my arms around him and hesitated where to put them.

    “Here.” He reached around himself, grabbed both of my arms and wrapped them around his torso. “Now hold on.”
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    [FONT=&quot]I was so close to him that I was able to smell the shampoo he used to wash the small amount of hair he had on his head. It wasn’t fruity or flowery or anything, but manly. It had a deep masculine scent to it and it drove me crazy. I wanted to place my nose to his head and just inhale deeply but I restrained myself from doing that too. I also got a scent of the cologne he was wearing. This was more of a sweet soft scent but was still manly and powerful.

    Without warning, he gave the jet ski some gas and it jumped forward. I almost fell off and instantly grabbed him tighter. I heard him laugh a little which gave me some comfort in the situation. Everything was going fine until I realized that my crotch was only inches away from his prefect round ass. My dick began to fill up with blood and formed a full on hard-on. I’m pretty sure he couldn’t feel it digging into him because it was being compressed by my underwear, but I wasn’t positive.

    He then made a sharp turn and my left hand slipped and landed in the crotch of his bathing suit. It wasn’t there long but I defiantly felt something hard and long in his bathing suit. He definitely had a boner in his shorts as well and it made me think a little. There really wasn’t any vibration going through the jet ski that a motorcycle has, yet he still had a hard-on, just like me. Yeah, we were bumping up and down on the seat, but I doubt that was enough friction to give someone an erection.

    As I was thinking about all of this, he made another sharp turn and flung both of us off the jet ski. I did some sort of summersault thing and landed on my back as I hit the water. The water made a loud noise as I hit it and rushed into my face. I didn’t swallow any of it nor did any get in my nose, but it did get in my eyes. As I was rubbing my eyes and trying to not drown, Dalton came by on the jet ski and picked me up with his right arm.

    “Sorry about that. I thought you saw what I was doing and was ready for it. I guess I caught you unexpectedly.”

    “It’s fine. Just give me a heads up next time.”

    “Will do, but I think I’m going to call it quits for the day. The water’s already choppy and I don’t want to be out here that much longer.”

    I grabbed back onto him as he started steering it back to the dock. We were actually pretty far out from the rocks and had a decent ride back to shore. My hard-on went away when we hit the cool water and I tried thinking of other things to get my mind off of Dalton and his body. Before I knew it, we were back at his dock and on dry land once again. He took his life jacket off and waited for me to give him mine. When both were in hand he threw them on the deck of the boat and ran towards the pool. He made a huge splash in it and the water came over the sides onto the patio.

    “Come on in, the water’s actually warm.”

    I didn’t run like him or make a huge splash into the pool. I sat on the edge and just dropped myself in. I dunked myself underwater completely to get all the saltwater off my body and out of my hair. When I came back up, Dalton was standing right in front of me.

    “You have really nice eyes.” He was standing so close again that I could feel his breath on my skin again.

    “Thanks, my mom has blue eyes.”

    Before I knew it, Dalton was moving his head closer to mine as if he was going to kiss me. I decided to go along with it to see how it would play out, and to my luck he kissed me. It wasn’t a sloppy tongue to tongue kiss, but a quick curious kiss. I kissed him back and he started to get into it a little more. He became more passionate to it as his lips danced with mine. His lips were soft and wet from the water and warm from his body heat. Although he looked like a big tough guy, his lips were softer than the few girls I have hooked up with. He must of realized what he was doing and instantly stopped and backed away.

    “Oh shit!” He paused. “Shit, shit, shit!”

    “It’s fine Dalton, it really is.”

    “I’m so sorry Christian.” He walked over to the stairs and ran out of the pool.

    “Dalton! Don’t run away, it’s perfectly fine!”

    He ran into the house slamming the door behind him.[/FONT]
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    [FONT=&quot]Chapter 4[/FONT]
    I got out of the pool, grabbed a towel to dry myself off and headed inside. I looked in the living room first, then the kitchen and dinning room, down in the basement, and finally in the office, but he wasn’t there. I knew he had to be up in his room. I headed up the stairs and ran down the hall way until I reached his room. I knocked on the door but he didn’t say anything so I opened it and proceeded into his room.

    The wall his bed was on was black. Not that fake black color like the color of chalkboards, but like night black. The rest of the walls were a lighter grey color and had white molding on the ceiling and the floor. The wood floors that were downstairs and in the hallway continued into his room and there was a rug under his bed. The rug was a deep red color like the color of blood. His bed spread was black as well, but the sheets and pillow cases were the same red as the rug. For such a normal looking guy, his room sure was dark and depressing.

    He was sitting on his bed towards the windows with his back to the door. He had his face placed in his hands with his elbows propped on his knees. I sat on the bed next to him and looked out the window not saying anything for a few minutes.


    His head was still buried in his hands.

    “I just want to let you know that what happened, is perfectly fine.”

    “You think kissing another guy is okay! What the fuck’s wrong with you. I completely lost my self-control and kissed you. I’m so sorry, if you want to go back to campus, I’ll pay for a taxi or something to come and get you.”

    He was looking out the window now with a look of sorrow on his face.

    “Dalton.” He didn’t turn his head. “Dalton, look at me!”

    He turned his head slowly to look at me.

    “It’s okay because I’m gay.”

    “You’re just saying that to make me feel better.”

    “I’m pretty sure I’ve been gay since high school, but nice try.” I laughed.


    “And I’ve liked you ever since I first saw you that day in Economics.”


    “Yeah, Dalton. I know this may seem corny but my heart skips a beat when I see you and I like spending every minute I can get with you. When you asked me to come here I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know if you really meant it but I didn’t care. I saw it as a chance to spend more time with you and I took it. And when you gave me that bathing suit of yours, I got a boner because I knew that it was on your body before and that I would be wearing it. Then just now on the jet ski, when I was holding on to you and able to smell your body, that gave me a huge hard-on. I don’t know if you were able to feel it pressing against you, but I sure as hell had one.”

    “I felt it.” He laughed a little. “I really do that to you?”

