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    Jan 18, 2006
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    hey, i was just browsing for penis sites in general, and in no way am i huge, or in need for support of such a large penis. ha. actually, i am rather small, i measure out to be 6 inches in length non-bone pressed and about 4.7-4.82 along the shaft in circumfrence, with it narrowing out at the head. my small penis has kept me from having sex but now i think i found the right girl, im 19 btw. so anyway, shes had a decent amount of sex in her past, not a huge slut or anything, but has had a share. however, i dont think shes had sex in about a year. i was wondering if having a decent amount of intercourse will make her vagina much looser. i know this is true for childbirth, but ive heard varying stories on intercourse. i know she wont be as tight as a virgin, but will it be very loose, all help is appreciated. i hope she wont dump me for my underendowment.
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    Apr 5, 2004
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    Outta Here
    Average is just a word. You can make her feel like you're stud if you wiggle your worm just right. I'm sure she'll be pleased with your endowment. BTW, you're not what I'd call small either, your a good size. As for her being stretched out, I don't think that should be a concern as skin has a wornderful elastic property and will revert back to almost it's original size even after childbirth.
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