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    I didn't really know where else to seek advice. LPSG was the only place I could think of with an active group of wise (For the most part) adults :smile: Anyway, I'm 25 years old and have for the most part been wasting away my life sitting in front of a computer playing games for years. I did well in high school, and very well on my SATs, but then proceeded to dick around in college for years doing nothing but wasting tuition money and destroying my GPA. My transcript is littered with F's and WU's from not attending, I believe my GPA is around 1.0. I'm far from unintelligent, just lazy...which I believe is worse.

    Anyway, it took long enough but I'm finally motivated to do something with my life. I've toyed with the option of going back to school but it just doesn't interest me. I'd like to start doing something soon. A friend suggested an apprenticeship program to me, something along the lines of electricians, carpenters, plumbers, etc. I did some quick research and they make fairly good livings, and I'd be getting paid to learn and work at the same time which appeals to me. I could honestly see this working for myself.

    I was just wondering if anyone here has participated in such a program, I'd love to hear any experiences you'd like to share in regards to it. I live in New York City, and they have a website with open listings New York State Department of Labor - What is Apprentice Training? A number of them require you to have a drivers license, some require you to have your own car. I have neither :redface: So I was going to take the first step and get my license, and look for an apprenticeship that doesn't require me to have my own car.

    So far I don't really see any flaws with this path I want to take. Are there any cons or bad things I need to look out for?
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    Well the hard ass answer is that you better start caring. You have placed yourself behind others in the career line.

    The lines of work you list can work very hard and it is physical, not sitting around. You will make squat for the first few years, will be a gopher and then you will make decent money.
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