    “Yes, Dalton. You’re a sexy, hot, muscular guy, and I love to look at you and love everything about your body. And as I got to know you better over these past few days and saw that you’re actually a nice guy, I fell in love with your personality.”

    “You love me?”

    “I don’t know if it’s love just yet, but I like you Dalton. I really like you a lot.”

    “And you’re serious.” I nodded. “You’re not joking?” I nodded again. “Okay good, because I’ve been feeling the same way about you but just shoved it to the back of my head.”

    “Are you gay, Dalton?”

    “I don’t know.” He looked confused.

    “You’ve had sex with girls before right?”

    He nodded.

    “Have you ever done anything with guy?”

    “You’re the first guy I kissed.”

    “Did you like it?”

    He nodded.

    “Are you just horny or something and just acted upon hormones?”

    He shook his head side to side this time and I felt so much relief in my heart that he actually had feelings for me.

    “I’m guessing you reached orgasm while you had sex with the girls?”

    He slightly nodded his head up and down like a shy high school boy.

    “Did you like it?”

    “Well yeah it felt good because I was able to blow my load, but the fact that I was doing it with a girl gave me nothing. I got nothing out of seeing her boobs or her vagina or anything.”

    “Well, Dalton, if it were to me I’d say you’re gay.”

    “That means I can be with you right?”

    “If you want to, then yes.”

    “Being gay won’t be that bad then.” He smiled again and seemed to be back to him old self. “By the way. On the jet ski, I had a hard-on too, and when your hand fell in my lap, I got nervous and decided to throw us off into the water. So sorry about that.”

    “Yeah, it’s pretty hard to not feel something that big that’s poking out of a pair of thin shorts.” He turned a light shade of red.

    There was an awkward silence in the room.

    “Can I hold you?” He asked.


    “I don’t know. To see what it feels like.”


    He propped himself up leaning against the headboard and spread his legs open. I crawled in between them and laid back against his body. I rested my head against his right pectoral. He then wrapped his strong arms around me, rested his chin on the top of my head, and just held me.

    “I like this.”

    “Yeah, me too.”

    The one thing I liked the most out of guys was the strength and protection you feel when a strong one holds you. You feel like nothing can ever happen to you or harm you when you’re in the arms of one of them. I also felt the body heat he was throwing off, which made it even better. I don’t know why, but he’s always hot and radiating heat.

    “This has to be one of my favorite things, Dalton.”

    “What, me holding you?” I nodded. “Why?”

    “Because I just like feeling your body against mine, and I like it when people hold me.”


    “You ask a lot of questions.”


    “It’s fine, I was kidding.” I smiled up to him. “I just like the feeling of security and protection I get when someone holds me.”

    “Oh, I know what you mean. I actually like holding people more than being held because I like having someone to look out for.”

    “I guess we make a good pair then?”

    “So we’re a thing now?” He asked quietly.

    “If you want to be a ‘thing’.”

    “Yes!” He exclaimed.

    “Well, I guess we’re together then.”

    We really didn’t talk much after that, we just laid there. He was still holding me and still had his head resting on top of mine and there was no sign of him letting me go anytime soon, and I was perfectly fine with it. I brought my hand on top of his and gently rubbed back and forth. I heard him sigh when I first started doing it and it wasn’t a bad sigh, but a relaxing one.

    I then took his hands into mine and started tracing them. His hands had veins in them that were visible at all times and they were much larger than mine. His hands also had this power in them, like he could easily hurt someone if he wanted to, yet they were also kind and caring at the same time. I then flipped his hands over so the palms were facing up and began to trace all the lines. When I got to the tattoos on his wrists, he tried to pull away, but I wouldn’t let him. I held on to them and just looked down at his wrists.
    “I guess I should fill you in.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “About the tattoos I have and about my parents.”

    “You don’t have to.”

    “I want to though.” He took a deep breath and then started. “The reason why I have my parents’ initials on my wrists is because they died when I was eighteen. The tattoo on my chest, you know the quote you saw earlier with the date underneath it, that was the day they died.”

    “So that means they died on Christmas Eve.”

    He nodded.

    “I’m so sorry Dalton.”

    “Yeah, me too.” He paused for a second and took another deep breath. “They went out on Christmas Eve to a party and were coming home late and got hit by a drunk driver. My mother was killed instantly and my father passed away on the ride to the hospital. The worst part about it was I actually saw the accident, because when I got there, it wasn’t taken care of yet.

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    [FONT=&quot]After the funeral and everything was taken care of, I went into this state of depression. That’s when I built this wall up where I didn’t let people get too close to me so they wouldn’t know anything about what happened. I also built the wall so I wouldn’t get to know anyone that well so if they were to leave I wouldn’t be attached to them.

    When I was starting to feel a little better, a friend of mine from elementary school told me to get a tattoo of them to remember them by because it supposedly helps with closure. So I listened to him and wound up getting these three tattoos.”

    “That’s a lot for an eighteen year old to go through.”

    “Yeah, it wasn’t easy, but I’m fine with it now.”

    “So that means, everything is yours?” I couldn’t think of anything to say and that was the first thing that came out.

    “Not everything.” He laughed. “Just this house and what ever assets my parents had were split between the three of us.” He paused. “Oh, and my dad’s business, but that’s not mine until I’m done with school.”

    “Holy shit!”


    “That means you have money…and a lot of it.”

    “I guess so.”

    He was so nonchalant about it. The house had to be a couple of million dollars and from the looks of it, his parents probably had another few million stored in the bank. Although he didn’t tell me what his father’s business is, it had to be very successful for him to pass it on to his son. Dalton was a twenty one year old millionaire.

    I noticed his breathing slowed down and that he wasn’t moving as much anymore. When I looked up at his face, his eyes were closed and his mouth was cracked open a little. He had fallen asleep, holding me. I began to fall asleep myself, and before I knew it, my eyes were closed.

