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    Hey guys,
    I received a phone call today from Derrick, now he is the guy that i was seeing, you can say we were lovers, before we seperated. He loved me for me. That is what i loved about him.

    Now here is the deal. Me and Derrick, decided to separate for a while until things settle down. Now unfortunately he still lives at home, but he wants to move and with the way things are he doesn't have the money at the present time. He has a job, so this isn't an issue. His mom and dad are the old fashion type. You know, only man and woman should marry.

    So anyway, we chatted on the phone today and he asked me "Do i still have a chance with you". I said we will have to talk and see if this is something you really want, because i no i do. Now, we have been together for a while in the past, so we know each other well. Truth be told i still love him and really do want to be with him.

    I am not doing this out of desperation, but i think the time is right.

    We are having dinner tomorrow night, and we will talk.

    I need some advice from someone who can help me out. Do you think i should ask him to move in with me. That way we can be together. What do you think. Help me out.
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    I don't think that's a question anyone here can answer for you. Only you can say how you feel about him. If he's in his 30s, like you, and refusing to leave home, what's that about?
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