one night in paris (m/m)

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    This is a true story that happened to me while i was on a college trip when i was about 17.
    this is my first ever try at this so please be nice

    Me and tom had been in france for 2 days, we had spent the day in the city centre and had been shopping, mostly for souveners, it was the first week of august and the weather was beutiful, tom would walk around half naked which i loved, he'd show off his naturally toned chest, he was slim, maby 9-10 stone but had the body tone of an athlete, he knew he was fit and he loved showing off to everyone

    we had gone back to our hotel and had some food, we didnt know much french so the tv was shit, we went outside to play some football to pass the time, before long we all had our shirts off and were dripping with sweat, looking at 10 jocks running around coverd in nothing but shorts and sweat, in no time i was hiding my hardon, i was in goal so it wasnt so bad, tom had come over to get a drink, as he walked i became mesmerised by his bullet like nipples, he trew water over his smooth body, the water just ran down to sagging shorts, i followed it down

    "Hey sam, what you doing you big puff"

    i jumped out of my skin, i didnt get caught looking very often but i hadnt had a wank in days and it just took over me, i came back as best as i could given the sitiuation
    "sorry ur just so damn sexy, i couldnt take my eyes off you"

    "yea you know it"

    it lookes like i got away with it, he went back to playing, as he turned i caught sight of his best feature by far, his shorts had slid down so he had an amazing sag, you could see his arse perfectly through his white boxers as they clung to his moist skin as he began to run, my hardon got even harder, i looked away and found the fat kid, james always got rid of my hardons

    we went back to our rooms in the evening, my blood was pumping and i needed to unload, me and tom were sharing a room, when he wasnt there id grabed myself some of his sweaty underware, it felt great on my face, i licked the crotch and absorbed his intoxicating scent
    after the football i went in the shower first, as i striped off i noticed the precum dripping from my semi hard cock, i rolled my finger in it and licked it off, i had a quick shave then jumped in the shower, i soaped up and started to stroke, the water ran down my toned chest and i stared at myself in the mirror, my 7 1/2 inches throbed, i could feel the climax cuming, my knees started to shake and feel weak

    "hurry the fuck up, you wankin in there or sumthin"

    tom was so impatient, which was very annoying at times like these

    "sorry ill be out in a sec"

    i was gonna finish but he stared rattling the door handle, so i wraped up in a towl and got out.

    it must have been 2 or 3 in the morning when i got up to go to the loo, on the way back i noticed that tom was just in his boxers lay on his back, he had kicked his sheets off in his sleep and was showing all off to the world, i was hard a rock in seconds, i couldnt help myself, i knelt down and sliped my hand into his boxers, i started to stroke myself and tom
    he groaned and turned over, i froze but he didnt wake up, i ran my finger along his smooth arse crack, i sliped his boxers down and licked around his ring, he shaved so it was so smooth, i could taste the sweat that had collected, i started to lick around his balls

    "yea keep doing that"

    i looked up, i was on my knees one hand stroking myself and my tounge up his arse, tom grined

    "i knew you werea fucking puff"

    i didnt know what to do, but his smile, i could see in his eyes that he was enjoing this as much as me

    "well i did say i wanted to shag you"

    i didnt know if this would work but was all i could think of saying apart from, "this is not what i looks like"
    he gave me a dirty grin, leaned over and shoved his tounge down my throat
    i got up and lay ontop of him, our sweaty naked bodies touching, my hands exploring his body, i could feel his hands running down my back and into my arse
    i grabed hold of his rock hard cock, it must have been at least 8 inches, i could feel the pre cum around the head, i started kissing his neck, then i finally got my tounge around his nipples, i moved down
    i tuck a deep breath and opened wide, his beatiful cock tasted of sweat and precum, i kept thrusting and thrusting, it went further in and down my throat

    "holy shit!!! holy shit!!! im gonna ...."

    i kept going, my hands griped his cheeks, i wiped the precum off my head and slid my fingers into his tight arse
    he screamed so loud and shot, his cum filled my mouth, i stared to swallow but he kept cumming, he kept screaming and i kept swallowing
    he pulled out and cum was dribbling from my mouth, i grinned with satisfaction and i was ready, it wouldnt take me long to cum
    i almost fainted, tom licked the cum from around my mouth and lapped it onto my cock

    "you gotta use lube"

    i just grinned and climbed ontop of him, his arse was so tight, i started to thrust, i could see the pain to toms face, i stoped for a moment, leaned over and kissed him

    "are you ok" i said to him

    "no, youve stopped"

    i was pumping his arse and he kept telling me to go harder and faster, i could see the pain and pleasure in his face, his chest moving up and down as he breathed harder and faster, i was about to cum when he screamed, he shot again, cum went flying all over his perfect body and all over his face, and then


    i must have came for 2 minutes, it just kept flowing, i started to lick the cum from his face as i finnished up, as i pulled out cum dribbled from his perfect hole, i went down and licked up
    he to the cum from my mouth, then licked the cum from the end of my cock
    we lay together for the rest of the night, caressing his body to sleep

    the next morning i woke alone, i went to go to the bathroom, the door was open and tom was in the shower, he stook his head out

    " hey sam want some breakfast?"
    i didnt need asking twice...

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    congrats...good story for first try...
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    hot, very dont stop
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