    * * *
    I woke up the next morning to Dalton knocking on my chest. It wasn’t a hard hit, but more of a gentle tap to wake me up. When I opened my eyes, his face was right in front of mine and his lips were getting closer. He rested his lips onto mine and began to kiss me. It wasn’t a sexual kiss, but more of a passionate one. Even though he’s only been with girls, he definitely became a great kisser out of it.

    “Mmm, that was nice.” I said as I rubbed my eyes.

    “I guess it’s the same as kissing a girl.”

    “Pretty much.”

    “So how’d you sleep?”

    “Like a rock actually. You have a really comfortable body to sleep against, and the heat you throw off is an added bonus.” I joked.

    “Glad I could be of assistance.” He smiled. “You’re cute when you sleep.”

    “Oh really?”

    “Yeah. I watched you while you were sleeping, hope you don’t mind.”

    “That’s not creepy at all, Dalton.”

    “Aren’t we the funny one?”

    “I do try.” I kissed him back. “So what do you want to do today?”


    “Take it easy there old man. I actually like to build a relationship before hoping into bed with someone.”

    “Since when am I an old man?”

    “I call everyone old once they hit twenty one.”

    “Does that make you a kid then?”

    “If you want to call me kid, call me kid.”

    “Nah, I like Christian.”

    “You can call me Chris if you want. Christian makes me think of my parents.”

    “I don’t like Chris, it’s too original, everyone has the name Chris.”

    "If you really like Christian so much, you can call me that."


    "So you said this is your house, right?"

    "Yeah. Why do you ask?"

    "I was just wondering if your brother and sister got a house or something."

    "My parents didn't really get along with either of them as well as they got along with me, so they left me the estates. My brother got my dads cars, while my sister got my moms jewelry, and then my parents split the money they had in the bank between the three of us equally."

    "Wait…so how many houses are there?"

    "Well, there's this one which was our vacation home which is the closet to school so I made this my main residence. The house I grew up in is closer to the city, has more land, and is bigger than this one. I still have that one but was thinking of selling it since nobody uses it currently."

    "What kind of business did your father develop?"

    "Well you see, my grandfather started this small insurance company with a friend of his when they first came to the country when they were my age. My grandfather’s friend named the company because he had more assets than my grandfather at the time. Well it took off rapidly and it grew into a pretty large company that started to become well known around the state. Then by the time my father was my age and my grandfather was ready to retire, the company was well known across the tri state area. My father then bought all the rights to the company from my grandfather’s friend’s son who no longer wanted to be involved. My father kept the name the same so people would still know about it and not get confused. And now its mine to manage. The last time I checked, it was valued at a few million dollars and the revenues its produced was in the high teens of millions."

    "Why are you so nonchalant about all of this?"

    "It's just money."

    "Yeah, a lot of people have money and they're obsessed over it. Why aren't you?"

    "Don't get me wrong Christian, I like to spend money on nice clothes, cars, jewelry and things like that, but I'm not showy about it. Yeah people see that I wear nice clothes or drive a nice car, but I don't show it off, its just there."

    "Dalton Garcia, you are certainly something else."

    "Thanks, I like to be my own person."

    "As much as I'd like to continue this conversation, where’s the bathroom? I have
    to pee real badly."

    "Ill show you, I have to shower anyway."

    He got out of bed still wearing his bathing suit from yesterday and walked across
    the room. He opened the door on the left side of the television and pushed the
    door open for me to walk through. Wherever we went, he always opened the door
    for me to go first.

    "Would you get weirded out if I got ready while you took a piss?" He asked

    "No, it doesn't bother me."

    I walked over to the toilet and managed to get my dick out of my bathing suit and underwear just in time. I guess I really had to go because by the time I finished, Dalton brushed his teeth already and had the shower running. I walked over to the sink and washed my hand and brushed my teeth real quick with the tooth brush Dalton had placed at the other sink for me. Nothing’s worse than morning breath when your kissing someone.

    "Do you take long to shower?" I asked.


    "Because I want to take one today too and want to see if I should go first or
    wait after you."

    "What do you say if we shower together?"[/FONT]
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    Largo (FL, US)
    Wow! This one was even better! Here's an excerpt from a letter from someone that I recently separated from, which should have lasted longer than it did. The intimacy toward the end of your story reminded me of it.

    Anyway, as you became more intoxicated you opened up a great deal more and we really talked about a lot, that I loved That evening you told me that you loved me. The next evening, the night/morning that we were intimate, I told you you that it was true that I also loved you. I do love you and I think that I always have. It wasn’t so much the sex part of it. It was being able to hold you and kiss you that meant so much to me.
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    [FONT=&quot]Chapter 5[/FONT]

    “Umm.” I didn’t know how to respond.

    He pulled the bathing suit off and was standing there in all his glory. Everything that I’ve been imagining in my mind was finally coming true, and was actually far better in person. His abs were still breathtaking even though I’ve seen the a few times already. They ran into the “V” which than ran into his crotch region. Like I said before, Dalton wasn’t really a hairy guy and I didn’t know if he shaved or if he just didn’t have hair. It didn’t bother me though, what he had in between his legs made up for everything.

    His dick had to be at least five or six inches standing there in the bathroom and he was completely soft. My dick was almost seven inches hard and he intimidated me a little. I’ve had sex with one of my boyfriends in the past, but he was only six inches long, and the idea of having Dalton’s cock which was six inches soft inside of me scared me a little.

    “You’re not going to just stand there, right?”

    “Um, no.” I stopped staring at him. “I don’t think so.”

    “Well the tent you’re casting says otherwise.” He pointed in between my legs.


    “Don’t be. Take the rest of your clothes off and go in the shower with me.”

    He walked to the glass shower stall, opened the door, and stepped under the various water jets spraying all around the shower. Normally I would feel confident being nude around another guy, but everything about Dalton’s body was perfect and make mine look sub par. Every aspect of him was bigger and better than any aspect I had and it made me feel self-conscious. I reluctantly took the rest of my clothes off and walked into the shower but went in towards the other end.

    Most people have a shower big enough for two people but Dalton’s shower could probably fit four comfortably. The shower was on the wall directly across from where you walked in. On the left side of the shower, there was a large Jacuzzi soaker tub that’s built in and centered under a window. On the left side of where the tub was, a TV was hanging on the wall. I guess if you were soaking in the tub, you could watch TV at the same time so you wouldn’t get bored.

    On the right side of the tub, that’s where the shower was located. It took up a majority of the wall, and had a bench seat with a slab or granite on top in the left corner that was level to the height of the tub. There was a shower head on the ceiling that seemed to be like rain, and then there were five or six other jets spraying from all around the stall. Where ever you were standing in the shower, you’d get wet because of all the jets. The walls looked to be like a tumbles marble and were the small squares. About three fourths up the wall, a border with a fancy design went around the two walls of the shower. It had to be the nicest shower I was ever in. Dalton then shut off all the water jets except for the one on the top.

    “Why don’t you come from the corner of the stall and shower with me?”

    “Um, no thanks.”

    “If it’s because you get turned on by my body, it’s perfectly fine. I think it’s a compliment to see that I can make you excited like that.”

    “It’s not that.”

    “Then what is it?” He walked over to me.

    “Do you really want to know.” He nodded. “Promise not to laugh or anything.” He nodded again. “You make me feel self conscious when you’re naked.”


    “Because everything about you is amazing and perfect. Your arms and shoulders are huge, your pectorals are huge and muscular, you have a set of six pack abs that run into a huge cock that’s probably the size of mine when it’s hard.”

    “It’s not a competition you know Christian.”

    “I know, but I feel smaller and weaker than you.”

    “Don’t be, some of your aspects are to die for.”

    “Like what.”

    “Well you’re eyes, they’re steel blue and I could look at them for hours. In case you haven’t noticed, I have brown eyes, like the rest of the human population, I’d die to have your eyes. Even though you may not think you have a good body, I really like yours. You’re skin color is amazing and the muscle you have is located in all the right places.”

    “Why? You have an amazing body that anyone would die for.”

    “That’s what I’m jealous of. People see me for my body, and a lot of times, I’ve been used for it. I never know if people are just being nice to be to get to know me or to just get in bed with me. You on the other hand, people like you for you and you’re still a hot guy. I’d die to have that.”

    “Then why don’t you just stop working out?”

    “Because it’s become such a big part of my life, I wouldn’t know what to do with the rest of my free time.”

    “If it helps, I like you for you Dalton.” I kissed him. “Your body is just an added bonus.”

    He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his torso. His strong arms held me up as I kissed him and explored his mouth with my tongue. I’ve waited weeks to finally do this with him and I wasn’t going to hold back.

    “So you don’t want me to stop working out?” He pulled away from me.

    “Never! I love you the way you are and you make me feel hot every time I see you.”

    He pushed me against the wall in between the shower jets and continued to kiss me. He definitely liked to lead while we were kissing and I was perfectly fine with it. I had a hot muscular guy who liked me and my body kissing me while in the shower, I can’t complain.

    My hands explored his back as he continued to kiss me. The muscles I felt in his back were incredible and took me by surprise. Yeah, I saw his back yesterday when he was taking his life jacket on, but feeling it was a completely different retrospect. I could feel every dimple, crease and muscle that was on his back. There was no sign of fat on his back as there was on the front.

    He then kicked it up another notch. He kissed me harder and more passionately and let his hand roam over my body. They started off at my face and he brought them down slowly to my chest and over my stomach. He then landed on my crotch and when he first touched them, I let out a moan. He instantly stopped and looked at my face and until he saw me nod in approval he stopped. Even while he was whorned up, he still had respect for me and wanted my approval before proceeding with an action. His lips found mine again and his left hand found my dick as his right one went to supporting me.

    He fondled with it at first like he didn’t know what to do with it.

    “Dalton, stop for a minute.” He pulled his mouth away. “It’s just like jacking yourself off. Whatever you do to yourself to make you feel good, do it to me.”

    He nodded and went back to kissing me. His left hand grabbed onto my dick again and started to stroke up and down. I became fully erect by now and could feel Dalton starting to harden up. He got a good rhythm going from the top of my head to the bottom of the shaft. Every so often he would give his hand a twist around my dick and send a new wave of sensation through my body. He continued to do this until I let a low and powerful moan into his mouth. He started to pump harder and faster as I kissed him harder.

    It didn’t take much more for me to reach my climax and before I knew it, I pulled away from Dalton’s lips and let our a long and low grunt. The first stream of jizz actually hit Dalton square in the chin and he jerked his head back as a reflex. The next two or three shots felt just as good or even better than the first and hit him in the face. The rest of the steams shot up in the air and landed on part of my crotch while some landed on Dalton’s arm and the rest landed on the shower floor to go down the drain. I didn’t realize at first but I heard myself making a moaning grunt under my breath that didn’t escape my mouth. This had to be one of the best orgasm I’ve ever had and it was only a hand job in the shower.[/FONT]
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    [FONT=&quot]“Did I do good?” He asked waiting for my approval.

    “Good…really…good.” I was panting like a dog.

    “I even took your breath away.” He said with a huge smile on his face.

    “Seat.” I could only get out one word between breaths for air.

    He placed me on the bench seat in the shower and sat beside me. He rested his left hand on my right knee as I was catching my breath. I looked at his face and saw that my cum was everywhere on his face and that some of it was even in his hair.

    “Thank you, that was incredible Dalton.” I kissed his cheek. “You do know that you have cum on your face.”

    “Oh yeah, I forgot.” He whipped off his chin and cheek with his hand and looked down at it as he brought it in front of his face. “What does it even taste like?”

    “You’ve never tasted your own sperm after you’ve jacked off?”


    “Then why don’t you try mine.”

    He looked hesitant as he brought his hand closer to his face. He stuck his tongue out and got a little on the tip and brought it into his mouth. As he swallowed, his face became all contorted and he shut his eyes.

    “Ew! How do you like that!”

    “You get used to it, especially if it’s the same person’s constantly.”

    “I don’t like it.”

    “Give it time and you’ll grow to like it.”

    I looked down at his crotch and noticed that he was getting soft again. I wanted to blow his mind as a repayment for making me feel so good. I started off just rubbing his dick and balls softly and before I knew it, he was filling up with blood. When I thought it couldn’t get any bigger or wider, he did. By the time he was done growing he had to be around nine inches long. Like I said before, I have experience with other guys dicks and can suck them, but none of them were this big.

    I dropped to my knees in front of him and just looked at his crotch for a few seconds. I knew I could probably fit it all in my mouth, but I would have to work up to it.

    “You don’t have to do that Christian.” He looked down at me.

    “I want to though.”

    “Thanks.” He looked anxious.

    “You’ve gotten head from girls before, right.” He nodded. “Have you ever heard that guys give better head than girls.”

    “I’ve heard about it before but never knew if it were true or not.” He paused. “Is it?”

    “I’d say so.”

    He got this look of excitement on his face now. His cock was throbbing by now and seemed to have a pulse of it’s own. Dalton was looking down at me anxiously and looked like a little boy on Christmas Day about to open all his presents. I grabbed the shaft in my left hand and licked the underside of it with my tongue. His hands desperately reached for the ledge under the top of the seat and grabbed onto it. He also clenched his eyes and titles his head back. I didn’t even have his head in my mouth yet, and he was already in so much pleasure. I knew this was going to be a fun ride.

    I teased the underside of his shaft for a few more minutes until he looked like he was going to go crazy. He looked like he was going to blow his load soon so I stopped and just focused on his testicles. At first I gently fondled them in my hands cradling them in between my fingers. When I knew he was back under control, I took each of his testicles in my mouth. I started with the left one first and just let him get used to the heat and wetness of my mouth. I moved my tongue all around it and flicked up and down a few times. I did the same to the right before I moved back to his cock.

    I flicked the underside a few times to get him fully erect and to make sure he was ready for what was soon to come. I moved up to the head and kissed it first before I took it in my mouth. He went back to grabbing the edge of the seat but left his eyes locked on mine. I opened my mouth and took the head in and just let my tongue cover the whole thing. Dalton let out a moan that wasn’t too loud, but still echoed in the bathroom. I went down about halfway before I brought my head back to the top. I then went down a little further and further before I gagged. I was nearly to the bottom of his shaft when I pulled off of him. Dalton was going to say something to me but I took him back in my mouth and shut him up.

    I went all the way down real quick and before I knew it I had his whole penis in my mouth and down my throat. I was proud of myself that I was able to fit the whole thing in my mouth and suddenly became more confident. I started to get a rhythm going where I went all the way down and then brought my tongue to the underside of his penis as I went up so he would get an added sensation. I also flicked my tongue over the head of his cock to send him crazy.

    When I looked up at him I could tell it was working. His head was tilted back and his eyes were shut tight and his hands had no sign of letting go of the seat. The muscles in his chest and his arms were also shaking and twitching as his mouth was hanging open. I slowed down a little and just let my tongue explore the back side of his pole. He seemed to like it because he wouldn’t stop moaning the whole time I was doing it.

    His body began shaking and all of his muscles tensed up. I knew what was coming and just let my tongue and mouth go crazy. I was twisting my tongue around his whole penis making sure to cover everything. When I got to the head, I began to suck which gave him a new sensation to experience and make him moan and grunt even louder. He grabbed the back of my and began thrusting his hips into my face.

    “Holy shit! I’m going to cum!!! Whatever you do, don’t stop!!!”

    He face fucked me a few more times before he blew his load in my mouth. He actually screamed out of pure pleasure as the first few streams of cum were sent down my throat. The rest of the time he just kept moaning and making loud low grunts and kept thrusting his penis into my mouth trying to get it deeper. His cum was actually sweet and was warm and I actually liked to swallow his. Some guys just have pure nasty jizz and you actually have to keep it down to, Dalton’s though, I would swallow anytime. When he stopped thrusting his hips he collapsed against the glass and was gasping for air.

    “Was it better than a blowjob from a girl?”

    He held a thumbs up.

    “Glad I know I can take your breath away.”

    He did another thumbs up.

    He caught his breath and stepped under the showerhead and began to wash himself. I decided to do the same so we could get ready for the day ahead of us. We didn’t talk while we were showering but we exchanged quick smiles to each other. We finished cleaning up, stepped out of the shower, dried off and wrapped a towel around our waists.

    “I have to brush my teeth again, I still have that taste in my mouth.”

    “Good idea.”

    Dalton walked over to the sink on the right side of the vanity and I walked to the left one. The mirror was one big one behind the sinks and we were standing side by side in them. Standing next to him, he probably had about half a head on me and his body was much wider. It didn’t bother me as much anymore and I was starting to like it. I liked the idea that he was larger than me so he could take care of me.

    “I appreciate that you swallowed, Christian.”


    “Because the girls I’ve been with I had to beg them to do it and they wound up not swallowing after all. You though, you did it without hesitation and I really appreciate it.”

    “It’s not a problem.” I chuckled to myself. “I didn’t mind it because you don’t taste bad actually.”

    “Really? What do I taste like?” He smiled in the mirror.

    “You have sweet cum.”

    “Good to know.”

    We finished up brushing our teeth and Dalton decided to shave his face. He only had stubble growing but I guess he didn’t want any hair on his face so he got his razor and shaving cream out. I always thought you shave before you shower so you get all the shaving cream off, but Dalton did it the other way around.

    “How tall are you?”

    “I think I’m six foot three.”

    “You’re five inches taller than me.”

    “Yeah, I can tell.” He smiled again.

    “And how much do you weigh.”
    “I think around 220.”

    “Seventy pounds more than me too.”

    “So you should be five foot eleven and 150 pounds?”

    “Five ten actually.”

    “Yeah, math has never been my strong subject. You’re short by the way.”

    “I think you’re just freakishly tall.”

    “That could be.” He smiled yet again.

    “You know what I noticed about you.”

    “I’m incredibly good looking and you can’t resist me.”

    “Beside that.” We both laughed. “You smile a lot.”

    “It doesn’t take much to make me laugh or smile.”

    “Good to know.”

    We finished up in the bathroom and went into the bedroom to get ready. Dalton told me to get my bag from the room across the hall and bring it into his room since I’d be staying with him. I was surprised how quickly things were going but it didn’t bother me. I was happy and so was Dalton and that’s all that mattered.

    When I returned back to his room with my bag in hand, Dalton was walking around the room in only his underwear. I thought he was going to be a boxer guy because of the whole athlete appearance, but I was wrong. Dalton was wearing these black low-rise trunks that hugged his butt and package like a glove. The waistband was rested a few inches below his belly button and the V was completely visible. The bulge in the front was also very obvious and looked like he had a sock stuffed in there, but he didn’t.

    “Can you go out like that?”

    “Why, you like it?” He did a little spin around to tease me.

    “Yes, a lot.” I walked over to him and gave him a kiss.

    “As much as I would like to, we have to get ready and leave soon.”

    “Where are we going anyway?”
    “I’ll tell you later, just get dressed now.” He walked into his closet and disappeared. “Try to look nice though.”

    I unzipped my bag and first looked for a pair of briefs. I’ve been a brief guy all my life and I wasn’t switching now. Plus I like the way they hold everything in place. He said to look nice so I found a pair of dark jeans that didn’t have any holes in them, and one of the polo shirts I packed.

    “What color are you wearing?” I shouted.

    “You don’t have to scream, I’m right here.” He had his clothes in his hands as he walked out of the closet. “I’m wearing black and white, why?”

    “So I don’t wear the same color as you.”

    “Are you that anal about it?”

    “No, I just hate looking like weirdoes who wear the same thing.”

    “Oh.” He started to get dressed.

    He put on a pair of dark denim jeans that were in a straight leg style that had some holes in them and put on a white belt. He then got a plain white button down shirt and left the top two buttons open and put a black suit jacket over it from the closet. It was a normal black jacket with two buttons on the bottom and had two pockets at the torso. At first everything looked weird, but when he put a white pair of shoes on, his watch, and his earrings, it all came together.

    “Where exactly are we going that you got that dressed up.”

    “I told you I would tell you later.” He grabbed some cologne and sprayed himself a few times. “Now do you need help getting dressed?”

    “No.” I snapped back. “I can do it myself.”

    I slipped my clothes and shoes on real quick and found my cologne from my bag. The one thing I could never leave the house without besides my phone was putting cologne on. I took one final look in the mirror and nodded before I met Dalton waiting at the front door. We got in the car, drove towards the end of the drive way and turned left on the road.

    “You get to meet my family today.”[/FONT]
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    should i continue or what say yes or no
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    Chapter 6

    “What do you mean when you say family…like the whole family?”

    “No.” He laughed. “Just my brother and sister. We always go out for brunch on Saturday to spend time together.”

    “Oh.” I paused. “Are you going to tell them?”

    “About what?”

    “Us.” I said meekly as I watched the trees pass by on the side of the road.

    “Do you think it’s too soon?”

    “It’s entirely up to you, it’s your family and your life.”

    “I was thinking of mentioning it to them.”

    “Do you think they’d be supportive of you?”

    “My sister, yeah, she wouldn’t care. It’s my brother that I’m worried about.”

    “Is he homophobic.”

    “No, he’s never talked badly about gay people but you never can tell with Louis.”

    “Well…I’ve decided that I’m going to come out to everyone when we get back to school.”

    “Could you not include me in that when you do it. I’m not ready to come out to that many people just yet. And with sports, it might raise problems for me on the team and everything so I’d really like if you kept me out of that.”

    “No problem, whenever you’re ready you can tell people.”


    “Can I tell one person though? She’s known about me since the first day of classes and she hasn’t told anyone. You can trust her.”

    “Who is it?”

    “You know that girl Christine.” He nodded. “Her.”

    “If you’re sure about it, go for it.”

    “She won’t tell anyone, I promise.”

    “It’s okay, I believe you.”

    We were now on a highway and were moving at a crawl since traffic decided to come to a stop.

    “She has a huge crush on you, by the way.”



    “Too bad I found you, she would have been a nice girl to have around.”

    ‘Except that you said you don’t get anything out of girls.”

    “Fuck you, Christian.”

    “Give me a time and a place.” I smiled.

    “I can pull over right now, if you want.”

    “One day.” I patted his right thigh. “One day, Dalton.”

    Traffic opened up and we were back to going seventy in the middle lane of the highway. I’ve never understood how traffic worked. One minute you would be sitting not moving, and the next you would be speeding like nothing ever happened. All that mattered was that we were actually moving and that we would be at the restaurant on time.

    The trip only lasted about forty-five minutes from the house to the parking lot. It was only 10:30 yet the parking lot was packed with a variety of cars. We wound up parking in the back of the restaurant next to a red luxury convertible. When we got inside, Dalton gave the maitre de his last name and she escorted us through the dining room to a circular table by the window over looking the lake. His sister Gianna was wearing a pair of black leggings, a long blouse that rested at her mid thigh, and a pair of those UGG boots. His brother was wearing a normal black button down shirt and a pair of jeans as well.

    “Hey baby brother!” Louis declared as he got up from the table and went to hug Dalton.

    “I’m not a baby anymore bro, I weigh more than you.”

    “I know, I just like messing with you.” He let go of Dalton and looked over at me. “Who’s this?”

    “This is Christian, he’s a really good friend of mine from college and is helping me study during the time we have off for a test on Tuesday.”

    “Nice to meet you, I’m Louis.” He held out his hand.

    “Nice to meet you too.” I took his hand and shook it.

    Gianna got up by now and was hugging Dalton. She was much shorter than him and her head didn’t even come up to his chest. They did look exactly alike though, and I can say that if Dalton were a girl, he’d be really good looking.

    “Nice to meet you Christian.” I went to shake her hand but she hugged me instead. She came up to about my shoulder when I hugged her. “You smell nice.”

    “Thank you?” I took my seat next to Dalton on one side of the table while his siblings sat on the other.

    “I didn’t mean to creep you out by smelling you or anything.”

    “It’s fine.” I laughed.

    A waiter came over to our table and introduced himself. I think his name was James and he was cute. He wasn’t hot or masculine like Dalton, but cute in the young teenage way. If I had to put an age on him, I would say seventeen. Anyway, he took our orders and drinks and walked away.

    While we were waiting for the food to come, Dalton and Louis started talking about sports and games on TV and how everyone played and such. It wasn’t my cup of tea nor was it Gianna’s so we engaged in small talk. She asked what my major was and how I met her brother and where I was from. She seemed to catch a sudden interest in the fact of how I’m from New York City. She asked me all about Broadway, if there really are a lot of taxis on the street, all about shopping, and about the night life. I asked if she had ever been there and she told me when she was much younger and that she wanted to visit soon. As our food was coming I told her I would meet her in Grand Central Station and show her all around.

    I ordered a simple farmer’s omelet which consisted of a variety of vegetables mixed with two eggs and a piece of toast. I’m not much of a breakfast person so I didn’t order a lot of food. Dalton, on the other hand, had two Sunnyside up eggs, a few pieces of bacon and some sausage, and then three pancakes. I guess a guy of his stature needs to eat a lot of food in order to keep his muscles in shape. Gianna got some fancy omelet that had some foreign sauce on the top that I’ve never heard about. Louis just got a plate of French toast and seemed very happy with it.

    As we were eating, I heard Dalton put his fork and knife down on his plate. I looked over at him and he was taking a sip of his water. I went back to my eggs and thought nothing of it.

    “I’m gay.” He blurted out.

    Gianna and Louis just looked at him blankly.

    “I’m gay.” He repeated. “And I don’t care if you two think of me differently.”

    “Nothing like blurting that out over a nice breakfast, Dalton.” Gianna laughed.

    “Yeah really, you didn’t even ease into it bro.”

    “So you two don’t care?” They both nodded. “Holy shit, that was so much easier than I originally thought.”

    “We’re your family Dalton.” Louis started. “We don’t care if you’re gay, straight, or bisexual, you’re still the same brother that we grew up with. Did you actually think we would be mad or something?”

    “I honestly don’t know. I was just afraid you guys would stop talking to me and cut me out of your lives.”

    “The fact that you actually thought that, disgusts me.” It was Gianna this time. “We’re going to support you no matter what Dalton. We’re family which means we’re in it together, forever, whether you like it or not. We both love and care about you very much and it will never stop. Who cares if you like men. As long as you‘re happy, why would we care?”

    “I guess so.”

    “Yeah bro, we’re one dysfunctional family, and you’re part of it forever.”

    “Well that’s such a big relief.” Dalton leaned back in his chair.

    Everyone went back to eating their meals and eventually everyone was finished and James cleared the table.

    “So are you and Christian a couple?” Gianna pointed back and forth from me and Dalton.

    “Is it that obvious?”

    “Well the way Christian looks at you makes it pretty obvious.” She paused. “And you look at him the same way, so yes, it’s obvious Dalton.”

    “I guess I have to stop looking at you Christian.”

    “I don’t think you can do that.” I stuck my tongue out.

    “I could of picked a normal looking guy, but no, I had to pick a hot younger one.”

    “I’m sorry that I can’t change the way I look.”

    “Even if you could change the way you look, I wouldn’t do it.” Gianna butted in.

    “I’m not that good looking.”

    “Yes…you are.” She said.

    “Yeah, Christian. You need to work on that whole self-confidence thing you have going on, it’s getting annoying.”

    “Sorry, I’ll try and work on it.”

    James came back with the bill in hand and after a small argument over who was going to pay, Dalton won. He pulled a credit card out of his wallet and handed it to James. I knew he had money, but I didn’t know he had his own credit card with his own name on it. I just looked at him waiting for him so say something.
  15. B_charliejjm

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    “You have your own credit card?”

    “Yes, is that a surprise to you?”

    “Just a little. How do you pay for it?”

    “I don’t.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “It’s a company card.”

    “Okay, go on.”

    “The CFO of my company pays off all the debt I add onto it and makes sure there’s always room on it.”

    “So you can spend whatever you want?”

    “No, he can’t.” Louis snapped. “Our dad had something in his will stating how much Dalton is entitled to spend and the CFO is in charge of the spending.”

    “He pretty much summed it up.” James came back will the receipt and placed it on the table for Dalton to sign. “I have a trust fund too that I’m not allowed to touch until I get out of college.”

    “Okay, that makes sense.”

    “We should probably get going before traffic gets too bad.”

    Dalton left a generous tip for James on the table and said goodbye to the maitre de as we left the restaurant. We all walked to the back parking lot and I soon realized that we were all parked next to each other. Gianna had the red Audi convertible to our right and Louis had the black Mercedes sedan to our left. It wasn’t the outrageously expensive sedan but it was still up there in price. Louis just nodded to both of us before he got in his car and drove away. No handshake, no goodbye, but just a head nod.

    “Well it’s been a pleasure getting to know you Christian.” She hugged me.

    “I can say the same for you as well.”

    “I’m holding you to showing me around the city one day.”

    “It be my pleasure.”

    “And goodbye my baby brother.” She hugged Dalton and kissed his cheek.

    “You make it sound like I won’t see you again for awhile when I will next weekend and I’m sure I’ll be hearing from you tomorrow.”

    “See, we told you he always bust peoples’ balls, Christian.”

    I just laughed.

    “Get home safely, Gianna.”

    Dalton unlocked the truck, got in and just started it. Gianna pulled away while he was just sitting there looking at the steering wheel. He looked like a million and one thoughts rushing through his head and he didn’t know what to do. I rested my hand on his right thing and just squeezed it letting him know I was here for him. He snapped out of his daze and left the parking lot.

    “What’s wrong, Dalton?”


    “Don’t tell me nothing’s wrong because I can clearly see something’s bothering you.”

    “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”

    “It’s my job to worry about you, Dalton.” I squeezed his thigh again. “Does it have to do with your brother?”

    “Yeah, he’s just so fucking annoying sometimes. He went from being so accepting of me and joking with me to a complete asshole within the matter of minutes.”

    “I noticed that he changed. What was that all about?”

    “It has to do with the money from my parents.”

    “What do you mean? He drives a nice car and wore nice clothes, he has to have money.”

    “Like I told you before, my dad just left Louis the cars he had, one of them was the one he had here today. He had to sell the other two to pay off the bills he had from college and in order to get a house so he could start his family.”

    “So he got absolutely no money from your parents when they passed away?”

    He shook his head side to side and had tears forming in his eyes.

    “You don’t have to talk about this if you don’t want to, Dalton.” I rubbed his thigh this time.

    “No.” He wiped his eyes. “I want to…you deserve to know everything.”

    “If you need to stop or don’t want to continue any longer, just stop.”

    “So back to him and my parents.” He sniffled his nose. “My dad didn’t get along with Louis that well because he got his girlfriend awhile ago, who’s his wife now, pregnant and he didn’t want to support her. He wanted her to get an abortion because he was scared and didn’t want to be a parent yet. My dad told him he didn’t want to see him any longer and that he needed to move out. So long story short, his girlfriend had a miscarriage and my brother lucked out on that. My dad somewhat got over it but I guess he didn’t want to leave any of his assets to him so he left him with the cars.”

    “So Louis’ wife is pregnant now and he’s fine with it?”

    “Yeah, he’s ready to start a life but he’s living way beyond his standards and is having trouble with his finances.”

    “Does he work for the company?”

    “Nope, my dad cut him out of that too. My dad decided to leave Gianna with the money he was going to give Louis in addition to hers.”

    “So you got the whole business, the rest of the money, and the houses?”

    “Yeah, my dad trusted me with money and knew I wanted to work for him one day so he left it all to me.”

    “And now Louis gets mad that you’re sitting high up on your horse while he’s rubbing two pennies together.”

    “What did you just say?”

    “Sorry.” I laughed. “It means that you don’t have to worry about any finances while he has to work hard just to scrap by.”

    “He’s not scrapping by though. He has a good job and his wife used to work so they have money. He just wants to live the life he used to live while he was growing up with my parents.”


    The rest of the car ride we didn’t speak to each other, I just left my hand resting on his thigh as I looked out the window. There wasn’t much traffic on the highway and we were cruising at a constant speed. By the time we were parked in the garage, the clock in the car read a little past one.

    Dalton took his jacket off and draped it over the back of one of the stools in the kitchen. He also took his shoes and socks off and left them by the garage door. I took my shoes off and placed them next to his but I left my socks on. When I turned around Dalton was standing at the island staring at me.

    “You have a cute ass.”

    “I told you that you wouldn’t be able to stop looking at me.”

    “I’m serious though, it’s so round and fills your jeans up nicely.”

    I walked over to him and hugged him. He brought his head down to mine so our lips were level with each other. I pressed my lips against his and let him do all the work. He kissed me harder and with more passion and let his hands run up and down my back. They eventually stopped on my butt where he grabbed it in both hands. I let out a little moan in his mouth and kissed him harder. I felt the bulge in his pants get larger as he was pressing it against me. He went to unzip his pants but I grabbed his hand and pulled it away. I also stopped kissing him and just looked up into his dark brown eyes.

    “Why’d you stop? Don’t you want to do something right now?”

    “Not right now, but maybe later.” I kissed him one more time but pulled away before he could kiss back.

    “Oh, come on! I’m so horny right now and you aren’t helping at all.”

    “I like to tease you, that’s all.”

    He went to grab me but I ran around the other side of the island. When he went right I went left so the distance between us stayed the same. He then just ran around the whole island and eventually caught up to me, wrapping his powerful arms around my waist and picking me up.

    “That’s not fair! You can’t just pick me up!”

    “I just did.”

    I tried to break free of his grip, but he was too strong. He carried me into the living room where he laid down on the couch with his back propped up against the pillows. He placed me in between his legs so I was resting against his chest and torso and continued to wrap his arms around me. He held me close and tight.

    “This has to be my favorite thing, Dalton.”

    “Yeah, me too.” He rested his chin on my head. “I’m really glad I met you, Christian.”

    “I feel the same way. I say we make a good couple.”

    “Yeah, we do.”

    * * *

    The rest of the afternoon, we just laid there on the couch watching TV. Dalton occasionally kissed the top head or the nape of my neck as we laid there. Each time he sent a warm fuzzy feeling through my entire body which made me feel at ease with him.

    We ate a heavy dinner since we had a late breakfast and no lunch, and both decided to go for a swim after. Dalton insisted on going in naked, and he eventually won me over. Before we knew it a few hours passed by and it was getting late. We grabbed a quick shower together and changed to get ready for bed. Dalton wanted to hold me again but I wouldn’t let him because he would of gotten a bad night sleep. I laid on my right side facing the wall with no windows and Dalton got behind me in a spooning position. He put his left arm around me and pulled me closer to him. With the body heat he was throwing off, I quickly fell asleep in his arms.
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    What a sweet story dude.
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    OMG!!! Please keep this going! It is so wonderful on so many levels. More! NOW!!!!

    But no pressure...:wink:
  18. B_charliejjm

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    thank you that you like this stor
    but actually this is the end
  19. B_charliejjm

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    jk more to come...

    by 11:30 pm you would have chapter 6 or 7
  20. B_charliejjm

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    guys im working on a new project that is called love
    just send me a message and i will give you a preview of it.. thanks..
    and enjoy chapter 7
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